Muslim Brotherhood Statement about the so-called “Syrian Revolution”

Late March 2011 the Muslim brotherhood distributed stealthy a statement in some of their dens and mosques in Syria. The statement entirely depends on the religious hatred in order to incite people to protest against the Syrian government with only one goal: To finally impose their Sharia law.

First of all, it was too hard for me to translate this statement, and that is because of the writing style, it is actually very primitive and disgusting, exactly as if you are reading some sort of Middle-Ages hatred preaches, and for the same reason the translation is somewhat long.

The Muslim Brotherhood flag

Below is the complete translation of the statement of the Muslim Brotherhood about the situation in Syria, and for anyone who does not know this Brotherhood: It is the name of an underlying terrorist organization that launched in the eighties of the twenty century a series of attacks against the Syrian state and other sects: Kindergartens, schools, buses, villages, lawyers, doctors, professors, universities, and military officers. They also managed to plant bombs in some vital parts of Damascus such as Al-Azbakiya quarter, in which more than two hundreds of innocent women and children were killed. They also managed to take over one of the most important military schools in Aleppo, the Artillery School, and kill all the students and officers who were “infidels” in their point of view.

The Muslim brotherhood is officially a forbidden party in Syria, and there was actually a very good law – at least in my opinion – that sentences everyone who belongs to this terrorist organization to death. I just hoped that they will keep this law in the new era of political reforms, because this organization committed unimaginable acts against both the Syrian state and citizens, we will go on these acts later in another article.

A Statement of Support to the People of Syria

With the name of Allah

Allah had said in Quran: “The permission is granted to the fighters for his well, to defeat the injustice and Allah is capable of making them win”, and all prayers and salutations to his messenger Muhammad who has been sent for the mercy of all people, and all prayers and salutations also to Muhammad’s companions and followers until the end of the days.

We are – the Muslim Brotherhood – declare that we have got enough from the politics of the Baath-Regime and his infidel supporters in the past years.

We declare, it is enough after all what we have faced from killing, arresting and displacement against our leaders and followers.

It is time for us to come back home and rule Syria under our principles that come from Islam (Sharia), these principles that have been brought back to life by the greatest renewer of the 20th century Imam Hassan Al-Banna – Allah’s mercy on him.

Terrorist sheikh Hassan Al-Banna (1906-1949) the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in Egypt.

It is time for our forbidden party to come back home, and there is no way to achieve that goal without igniting and supporting the revolution inside Syria.

The people in Syria have demands: a better life, a more freedom, … and we have to exploit and push them to take actions that guarantee the overthrow of the current government.

The people are now protesting after the allegations of the bloodshed by the government forces.

These demonstrations should be our aid to make our coup and replace the government. We have to ignite rage, incite and exploit that bloodshed and make it our way to come back home and spread our Islamic principles to rule over the political scene in Syria.

It is time to come back home and rule the Syrian Muslim people who live under the umbrella of the secular regime that supports and protects the principles of tolerance, and guarantees the freedom of thinking and embracing whatever belief the people choose. Such a freedom was the main reason that made the other non-Muslim sects of the Syrian people able to step forward and have a rank and a good contribution in the Syrian life, and also share the wealth with the Muslims on their own land.

It is time for us to come back and force all the other non-Muslim sects to shrink and step back. These sects are the infidel Christians, the criminal Alawites and the infidel Druzes.

It is time for us to come back and rule Syria under the name of Allah – the lord of all lords – and his holy Quran, and to impose the Islamic principles on all who oppose us without discrimination.

It is time for our principles to spread among the Syrian Muslims, to bring back the well and the glory of Allah after they have been lost because of these infidel regimes.

So we support the revolution in Syria with all what we have (money, speech, writings and media conferences), because it is the last hope for our principles to gain success, and the only way to overthrow the Baath-Regime, even if that has to cost thousands of lives of innocent people. We have to push the young Muslims to go down the streets in order to ignite this revolution, even if that would lead to their death, because that death means the freedom to those who will come after, and a victory for us. We also assure the right of those people to protest and defense themselves, even if that would cause the death of many policemen and army officers who are basically infidels, they caused a lot of corruption and destruction in our land, so death will be their fair punishment for what they committed.

It is also too important to remind the Syrian Muslims of the intentions of the other sects and their plans against Islam, and against our freedom, so we do not recommend any sort of collaboration even under the most difficult circumstances, because they – in their instincts – have bad feelings and bad intentions for Islam and for his people. We have to make sure that the revolution will be pure Islamic, and with that no other sect would have a share of the credit after its success.

We pray to Allah to support our people in Syria and lead them to victory.

Terrorist Muhammad Riyad Al-Shaqfa, the general supervisor of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

Written by

Dr. Muhammad Riyad Al-Shaqfa

the General supervisor for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

Monday, 28 March, 2011

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To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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32 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood Statement about the so-called “Syrian Revolution”

  1. The dream of the muslim brotherhood is a taliban regime…sharia law with cutting heads, arms, stoning and hanging…

  2. Wearebrothers says:

    I am a bit confused by all the claims, what i understand is that the people are fighting for their own rights on their very own will but not sure if they were forced by this brotherhood etc..
    The government has been acting cruel to civillians, worse than the zionist. Capturing children and tortured them (some died) just because these kids wrote something unfavourable to the people of the government. It is so sick, i am truly sorry for Syrian for what they’ve gone through for decades…

    • If you just bothered yourself and read the other articles in this blog, you will probably know the false accusations you talked about in your comment.
      It is a media war against Syria, a war that is being led by the Western media and the Wahhabi media of the gulf dirty states…

    • brian says:

      just who are you reading Werarebrothers? the syrian govt has NOT been torturing children….no wonder you are confused!
      The Syrian Sunni clerical leadership supports the Syrian government and opposes the uprising. That is not news. But on 10 and 11 April 2012 many senior Syrian muftis gathered in Damascus and reaffirmed it. Here’s some news coverage of that:

      if they were doing these bad things, why do these sunni clerics support the govt?

    • Pitocco says:

      There many news from Syria, many of them, in the west are manipulated by some countries (Usa, England, France). The unique sources is the Human Right Watch, an’office set in London that receive their news from mobile phone and by youtube.
      The history of Syria is too long to explain here in some words, but is enough to know that the Bat party has taken the power in response to the slavery over the centuries that minority groups as Shiites, christians and other small, also some Sunnites have suffered. The history take place very far from our time (from Turkey Empire) and all these little groups where hatred, sold as slaves, killed, wiped out. The same history has suffered Armenian people by joung-turks (cripto-jwes followers of Sabbatai Zevi) and the same history also for an European people, the irish people that have been treated by anglican, protestant worse than a slave.
      After the end of second war Syria was divided by winner, but the power remains to those people (sunnies), the same people that turkish empire delegated to constrain their subjects to slavery. The unique way to enfranchise from the medieval conditions (we talk about 1945) was to enter into the pubblic institutions as Military, Sanity, and everywhere they could not be mistreated. This was the keystone. The sunnies where too engaged to make money without to watch out what was happen inside the state and years after years they were put out from the state power and isolated. The Syria is not a theological-state like Saudi Arabia or other little countries in the Arab Gulf, it is laical where religions are respected from every confession.
      In this scenario, you have written that people are fighting for their own right, the condition is: what kind of right? Those right to take some people in slavery or what?
      Assad father was very hard with sunnies, very hard, but, remember what happened before, some carnage can not be forgotten.

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  5. says:

    I have lived in Syria and I am an American, I never saw torturing of the Gov on kids. Yes there were revolutionaries who were in prison for trying to cause a revolt, but overall it was a peaceful country. The Muslim Brotherhood preys on poor people and this is the result. My country is supporting the Brotherhood and the Revolution and I am amazed that we cannot see through this.

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