Because of the media tsunami against Syria. Because of the fabricated eye witnesses… Because of the hypocrisy in the western and Arabic-oiled politics. Because every country has the right to fight terrorism and Syria is no exception.

To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis. To expose the media misleading against Syria… To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism. To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand behind the bloodshed in Syria.


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  1. Hello
    I would like to discuss with you the possibility of arranging a couple of interviews between myself and Syrian citizens. I have just started a blog here http://stopwarmonger.wordpress.com/ and wish to start doing some reporting on current world events. My aim appears identical to yours, mine just more generalized as we are facing war on more than one front, with more than one country. If you would be thus inclined toward assisting me I would be grateful, please message me with contact information that we may continue this effort further.

    • Hello
      Sure! why not. It is a great idea. After March 14 may be we can arrange something.

      • Wonderful, I am very pleased with this. Just message me when you are free and able and we will discuss the arrangements. My email (which I pray you will not allow to publicly post). Thank you so much for your time and effort. By the way, LOVE your page, I have read almost all of it in the past weeks. 🙂

      • Sonia Unal says:

        Hi, I came across your website after viewing some of your videos online me and a couple of people with the same idea like yourself are trying to start an awareness of this and will like to benefit from your experience. The continuing war in Syria has touched our hearts as it almost seems unnecessary – I would kindly ask you to also give me an interview opportunity please get back to me if this sounds at all appealing
        thankyou and your work will not go unnoticed

      • Hi!
        Thank you for passing by
        It has been about 4 years since I checked this blog. Many problems occurred with my Facebook page (deactivated) and Youtube channel (sanctioned, but still there). These were the main sources for bringing traffic to the blog.
        I know you posted this comment about 3 years ago, but if you still have any questions I will be happy to answer them.
        Thank you

  2. ana souri says:

    I have monitoring a video upload site with some other interested parties and would like some help in deciphering the information. The link is http://bambuser.com/v/2553030
    Would it be possible to have someone knowlageable in the area to review the content and get back to me with analysis, on the three videos posted.The three videos with the building in the background that seem staged videos. Our group is very interetsted in the translation and analysis.

  3. brislav says:

    Hello, could you direct me to some source of news in English (but not from the FSA, not from the PKK/PYD and all the Kurdish separatists, a source that reflects the Syrian people) so that I can learn how permanent Syrians see this autonomy declared by PYD in northern Syria and if Assad’s going to tolerate it after -hopefully- Syria sends FSA to hell.

    I feel FSA will be the least of Middle East’s and Syria’s concerns. In the long run the Kurdish separatists’ -liberal or so-called Marxist terrorists, I mean- and their cloked parties that leaked into the governments of all 4 Middle Eastern countries will be more of a problem. I wonder how Syrians view this, of course, there’s no way it could be of your immediate concerns. You are going through a horrible experience. I am so sorry that Turkey has contributed considerably to this crime. My post isn’t about Turkey (though the Kurdish question is as it concerns all 4 countries) so I will not go into detail but do know that we are being ruled by people who keep violating our Constitution, going against the Society’s will and the reason we cannot get rid of them is because of what they do during elections, the past 2 of which(+ the 2010 referendum) were rigged(crazy, crazy frauds: i.e. 53 million recorded voters and 69 million extra ballots, burned votes, double-cached votes, trucks of captured votes, digital vote counting during which electricity is cut off the same thing that happens every time they send a psycho to Syria from our borders, citizens in Antioch have been witnesses and they protested it after which Reyhanli was bombed while 73 cams monitoring the area were discovered to have been shut down by some “invisible hand” that week, etc, etc). How they came to power, how they destroyed the country’s judiciary system, security, education, military, voting system… are part of a very long and disgusting story. I had planned to keep this bit short but failed because I feel so ashamed. I hope Syria will remain united no matter what happens here but what they wanted to do in Syria, they did long ago in Turkey through coups (they like to say coups were Kemalist where in fact they were USA covert ops), we are about to lose our country and all our rights, the problem is you might get infected with this Kurdish separatism and fanaticism we have over here or vice versa. The thought of having a 2nd Israel in the Middle East is terrifying and is a foreboding that Middle East will never be able to stay out of wars inflicted by the West so as to throw the region back to feudal times just about on the verge of every progressive revolutionary event or reform. They like Middle East as primitive as it is for reasons that we all know ad nauseam.

    Thank you for hearing me out. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read it and any source you might share. Godspeed Syrian people. You are so admirable. If it were Turkey that went through this we could be destroyed due to all these dichotomies they have forcibly created for at least 60 years (western agenda dates back to 16th century Ottoman Emp, really, so no surprise, eh) My belief is firm that Syria will get through this in a single piece, and will stay the beautiful, secular country it is where no one cares about the ethnicity or the religious background of their neighbor. Exemplary country, adorable. Wish you a definite victory, sovereign people of Syria. When the whole Middle East catches up with you, no serpent will dare to hatch its vicious eggs in these lands that will then forsake them for once and for all.

    • Hello!
      Thank you for your kind comments. It has been a while since I checked this blog. After the deactivation of my Facebook page (May 2012, 15000 likes) and after my Youtube channel (2500 subscribers) was sanctioned (it is still there though. Not removed) in addition to the sudden health problems, I didn’t write any new stuff. I used the Facebook page and the Youtube channel to bring traffic to this blog. This is the first time in 4 years I check the blog and the Youtube channel.

      The Kurds (the separatists) pose more danger for the long term, much worse than ISIS or the FSA. They are opposed by all parties in the region except for Israel. However they are supported by foreign powers like Germany (Germany is already delivering weapons to them), France and the US. The Russian stance is still ambiguous.
      There are already clashes on daily bases between the Syrian army and Kurdish groups in eastern Syria. Of course I can’t speak for the government, if and how it will react regarding the Kurdish case. However I suppose the government would like to mobilize its forces to put an end to any Kurdish dreams if it can. The people of Syria would reject any separation plans, because it will lead to weaker, easy-to-dominate, poorer and smaller states, not to mention that the separation is almost impossible in many regions. It will incite more conflicts.
      As for the news source. I’m not following the social media or news sites as before. I asked a colleague of mine who gave this Facebook page:
      It basically reports the daily operations of the Syrian forces.

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