Syria | Aleppo : The Worst Media Misleading In History

As a Syrian, I stood against this so-called “Revolution” from the very beginning. I can’t  stand with a revolution that is led by sheikhs, dominated by brainwashed religiously-motivated fanatics and funded by foreign monarchies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar that quite literally know nothing about democracy, freedom or human rights. Of course the Arabs of the gulf have a lot of oil and the western governments keep flattering them (It is actually a mutual flattery). This gave them some privilege to push their Islamic retarded agenda on the expense of the Syrian people. Oman may be the only exception among the gulf states, since Oman chose to remain neutral, and I respect that.

The total defeat of the terrorist groups in eastern Aleppo united the Islamic and western media again in one disgusting hypocrisy-show. They are literary crying for the terrorists in Aleppo and reporting about massacres that never happened, while the people of Aleppo are in the streets celebrating their freedom after more than four years under the knife and sharia.

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Kama Sutra : The Wahhabi Approach

The Wahhabis developed their own version of “Kama Sutra”.  Definitely they love the women so much, as sexual objects of course not as life partners, and probably many of you already know that they fabricated “Islamic” laws and twisted the interpretation of Quran, so they get the maximum number of women they can have in one lifetime, not to mention the 70 or 72 nymphs who are waiting for them in their alleged-paradise.

Islamic Rage Boy : Shakeel Ahmad Bhat

However, they also love males, the young ones and especially the boys. According to their illusions about paradise, dozens of young boys are also waiting to sexually entertain them in the afterlife.

The young boys in the gulf Wahhabi states are just sexual objects for the pleasure of the adults. Many of these boys are castrated, so no hear appears and their voices remain smooth. There are even markets to sell these kids in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In addition to the traditional intercourse (gay sex), they use them to dance in their parties.

This doesn’t only happen in the gulf. Wherever the crappy beliefs called “Wahhabism”, such madness will happen. Check this video report about Afghanistan (French with Arabic translation).

… and when they cannot afford to buy a young boy, they do it with their peers.

The Wahhabi “Kama Sutra” includes some sort of “Calibration” or “Warming-up”…

In the gulf they touch their noses…

But with the foreigners they kiss…

George Bush is not even disgusted with the Saudi mustache

The Wahhabis of the Syrian opposition prefer to hold hands, as you can see below.

The UN observers holding hands with Al-Qaeda terrorists everywhere. We should allow them to marry, even if it is illegal in Syria. We should not stop in the path of these “lovers”!

They should marry too soon, no doubt. However the stupid idiot in the white pajama may pose a serious threat to this marriage. There are rumors that he already proposed.

This UN observer is a cheater. He has multiple partners.

Abdul Razak Talas: “This UN observer is mine”

You can notice the competition about a specific UN observer. The others are disappointed and feel ignored 🙂

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President Assad’s alleged Emails : The Bankruptcy of the Western-Wahhabi Meida

The Western-Wahhabi media reached the lowest level of respect and professionalism in its coverage of the Syrian crisis. Their news editors and journalists became whores who offer themselves on the streets for a small piece of news about Syria, and when no body is out there to accept the offer, they create some piece. One of their fresh pieces is the issue of president Assad’s alleged E-Mails.

Al-Assad emails was the breaking news in the British media since Guardian, the dirty crappy newspaper, claimed that they have the private emails of president Bashar Al-Assad and his wife.

We are not talking about king “Abdullah” of Saudi Arabia who couldn’t pass the elementary school , namely the third class, and who can hardly speak and read Arabic.

However we are talking about president Bashar Al-Assad, a doctor who spent some time in the west, and can speak very good Arabic, English and French.

The story of the emails falls only for those with tiny brains, may be the idiots and nomads such as king Abudlla of Saudi Arabia.

Anyway let us clarify a number of points:

1. There is no head of state in this world – even the president of Somalia – who uses a free E-Mail service such as Hotmail in order to exchange his personal or presidential life secrets with his assistants. Even many people who run private businesses use paid email services not free ones when it comes to secrets and personal stuff, such as AOL because such services are supposed to be secured.

2. President Bashar Al-Assad is an educated eye-doctor who studied and spent some time in the west, and he will never did this mistake. Before he became the president, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad led the modernization process of the internet services in Syria, and he launched several programs to encourage people to use internet. So he is the one who should know about the risks of using a free “American” email service for his personal and presidential letters, such as Hotmail.

3. Syria is a state at war with Israel, and the Syrian intelligence service keeps monitoring the information flow regarding the national security and the fighting of Espionage, so if the private E-Mails of president Assad would be so easily to hack by a bunch of junkies in the Syrian opposition, then the Israeli Mossad should have done that long time ago, especially if we take into consideration the high techniques and expertise in Mossad.

4. Luna Al-Chebel is a very famous Syrian anchor who resigned from Al-Jazeera protesting the biased and unprofessional coverage by the channel regarding the Syrian crisis. After her resignation she held several interviews to expose the lies of Al-Jazeera, which made her later a target for both Al-Jazeera and the maniacs of the Syrian opposition.

(Press the cc button on the player to view the translation)

Luna Al-Chebel was among the names that had allegedly exchanged emails with the president; they even reached to describe her as the presidents’ adviser!! Al-Jazeera is seeking revenge on Luna, because she exposed the channel to be fabricating.

Luna Al-Chebel, a famous Syrian anchor who resigned from Al-Jazeera

Luna Al-Chebel is a professional media personnel, who always used the right standard Arabic in all the programs she conducted, even in some of her televised interviews. However in the alleged-emails she made syntax errors and dropped almost all the “Connection Symbols” that we usually use in Arabic, not to mention the low quality language.

Al-Arabiya terrorist Wahhabi channel published all the emails that were allegedly exchanged between the president and his assistants! Regarding Luna Al-Chebel, you can find a few.

Here is one of Luna’s alleged-emails, they titled it ” The Activity of tomorrow”. Click to enlarge the photo.

5. Any one can use Hotmail, Google, Yahoo or any free E-Mail service to create multiple email addresses with fake names, because there is no reliable verification process for the ID you choose when using such E-Mail services, the ID will be available as long as it is not taken by another user (Some E-Mail services prompt you to enter a verification code they send to you as SMS, but again that is not enough to identify the owner of the account, and doesn’t affect the ID itself).

So you can create multiple email addresses, each has the name of some president, actor or even some dead person, and you can exchange letters between these addresses as you wish. You can create a fake email address that has the name of King Abdullah of Saudi, although the nomad doesn’t know how to use such a service. You can create two email addresses with the names of the prince of Qatar and his bitchy wife, and exchange intimate letters between the two accounts, then after a month for instance you can leak these emails, send them to Guardian or another crappy Western newspaper and call them: “Hamad Bin Khalifa’s scandal : Intimate Emails”. It is no rocket science.

6. Let us check the alleged email addresses and search for the associated Facebook accounts for instance. As the video below shows, you will get strange names that nothing indicates they are connected with president Assad or his wife.

(Press the cc button on the player to view the translation)

No need to remind you that the Western media is a disgrace, and may be the British media has a special “role” in the war propaganda against Syria, because Britain harbors the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.
The very low-level of professionalism and credibility that this newspaper along with “its brother in crap” Telegraph reflects their thirst for the Syrian blood, and also reflects the stupidity of the public that believes whatever crap they feed it with.

Many thanks to Arab Times for giving some tips…

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The Syrian Revolution : Another Madness to Bring the Sharia Law

The so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings were arguably the most significant events of the last 12 months. Protests are still raging across the region, even after regimes were toppled. Many observers say that these protests brought no improvement to the region but economic and political instability. However the worst thing they brought seems to be the “Sharia law” as the last elections in Egypt and Tunisia showed, and as the events in Libya went.

When we talk about the “Sharia Law” and the “Arab Spring”, the so-called “Syrian Revolution” is no exception. While the Syrian government itself is known to be secular, Syria lacks an effective secular opposition that can bring some positive changes and developments to the political life in the country.

There are secular opponents or individuals, but there is no effective secular groups or parties within the opposition. Those secular individuals unfortunately seem either singing outside the flock or living in an ivory tower.

The Syrian opposition is mainly dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the other parties in the opposition have no real weight. The Syrian Muslim brotherhood inspired by the success of their peers in Egypt and Tunisia are trying nowadays to bring the same negative change.

The so-called “Syrian National Council” is not actually a good example that any national opposition may want to follow, however they describe themselves as a team of experts, technocrats, and political figures!!!! But in fact they are a bunch of traitors, terrorists and outlaws.

For example the terrorist sheikh “Anas Aerout” is a member in that council. This bastard issued many fatwas that resulted several deaths in the city of Banyas among both the civilians and military personnel, let us just remember what happened to “Niadal Ali Jannoud“.

Terrorist sheikh Anas Aerout

Aerout himself also supervised the torture of many Syrian soldiers who were kidnapped by the terrorists in Banyas, yet they chose him as a representative in that “Democratic” and “free” council!

The council is just a cover for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, and the other members are just for public relations and prestige. The brotherhood members are controlling the council and using it to implement their dirty agenda.

I will list some of these terrorists:

Terrorist sheikh Murshid Al-Khaznawi – From Al-Hasaka, lives in Fredrikstad, Norway

Terrorist sheikh Mohammed Yasser Almosadi – From Homs, lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Terrorist Mohamad Bassam Yusef – From Damascus, lives in the UK

Terrorist Molham Al Drobi – From Homs, lives in Toronto, Canada

Terrorist Amir Alkadrou – from Deir Ezzor, lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Terrorist Firas Qassas – from Idleb, lieve in Berlin, Germany

I will finish this animal-show with a terrorist who reminds me of a homeless dog I used to see in my village.

Terrorist Muhydin Lazkani – From Idleb, lives in London, UK

No need to tell that their ugly disgusting faces promise of a Wahhabi terrorist Syria under the Western umbrella.

As you see, the Western states are harboring terrorists. It is a direct violation of the international law. We have the right to use whatever means to arrest these terrorists or kill them. We have the right to sue the Western states that clearly don’t care about the international law. They are supporting terrorism on our land and introducing the terrorists as freedom fighters, while the true resistance organizations such as Hezbollah are forbidden in the west.

We also have to refer to those people who support the so-called “National Council”, they are basically extremists who have been raised to hate. Religious hatred is their everyday food and most of them are not educated (after the elementary school which they have to attend as the Syrian law states), essentially all what they know they learned in the mosques from sheikhs who are not necessarily good men.

For example the Syrian national council has some support in Idleb countryside, while it lacks this support in the city itself, it is clear that the education plays the big role here.

Check the video blow, what are you going to see didn’t ‘t happen in Afghanistan or the tribal regions in Pakistan. It actually happened in the town of Binsh in Idleb countryside. The Syrian terrorists inspired by their fellows in Libya raised Al-Qaeda flag to express publicly their terrorist beliefs.

What kind of revolution that claims to demand freedom while at the same time raises Al-Qaeda flag !?

We posted before a translation of the Muslim Brotherhood statement about the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. The statement is disgusting and entirely depends on hatred preaches to incite people to protest against the government, and of course the promise of the long-awaited “Sharia law” was not absent.

So, this is it how the Syrian opposition especially its Islamic wing operates. They try so hard in every occasion to ignite the religious hatred among the different sects in Syria. Their goal is simply to make permanent cracks in the Syrian society through which they can snake and seize power.

This is actually how the demonstrations started mid-March in the border city of Daraa, backed up by the ِArabic and Western media. They keep saying that the demonstrations were spontaneous and they just demanded freedom and came as a first reaction for “the torture of kids by the Syrian security”.

Yes, the Syrian opposition always claimed that the demonstrations started in Daraa when the Syrian security arrested and tortured a group of children. It is just a big lie. What kind of information would a group of kids provide the Syrian security with!? also we all know that it is too easy to intimidate a child and no need to use violence.
Check this article (especially the second half of it) so you can see how the Syrian opposition got their footage about the alleged torture, and how they in general fabricate news about Syria in order to tarnish the image of the Syrian government.

Here is also another proof that this “Uprising” was never spontaneous. The photo below has been used as the profile picture of the “Syrian Revolution” Facebook page on 17.01.2012 when the liars celebrated the first anniversary of that page.

In case they kept the photo, you can find it under this link. If they didn’t, the image above is a snapshot.

The funny thing is that they wrote on the photo: “15-March uprising”, and above this “15-March” they wrote: “18-1 our revolution completed its first year”!! How exactly completed!? How can it be a spontaneous revolution if it was being prepared for months before, even the Facebook page was created two months before the start of the so-called “spontaneous revolution”. How did they exactly manage to swallow these two months, just to make it spontaneous!?

It is not a spontaneous revolution as they claimed, it is a pre-planned terrorist act.
In the video below, you will listen to one of the “Syrian Revolution” leaders in the city of Daraa, his name is sheikh “Abd Al-Salam Al-Khalili”.

He used in his preaches to incite his followers and those who pray behind him against the government. But in this preach he revealed a new talent. The hatred against other sects especially the Druzes who live in the neighboring province. He said that their women are whores and half-naked, but I say: the shoe of every Druze woman has an honor thousand times more than he has.

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” started originally in the mosques by sheikhs who incited their followers against the government. By sheikhs I mean here of course “disturbed sheikhs” and unfortunately they are so many.

Daraa was no exception, the demonstrations in other cities such as Jablah started in the same way.

The scums in Jablah decided that the scums in Daraa are not better than them, so why the hell should they refrain from protesting?
Their sheikh is called “Ayman Kassam”, just another stupid who should have a reserved place in some mental facility rather than some mosque. Ayman Kassam was jealous of Al-Khalili, the the stupid sheikh we talked about in the previous video.

So, this is how the scums started their demonstrations everywhere. They were all driven by religious hatred. They demanded only one freedom, to be free from law and from morals.
In Daraa they attacked the Druze and in Jablah they attacked the Shiites (the Alawites included).
Look also how they carried sticks and blades, and how they seemed determined to slaughter everyone who will stop their demonstration as their sheikh ordered them, yet they claimed that it was peaceful!!!
What type of revolution is this? A disgusting revolution of course.

The Syrian protesters and rebels don’t really know anything about freedom or human rights. They are a bunch of thugs and barbarians who just want to live in the wilds away from civilization and free from any law. Those protesters know nothing about patriotism and loyalty to homeland, they are only loyal to sheikhs such as Yousuf Al-Qardawi and Adnan Al-Arour, sheikhs who promote hatred and sectarian conflicts.

In the video below you will see clips from:

A demonstration in “Bab Amro” quarter in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“Peaceful. Peaceful. Until the annihilation of all Alawites”.

A demonstration in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“We will say it clear. We don’t want to see any Alawites”.

A demonstration in “Al-Khalideyyah” quarter in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“The folks want Adnan Al-Arour”

A demonstration in Jabal Al-Zayeah in Idleb, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“It is too soon master Al-Arour! don’t give up. Our revolution is better than OK. Thank you thank you Wisal TV”

PS: Wisal TV is a Wahhabi TV channel that is very well known of attacking and insulting the other sects.

A demonstration in the city of Jablah, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“Master Al-Arour! Don’t care about any thing. We are your men and we are ready to drink blood when you order us.”

A demonstration in the city of Hama, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“Salute sheikh Qardaqwi salute!”.

Here is another video for pro-Sharia demonstrations, you can see clips from:

A demonstration in the city of Hama, where the protesters chanted the slogans:
“Salute Qardawi salute.” and “Salute Arour Salute.”.

A demonstration in Al-Khaledeyyah quarter in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“The folks want Adnan Al-Arour”

A demonstration in the city of Hama,  where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“It is too soon master Al-Arour! don’t give up. Hama’s men are your men.
Say to the Shabbiha, the people of Hama are slaughters.”

A demonstration in Daraa, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“It is too soon master Al-Arour! don’t give up. Daraa will rebel against the government.”

The hatred slogans and extremism of the Syrian protesters didn’t stop at this point, may be the Wahhabism led them to attack the Alawites directly and more than the others. However the people of Aleppo, Damascus and Al-Raqa also got their shares from the hatred, and they were harshly attacked by the protesters in their slogans. The Syrian protesters couldn’t also keep the Christians away. Here is a clip from a demonstration that took place in Al-Dublan quarter in the city of Homs. The protesters chanted the slogan:
“The religion of Muhammad is the religion of pride and dignity. The religion of Jesus is the religion of dance and shaking.”

As you see in the videos, the Syrian protesters are basically loyal to sheikhs, I mean here bad sheikhs, and I refer in specific to Adnan Al-Arour who is the godfather of the Syrian revolution. Whatever he orders them they obey without hesitation.

Adnan Al-Arour is a Syrian sheikh from the city of Hama. He lives right now in Saudi Arabia, the capital of terrorism in our world. He appears regularly on Wisal and Safa, the disgusting Wahhabi TVs where he spreads his hatred preaches.

Terrorist sheikh Adnan Al-Arour

Al-Arour didn’t spare anyone who opposed the madness called “the Syrian Revolution”, he repeatedly insulted the people of Damascus, Aleppo and Al-Raqa. He also promised the Alawites to be chopped and fed to dogs. Listen to the terrorist in this video:

Let us also consider another issue, the Syrian revolution is a “Friday-Revolution”, they used to gather themselves, attend the Friday prayers then go out to bark and protest. Each Friday had its own name; so let us take a look at one of these names:

Friday 13.May.2011: They called it “The Friday of Al-Harayer”. Al-Harayer is of course an ancient Arabic word; You can translate it as “The soft women” or sometimes as the “Free women”. However this is not the way this word has been used during history.

Needles to say that some “gangs” controlled the Islamic empire many years after prophet Muhammad’s death in the age of the royal families. They employed the concept of “Slavery” as if it is an Islamic principle, while in fact slavery entirely contradicts the principles of Islam. They began to invade other nations and enslave their people. They used to call any woman that has not been enslaved as “Harirah” or “Hurrah” and the plural is “Harayer”, these women used to wear the Islamic veil, while the enslaved were not allowed to wear that veil, so it was so easy to distinguish between the “Free” and the “Enslaved”. The Syrian terrorists used this ancient slavery-related word in order to refer to their women whom they consider to be free. Actually their women are being treated like trash, and without the Syrian laws they would be enslaved exactly like the women in Saudi.

If you once listened to the Syrian protesters: They throw a bomb then chant”Allah Akbar”. They cut off the heads then chant “Allah Akbar”. Every thing they do will be followed by “Allah Akbar” slogan, may be even after they ****.

They chant the slogan and I bet that they don’t know what it means. When a Muslim (a true Muslim) chants “Allah Akbar”, it means that the God is the greatest and the God will protect him (the Muslim), but the Islamists and Wahhabis don’t understand it that way. They actually consider the God as a weak creature who needs them to defend him and even call for Jihad to protect him, so he is great as much as they decide, not great in his essence.

These rebels have no civil culture, just some twisted religious crap, and they invested it very well in the Syrian revolution.

Look at the crap they believe in, here is a video in which they claim that an angel fell from the sky and carried one of their alleged martyrs.

Take also a look at the crap they used as description for the video:

Who is the one who was wearing the white dress, and walked in front of the security forces and “Shabbiha” while someone was shouting “pull him” “pull him”. None could take a step, only this man that dressed in white (the clothes of the believers in paradise) walked very confident in front of the murderers and then carried with only one hand the martyr (the martyr is Diaa Al-Najjar from the city of Homs) and delivered his body to his family.

More than a half million views on the video and 744 likes. That equals double the number of views on the 170 videos in my YouTube channel.

They are simply a bunch of stupid low-life nomads who still live in the middle ages.

The concept of Jihad has been always present either with the Syrian protesters slogans or in the preaches of their leading-sheikhs.

In many demonstrations the protesters chanted Jihad-related slogans, including direct calls to fight.

In this video they claim that it is a funeral, but usually in Syria we don’t sing in funerals. The singer chants: “What does the Syrian people want?”. The herds answer him: “The people want to declare Jihad”.

The Syrian opposition also called for Jihad in its demonstrations outside Syria, like what happened in Egypt, the new promised paradise of Sharia law.

Here they are in a demonstration in front of the Syrian embassy – former embassy – in Cairo. Move to the moment 01:09 to hear them chanting calls for Jihad.

Another video of the demonstration in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo. Just take a look at the black placard that appears at the moment 03:32, they wrote on it: “The people want to declare Jihad”.

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” attracted every extremist in this world. Extremists who have been given the freedom to declare publicly their hatred beliefs in states such as Egypt , Libya and Tunisia. However the fever didn’t stay within the states of the so-called “Arab Spring” where the Islamists took power, it actually spread worldwide. We witnessed the extremists in Europe, US and Australia showing their support for the terrorists in Syria under the sight of the local authorities there.

I can even say – from an experience – that specific states such as Germany opened the door widely for the extremists to attack the Syrian government. The German authorities even harassed the pro-government Syrians who still live in Germany, and tolerated the aggressions carried out by opponents against the Syrian community that supports the president.

From the very beginning of the unrest many sheikhs issued fatwas for Jihad against the Syrian army such as Anas Al-Aerot from Banyas in April 2011. There were also calls for Jihad in many mosques in Damascus countryside like what happened in Al-Muadameha.

Calls for Jihad also came from outside Syria, especially from the gulf Wahhabi states. here is sheikh Muhammad Zughby calling for Jihad against the Alawites:

The “Syrian revolution” Facebook page has about 400 000 fans. If you just check the material they post in that page, you will probably be able to reach some conclusions about the people who  participate with their comments. According to the accents and the expressions they use, a lot of the page fans are not Syrians; you can conclude that a lot of them come from Saudi and the other gulf Wahhabi states, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Of course every scum in Syria who supports the opposition is a fan of that page, but also many Syrians who support the government go there sometimes to scoff at the trashes they post, or sometimes just out curiosity.

If you monitored the statistics of the videos that are being posted on that page, you will probably get something like this:

With the video insights on YouTube for instance, they use shades of green to mark the states from which the views come. The greener, the more views from. It is clear how Saudi and Egypt dominate the scene here.

You can of course get the insights in case they are public by clicking the on button under the video beside the video views.

Definitely I am not a fan of the that trashy page, however I monitored its activities for a long time following the rule “Know the other party and know how he thinks”. When you post some comment that refute their argument, things will develop in one of these three directions:

  • They will ignore the comment.
  • The page fans will curse you because of your different opinion.
  • The page Admin will ban you from commenting.

I experienced the third direction, and I am banned from commenting in that page, and of course I am not that sad.

I will discuss now a sample of their posts and the language used by both the page admins (the language in the post) and the page fans (the language in the comments).

Here they posted a photo; the photo carries the text: “Breaking News – Homs”. In the photo’s description they wrote:

Breaking News – Allah Akbar. We received news that two missiles hit “Khalid ibn Al-Waleed mosque”. Allah Akbar. Death to the cowards. Allah Akbar.”

Accusing the Syrian army of “Targeting the mosques” is one of the most used and most popular lies that the Syrian opposition rely on in its campaign against the government.

They did that in several occasions, such as what happened in the city of Deir Ezzor. In this video you can find an analysis for that incident:

Take a look at the words they used in the breaking news above. “Allah Akbar” was mentioned three times, with a saying from “Khalid ibn Al-Waleed” (the Muslim leader whom the mosque was named after).

Definitely the Syrian army will do its best to avoid the mosques, because that will escalate the situation, even when the terrorists use them to fire at the its soldiers.

They use religious speech to attract their fans and get more interaction. They are pushing the stupid public who still believe them towards a civil war.

Let us take a look at some of the comments that were made by the page fans as a response to the above-mentioned breaking news.

1. Allah Akbar against you Bashar.

2. Allah Akbar (repeated many times).

3. Allah, you are our only way out.

4. The land of Al-Sham (Al-Sham or Greater Syria include Syria, Lebanon, Jourdan and Palestine) is where the battle between the good and evil forces will take place.

5. Allah is enough for us.

6. Allah! Paralyze them.

Here is another sample of the comments:

1. Allah! Send us your miracles and annihilate the Syrian government

2. Allah Akbar (twice).

3. I ask Allah’s forgiveness for all my sins.

4. Allah! Destroy Bashar and his supporters.

5. The Alawaites will suffer, so their Shiite allies in Iran. We will destroy every thing

related to them in Syria.

7. Allah Akbar against them.

8. Allah! We ask you to take revenge on them.

In the rest of the comments they slammed and attacked the “Friends of Syria” conference in Tunisia, because they considered it very much lower than expected. They wanted the conference to announce the start of the military campaign against Syria.

As you see, very very related, constructive and descriptive comments!!! Comments that will lead Syria to Mars and my be farther.

Don’t ever think that the “Syrian Revolution” Facebook page is an arena for civil discussions. They don’t discuss about the future of Syria. This page is actually like a dumpster where a bunch of low-lives gather to bark and feed on hatred.

The Islamic words dominate the majority of the comments; the posts of the page are not that better as you have already seen.

They also tolerate the hate-speech, which is actually a violation of Facebook policy. The hate speech is the only “freedom of expression” the Syrian protesters and those who sympathize with them believe in.

Another issue that also deserves to be discussed is the Syrian revolution’s flag.

The herds of the Syrian revolution used to carry the French-mandate flag in their demonstrations, that flag is actually a symbol for the separation of Syria. The French occupation divided Syria into three states, an Alawaite state in the coastal area (Lattakia and Tartous), a Druze state in the Druze mount southern Syria, and a Sunni state that comprised the rest of the Syrian provinces. This flag is a symbol for a sectarian Syria. However some of them even modified that flag and wrote Islamic slogans on it among the three stars in order to make it a symbol for more separation.

The French mandate flag with Islamic slogans

Check this post on “The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee in Al-Midan quarter” Facebook page. They posted a photo of the flag above and asked their stupid fans about their impressions. You can see how the fans got a very good impression with 1109 likes.

This article is centered on the so-called “Arab Spring” and its “Sharia Law”, so I conclude with this video to let you know how their brains – if any – operate. Listen to one of those idiots who want to impose the “Sharia Law”, actually this law has nothing to do with the God, it is pure man-made. Listen and have fun.

The Syrian Revolution is a crap, so everyone who participated in it or supported it, either in Syria or worldwide.

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ABC Interview with President Bashar Al-Assad – Another Example of Western Media Hypocrisy

The way that “Barbara Walters” held the interview with president Bashar Al-Assad reflects the “Cowboy” mentality that dominates the American media minds. She tried to act as an interrogator not as an interviewer, and may be Barbara forgot for a while that she is speaking with the president of a state that always defied the aggressive policies of her government.

Barbara Walters

She repeated the questions and asked him to reconfirm his answers several times as if he was her prisoner. The president dealt with her as a respected journalist, but she is not. For me it is enough to work for ABC News to consider her as a dishonorable person.

Notice how she just ignored the president’s answers and insisted to ask the same question many times with different forms. That means two things: either she is ignorant (not likely) or she is a bitch (most likely). Any one can tell that the president’s answers were sufficient and transparent, however Barbara didn’t like them, so she dropped them all.

In the ABC reportage they only broadcast fractions of the interview and manipulated the content by putting other videos among these fractions, and of course these additions were accompanied with Barbara’s comments in order to lead the viewers to a certain anti-Syrian conclusion. When you check the additions they are all from YouTube channels that belong to the Syrian terrorists.

You can see a part of the interview on our channel, however because of the many warnings the channel got from YouTube administration I couldn’t upload the complete interview. The video contains the parts that were discussed in the Syrian foreign ministry press conference about the manipulation that was done by ABC News.

In the ABC reportage they avoided to refer to any pro-government demonstrations, in spite of that these demonstrations were massive and they are so many. Check this list called “pro-government Events” on our YouTube channel to see just a few of them.

However the new talent that Barbra showed is the ability to analyze the people personalities. Go to Barbara, she just needs a single interview to decide who exactly you are. She described Qaddafi as a psycho and president Al-Assad as disconnected from reality. You Barbara is the one who is psycho, so all the US presidents. Give me a US president who wasn’t a war criminal! Please start with “Harry Truman”, and I am sure that Mr. Hero Obama will not be the last war criminal in the American history.

Actually I am not the only one who sees Barbra as a dishonorable media personnel. Barbara runs a show called “The View“.  She is one of those people who cannot resist showing their negative feelings towards the others.

On 24.May.2010 the spirit-man Joseph Tittel wrote on his blog:

“Barbara Walters seems to have a real bug up her butt when it comes to many topics lately, but especially when it comes to psychics & mediums. When it comes to the subject she is not only close minded, but completely cynical.

She has made this very clear while doing the show “The View”. Miss Walters not only dislikes the work of psychics & mediums, she has set out to debunk and harshly attack a few Mediums on The View.”

In one of her show’s episodes, Barbara harshly attacked one of the world top mediums James Van Praagh, he is the creator of the hit series “The Ghost Whisperer“.

Ghost Whisperer TV-Series (2005-2010)

Either you agree with the stuff of spirits or not, you should at least avoid to harm the feelings of people who believe in it as long as they don’t harm you or any body else.

It looks like that Barbara tends to hold interviews especially with those she doesn’t like; she needs to prove to herself that she is right and they are wrong. Such a personality cannot be considered objective and must not be trusted as a media personnel.

This old lady really needs some body to teach her a tough lesson.

I will focus in this article on a number of points that Barbara Walters raised in the interview with president Al-Assad, because the interview was somewhat long and a dishonorable reporter like Barbara doesn’t actually deserve to waste a lot of your time to show the world who she is, and what low-quality and low-morality media agency she represents. It actually needs a book to refute all the crap she mentioned in the interview and the reportage.

Let us start with the traditional lie, the alleged-angel of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”, I mean of course the rapist “Hamza Al-Khateeb”. This lie was present on Barbara’s agenda, and we have shown in a previous article who was this teenage called Hamza Al-Khateeb. Yes, he attacked with others the military personnel residential area twenty kilometer away from his home in order to capture and rape the women who live there. May be Barbara should have been there to offer him her aged goodies. I will print that article and send it to Barbara so she can stick it.

Another issue was raised by Barbara is the case of “Ibrahim Qashoush”, the alleged singer and composer of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. We proved that he had nothing to do with that revolution, he was killed by the rebels who suspected him of being an informant who works for the Syrian government. We also shed some light on the identity of the real composer and singer.

The funny thing here is that none have heard about Qashoush as a singer until the demonstrations of Hama began, yet she described him as a “famous” singer!

Barbara referred to the alleged “brutality” used by the Syrian forces against her “peaceful protesters”, and of course she shut her mouth up when the president asked her whether she verified the photos and videos she relied on in her accusations. She actually verified nothing and the reason is clear, she is a dishonorable journalist.

Barbara referred to the alleged-brutality of the Syrian forces and forgot everything about the very famous brutality of the US police, FBI and CIA.

Just search for “US police brutality”; you will actually find it as a keyword in Google, and you will get a lot of results, but may be Barbara doesn’t know yet how to use Google.

I am not claiming that the Syrian police or security forces are ideal, they are far from that, but also they are not those monsters the media used to introduce. Barbara referred with no evidence to the alleged brutality of the Syrian forces, and the irony was that at the same time the US police was smashing the heads of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, such as “Scott Olsen”. On 27.October.2011 the DailyTribune published this article on their website:

Injured vet spent day at work, nights at protest

“Scott Olsen, 24, joined the protests as he worked his day job as a network engineer and left his apartment each night to sleep alongside protesters in San Francisco and Oakland, Calif.

Olsen apparently suffered a fractured skull Tuesday during the clashes.”

In this photo, 24-year-old Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen lays on the ground bleeding from a head wound after being struck by a by a projectile during an Occupy Wall Street protest in Oakland, Calif. Olsen suffered a fractured skull while marching with other protesters attempting to reestablish a presence in the area of the disbanded camp, said Dottie Guy, of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Police Chief Howard Jordan says an internal review board and local prosecutors have been asked to determine if officers on the scene used excessive force.

At least Scott Olsen survived, but “Kelly Thomas” was not that lucky. Scott Olsen suffered injuries because he was protesting against the wars of his government, but Kelly Thomas probably didn’t even hear about Wall Street and he knew nothing about politics, however that didn’t spare his life, and he was killed by cops in Orange county.

There’s no doubt that Fullerton police officers killed Kelly Thomas last July in an outrageous incident that provoked international focus on police brutality in Orange County.

The officers who beat him said that he was uncooperative, and resisted when they attempted to search him, so backup was called. The officers then repeatedly shocked Thomas with Tasers, beat him with the butts of the Tasers and flashlights, and slammed him into the ground.

Watch these civil police-kisses in the lair of democracy.

Kelly Thomas, after a fatal beating by officers of the Fullerton, California Police Department

Now let us remind Barbara of the famous clown-show of Netanyahu at the US congress. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal, and instead of being jailed, the congressmen of Barbara’s country welcomed him as a hero and as a peace messenger. His speech was interrupted by a Jewish peace activist called “Rae Abileah”. He changed the subject and didn’t bother to answer her about his crimes. He talked about democracy and forget for a while that his state lacks terribly the concept of democracy. In their constitution they say that Israel is a state only for Jews! what type of democracy is this? what about the Christians and the Muslims who live in Palestine. Of course you already know the answer: Israel killed as much as it could from them.

The US congressmen hailed many times Netanyahu during his speech, they even stood and applauded. They saluted a war criminal in what is supposed to be “The lair of Democracy and Human Rights”. It is actually “The Lair of Hypocrisy and injustice”.

A group of US congressmen and women applauding the speech of the war criminal Netanyahu. Look how they acted as a bunch of idiots. Look at the woman who raised her hands high, may be she wants to offer Netanyahu “another thing” high and wide spread. Check the other woman in the green, may be she says to herself: “Oh God! He is the boy of my dreams.”

Another girl dreaming of Netanyahu. May be she wants to join him in a hot tub filled with the blood of the Palestinians he murdered. You can also see a congressman speaking to the woman beside him, may be he says: ” If I was a gay I would wish to spent the rest of my life with Netanyahu”.

ABC News broadcast this clown-show, but may be few who know what happened to the activist that interrupted Netanyahu’s speech.

The irony is that while Netanyahu was talking about the freedom of expression in Israel and the US, the security personnel of the meeting were beating the activist Rae Abileah.

Rae Abileah suffered neck and shoulder injuries; she was arrested at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C.

Of course the blind bitch Barbara didn’t hear about this.

The peace activist “Rae Abileah” received a heavy needle of “Democracy”, “Human Rights” and “Freedom of Expression”.

As the president Bashar Al-Assad made his first speech at the parliament after the beginning of the crisis, during that speech some of the MPs applauded, which was a rich material for the Western media to scoff at. At least our MPs are applauding the president of their country, not a foreign war criminal as the US congressmen did.

Texas – USA : 28.February.1993
67 armed FBI personnel headed towards a large farm in Waco in order to investigate a case of forbidden weapons.
There was a group of white militias as they call them in that farm. These groups are well-known of their political beliefs, racism, and anti-Judaism. Because the security forces failed to impose law and force these militias to obey it, they set fire to the building and killed everyone inside including children, women and men.

I just mentioned here a few incidents of the US police and FBI brutality, however you can do your own search for this issue.

Barbara also referred to deaths among children in Syria, and accused the Syrian security and army forces of these murders, but as usual we are talking about accusations with no evidence.

The Syrian opposition is using sometimes photos of events that took place outside Syria, such as the case of this dead Yemeni child. Sometimes they are talking about children in Syria, but the truth is far away from their narratives, such as Hamza Al-Khateeb and Oula Jablawi.

The mainstream media also refrained from reporting on the murders that targeted the children who belong to the pro-government families such as “Malek Ahmad Suleiman“, “Sandra Al-Hasan” and “Muhammad Ahmad Qabbani“.

Let us now check a little bit what Barbara couldn’t also see, I mean here the murders committed by the US military forces against children in several states.

On Friday 02.September.2011, the NewAmerican published:

Reports: U.S. Troops Killed 5 Children In Iraq Raid

“According to an American diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks citing numerous officials and reports, a team of U.S. soldiers in Iraq may have handcuffed and then executed an entire family — including five children under the age of six and four women. The troops, who were previously cleared of any wrongdoing by a U.S. investigation, then allegedly called for an air strike on the home in an apparent effort to cover up the evidence.”

On Sunday 24.October.2010, the Independent published:

Torture, killing, children shot – and how the US tried to keep it all quiet

“The largest leak in history reveals the true extent of the bloodshed unleashed by the decision to go to war in Iraq – and adds at least 15,000 to its death toll”.

These are just two examples, and from the Western media itself.

Of course needless to say that the same happened and is still happening in Afghanistan, and happened before in Vietnam.

Barbara forgot all about the starving children in Africa because of the atrocities of her government and its continual sponsorship of the conflicts and chaos in that continent.

May be Barbara did not see all this, because she was too busy fabricating lies about Syria, so the other issues were out of her interests.

What is actually more disgusting is when Barbara mentioned the torture and rape allegations in the UN report.That report was just crap, it was merely composed of accusations with no evidences.

It looks like Barbara just has a short memory. Speak for your self bitch. Speak for your government. Tell me who has Guantanamo. Who committed the outrageous acts in “Abu Ghraib” prison in Iraq.
Who is raping the Iraqi women. Who has the disgusting history of rape from Japan to Europe, the Syrian army or the US army!?
Listen Barbara, don’t come to argue while your government is harboring terrorists and supporting terrorism everywhere in the world. Supporting terrorism is a US official policy.

Below is a video report about a group of US soldiers (soldiers or monsters no body can tell) storming the house of an Iraqi family. They acted like savages, and they are really savages. A 14-years old girl was raped – in a very democratic, gentle and civil way – and the entire family was killed. The soldiers then burned the bodies and tried to conceal the evidences. May be Barbara enjoyed that video and probably she wishes to witness the same rape accident happening to her, because I think no man desires this noisy lady.

The Syrian soldiers don’t and didn’t commit rape, this is not the Syrian military style. Who commits rape is those terrorists supported by your government Barbara. Terrorists who follows the Wahhabi fatwas that condone such things, and tell me Barbara who is the ally of Saudi, the dirty Wahhabi state? It is your government.

The funny thing is that she insists and says “We have a free press”. No Barbara you don’t have a free press. You have hookers, mercenaries and spies who used to pose as journalists and news editors including you, and including all the dishonorable journalists who work for the Western and Arabic Wahhabi media, list the liar pig Anderson Cooper in the front.

She also pointed out to the allegations of torture of children in Daraa, and claimed that this what started the uprising.
Check this article to see how the liars of the so-called “Syrian revolution” and then the Arabic and Western media got the footage of the alleged torture. It was a completely different incident when vicious dogs attacked a village in Daraa (many months before the alleged-accusations of torture).

Now you see that the Western media is a bunch of liars, they are fooling and manipulating your minds. I despise the Western media. The freedom of expression in the west is just a lie. When anybody tries to question the Holocaust, what happens to him? Wake up people!

The way in which they put and manipulated the interview is disgusting. Americans! just listen! You are not conducting an interview with one of your puppets or slaves, so be careful and behave.

Notice how she said that “More and more people have taken up weapons to topple the government”. It is just a cheap and dirty try to justify the opposition’s terrorism, however such dirtiness is not new for Barbara or the Western media. We all know that from the very beginning of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” soldiers and policemen were killed by the so-called “peaceful protesters”. And now the number has risen to 2000, in addition to a lot of pro-government civilians who were abducted and killed, but the bitch Barbara simply chose to ignore that, because these soldiers and civilians were murdered by terrorists supported by her government.

She also said that “Foreign reporters are not allowed to enter the country”. That is not completely true, actually many of them entered Syria. However the Syrian government should don’t have allowed them, because they are basically a bunch of liars and spies, and listen Barbabra! Why should we allow them to enter Syria? Look at your self as an example. We shouldn’t allow bitches and spies like you to enter Syria. We all have heard the Canadian Lieutenant-General “Charles Bouchard” as saying that the Western journalists in Libya were providing NATO with information. So these Western reporters are spies. Is there any government that allows spies to enter its country!?

She said that the committee of the UN listened to many victims. Great! Then let this committee also listen to the families of the Syrian soldiers, and to the families of the pro-government civilians who were killed by the Syrian opposition terrorists.

The bitch described the president to be disconnected. Look who is talking. She came to Syria with a lot of pre-judgments that were fed in her silly brain by their disgusting media. She is the one who is disconnect.

I just want to say to those in the US government and their tails in the mainstream media: stop acting as super creatures. You are not better than the rest of your people, or the rest of the world. There is only one difference: You are stealing and controlling the wealth of a lot of people. Your troops are everywhere in the world, for what purpose? to protect your thieves. Don’t ever pretend to be human and don’t ever pretend to be caring about the rest of the world.

I am a young man who really respects and admires a lot of things in the Western life-style, however the disrespect, that the US shows towards the rest of the world, always made me review my stances. Now I can only see it this way; the better the US, the worse the rest of the world as long as the US foreign policy is being decided by a bunch of criminals. Stop this madness! Every body hates you as much as you disrespect everybody.

It is really an irony when the US media describes some leaders to be psychos, and they forget the American current and past history.

How should we call “Harry Truman” who used the nuclear bomb “twice” and killed tens of thousands of Japanese. None even dared to point to that as a genocide.

Let us talk about what happened in Vietnam, about the too-many Vietnamese who were killed by the US. The US even used never gas, executed entire villages, and tested new and exotic weapons on the Vietnamese. However there is none who dares to call those who ordered and committed that genocide as “Psychos”, but here I call them. Actually the ruling class in the US is nothing more than vampires who feed on the blood of other people.

Actually it is so funny when I hear slogans such as “The American Dream” or “Proud American”. A state that was established on the blood and bodies of 50 millions native Americans should have no dreams nor pride, until they speak loudly and admit what their ancestors did.

How many people were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq because of the American wars there? yet they call “Saddam Hussein” a psycho. Yes Saddam was a bastard, he was their loyal servant, until they decided to dispose him. George Bush (Junior and Senior) were both psychos; they hit new records in the number of people they killed.

Obama is not much better. Just consider the war in Libya and the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American military bases are everywhere. They are like cancer. These bases must not be allowed. If the citizens in whatever state have dignity, they would attack and try their best to expel the American soldiers. But the world is asleep and is being driven like a sheep.

Barbara asked the president if he does feel guilty. Let her ask any still-alive US president the same question, and let us hear his answer.

Directly after the interview, the spokesman of the US department also described president Al-Assad to be disconnected and has no control over the Syrian army and security forces. Their only purpose from such an interview in the first place was to tarnish the image of the president, and to introduce him as a weak president.

The president said: “They are not my forces, they are military forces belong to the government, I don’t own the county“. However their dirty minds and mouths decided to play with his words.

The cartoonist Ali Farzat was also on Barbara’s agenda, may be later I will prepare some materials about Ali Farzat, but just as a prelude: Ali Farzat has been always enjoying the sponsorship of the Syrian government. President Bashar Al-Assad honored his talent and even helped him to start his magazine Al-Domari, however Farzat was not the man of the mission, and his magazine started descending, and to justify his failure he started attacking the Syrian government.

Ali Farzat

I think the last incident was arranged by him in order to grab the headlines and gain more publicity at the expense of the Syrian government that is facing a crisis and being introduced by the misleading media worldwide as an oppressor of the voices of freedom.

May be the photo above is the best way to describe the logic behind the recent sketches and behavior of “Ali Farzat”.

Barbara asked the president whether he still enjoys the support of his people, she just chose to ignore all the massive pro-government demonstrations, and instead she shattered the reportage with ugly and low-resolution videos from YouTube channels belong to the Syrian opposition. She tried to give the impression that the president is no longer popular among his people by using a video that shows a number of scums – like her – tearing one of the president’s photos. She just ignored the hundreds of thousands who carried the president’s photos.

Barbara Walters did nothing in the interview, she just repeated the same lies of the Western media propaganda.

Listen Barbara! It is true that you are old, but you didn’t grow up enough to practice journalism. The next time you hold an interview, don’t choose people who care about your feelings, but choose people like me who despise you and who are so eager to teach you a tough lesson.

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The Truth about Ibrahim Qashoush, the Alleged Singer and Composer of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”

Ibrahim Qashoush has become known world wide as the composer and signer of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. Just google his name to search either for videos or photos, all what you will get is his photo dead and a few low-resolution videos.

The videos are titled with many captions, but they all have something in common: “Ibrahim Qashoush” singing or doing something, however you will not be able to recognize his face; one reason is the low-resolution, the second is that the video was recorded from a distance which makes you unable to recognize his face. I think they intended to make the videos this ways, so none can know the truth.

“Ibrahim Qashoush” dead, a snapshot from ABC News Report. This is one of the very few photos you will find for Qashoush. For instance there are no photos of him alive nor clear photos of him singing. Qashoush is a “media bubble” that surfaced after his death not before, which indicates that the whole thing is fabricated.

In every lie related to the Syrian Revolution, the western and Arabic media behaved like ruminants, and the case of Qashoush is no exception. What is really disgusting is that Barbara Walters raised this issue in the interview with president Bashar Al-Assad, accompanied of course with the other very wide-spread lie about the rapist Hamza Al-Khateeb. It is wrong to say that the mainstream media reporters and journalists don’t verify or can’t verify their news. Actually they don’t care whether their news are true or false. They are soldiers of deception. The mainstream media is just a tool of war nothing more. Check their outrageous history, they always supported the US invasions and prepared the American and Western public for war.

They use a simple but effective rule: Broadcast a lie, it will soon spread. Don’t care if someone will refute it, because those who heard the lie first probably will never believe it is a lie later; the mainstream media created in their public subconscious through decades the suitable environment of ignorance that makes them namely blind; and here is another thing: Usually those who heard the lie would be greater in number that those who heard the refuting of the lie, because the lie was broadcast on the mainstream media while most likely the refuting will never be broadcast, so the affected public by the news in the second case is too small.

The name of Qashoush rose in the anti-government demonstrations that took place in the city of Hama, and of course as they twisted the truth about Qashoush they twisted the real size of Hama demonstrations.

Who was Ibrahim Qashoush? was he really what the Syrian opposition claimed?

The Syrian security managed to arrest terrorist “Fadi Zreik”, and what is actually may be surprising for many of you is what he said in his confessions.
“Ibraheem Qashoush” was a normal person who was slaughtered by Syrian rebels, because they thought he was an informant who works for the Syrian government.
The man who actually composes the songs for the protesters was among those who photographed Qashoush’s dead body, so he found it as an opportunity to conceal his identity and claim that Qashoush is the real composer.

We all know who kills the people by cutting their throats, we have already seen dozens of videos in Iraq of such crimes. It is not the Syrian intelligence or military style, it is the Wahhabi and Al-Qaeda style, so let them stop accusing the Syrian security of this murder.

The Syrian “terrorists” or “rebels” or “protesters” or “freedom fighters” or what so ever used to kill people accusing them of being informants who work for the Syrian government.

Sometimes they post the names of the pro-government citizens on their Facebook pages, describe these citizens as informants and call on their followers to liquidate them.
Yes, this is how they work; they kill the pro-government citizens and celebrate their deaths, then they produce some Hollywood-style movie in which they claim that those citizens were killed by the Syrian security, and of course the Wahhabi media will be ready to catch the lie and sell it worldwide, then the Western media will buy it even though they know it is a lie, however it serves their agenda. Just remember what president Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) remarked in 1939 that “Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch. Anastasio Somoza García is of course the dictator who ruled Nicaragua before he was assassinated.

Hisham Al-Kharsi was one of those citizens, he moved in the Syrian revolution lists directly from informant to a martyr and hero.

“Mamdouh Al-Akrah” is a another example. The Mobs stabbed him  as he was praying in the big mosque in the city of Duma.
He has three children. His only guilt is that he refused to participate in the criminal and terrorist acts. The terrorists accused him of being an informant, and as usual they played the judge and the executioner and murdered him.

“Muhammad Maree” is also an example. The Syrian protesters claim that they demand freedom, democracy and human rights, but forgive me I can only see a herd that experienced once the freedom from the whip so it went out of control. Yes, these are the Syrian protesters. A group of animals seeking to live in the wilds far away from any law.
Many Syrians considered the AL observers mission as an opportunity to show the real facts on the ground, because they saw how the Arabic and Western media used to deceive and show the opposite.
“Muhammad Maree” was one of those. He talked to the observers, he even helped to arrest one of the armed men who used to participate in the anti-government demonstrations. However some people didn’t like it, and the result was bloody like this whole thing called Arab uprising.
After the AL observers left the area, terrorists attacked Muhammad’s house and kidnapped him; later they killed him and dragged his body on the streets. Finally they hung him in public.

Being a patriot is enough to be killed in Syria nowadays under the name of freedom and human rights. Being a patriot is enough to be a target for the US-NATO-Gulf agents. Being a patriot is enough for the Islamic maniacs to kill you and drag your body on the streets. Being a patriot means to be accused of being a Shabbih, an oppressor or a murderer. This is the new-old Western-Wahhabi principles that will be imposed on you if you ever dare to defend your country. If you are a Syrian citizen, you have to think twice before saying the truth nowadays, because the truth contradicts the Western-Wahhabi will. You have to accept the dirty fate the Westerns and Wahhabis chose for you, then you will be an honorable freedom fighter. You have to be a traitor so the Wahhabi-Western alliance spares your life.

Ibrahim Qashoush’ murder goes in the same context. He was killed by the rebels after being accused of the traditional “Revolutionary Charge” which is being an informant who works for the government.

Now, who is the real singer and composer? According to our connections in the city of Hama his name is “Abdul Rahman Farhoud”.

Abdul Rahman Farhoud, the real composer and singer. At his right you see one of his friends who used to accompany him and sings sometimes, his name is “Quteiba Naasan”. Naasan used to live in the city of Hama near “Othman Al-Hurani” school. The two of them escaped before a while to Lebanon then came back and joined their fellow terrorists in the so-called “Free Syrian Army”.

Here is Farhoud in another photo with Naasan at his right and the DJ at his left. The DJ – with the black shirt – has also disappeared for sometime to show up again in Hama.  His name is “Ahmad Farhoud”, he is Abdul Rahman’s brother. Ahmad Farhoud was among the terrorists who set up barriers in the city of Hama before the army decided to enter to restore order in the city; Ahmad Farhoud chose to be a “hero terrorist” and he was killed in the clashes.

The DJ Ahmad Farhoud (They are really talented terrorists)

So Abdul Rahman Farhoud is the real singer and composer; you can even see that on some of the Syrian opposition’s YouTube channels, like this video, they titled it: “Abdul Rahman Farhoud, the real nightingale of the Syrian Revolution”. Move to the moment 02:38 to see him with “Naasan” singing and waving for the herds in the square.

You can also hear him in another video singing against the Syrian government with the mobs and herds in Al-Assi square, they titled the video: “Al-Assi revolution’s nightingale Abdul Rahman Farhoud”.

This opposition is really a disgrace, they can’t even agree on a lie.

Let the Arabic and Western media stop their crap and stop leading their public towards the war. I am really shocked. Until yesterday I admired almost everything in the west, but today I reviewed many of my previous stances, especially after I witnessed how the media is twisting facts and fabricating lies about my country.

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Muslim Brotherhood Statement about the so-called “Syrian Revolution”

Late March 2011 the Muslim brotherhood distributed stealthy a statement in some of their dens and mosques in Syria. The statement entirely depends on the religious hatred in order to incite people to protest against the Syrian government with only one goal: To finally impose their Sharia law.

First of all, it was too hard for me to translate this statement, and that is because of the writing style, it is actually very primitive and disgusting, exactly as if you are reading some sort of Middle-Ages hatred preaches, and for the same reason the translation is somewhat long.

The Muslim Brotherhood flag

Below is the complete translation of the statement of the Muslim Brotherhood about the situation in Syria, and for anyone who does not know this Brotherhood: It is the name of an underlying terrorist organization that launched in the eighties of the twenty century a series of attacks against the Syrian state and other sects: Kindergartens, schools, buses, villages, lawyers, doctors, professors, universities, and military officers. They also managed to plant bombs in some vital parts of Damascus such as Al-Azbakiya quarter, in which more than two hundreds of innocent women and children were killed. They also managed to take over one of the most important military schools in Aleppo, the Artillery School, and kill all the students and officers who were “infidels” in their point of view.

The Muslim brotherhood is officially a forbidden party in Syria, and there was actually a very good law – at least in my opinion – that sentences everyone who belongs to this terrorist organization to death. I just hoped that they will keep this law in the new era of political reforms, because this organization committed unimaginable acts against both the Syrian state and citizens, we will go on these acts later in another article.

A Statement of Support to the People of Syria

With the name of Allah

Allah had said in Quran: “The permission is granted to the fighters for his well, to defeat the injustice and Allah is capable of making them win”, and all prayers and salutations to his messenger Muhammad who has been sent for the mercy of all people, and all prayers and salutations also to Muhammad’s companions and followers until the end of the days.

We are – the Muslim Brotherhood – declare that we have got enough from the politics of the Baath-Regime and his infidel supporters in the past years.

We declare, it is enough after all what we have faced from killing, arresting and displacement against our leaders and followers.

It is time for us to come back home and rule Syria under our principles that come from Islam (Sharia), these principles that have been brought back to life by the greatest renewer of the 20th century Imam Hassan Al-Banna – Allah’s mercy on him.

Terrorist sheikh Hassan Al-Banna (1906-1949) the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in Egypt.

It is time for our forbidden party to come back home, and there is no way to achieve that goal without igniting and supporting the revolution inside Syria.

The people in Syria have demands: a better life, a more freedom, … and we have to exploit and push them to take actions that guarantee the overthrow of the current government.

The people are now protesting after the allegations of the bloodshed by the government forces.

These demonstrations should be our aid to make our coup and replace the government. We have to ignite rage, incite and exploit that bloodshed and make it our way to come back home and spread our Islamic principles to rule over the political scene in Syria.

It is time to come back home and rule the Syrian Muslim people who live under the umbrella of the secular regime that supports and protects the principles of tolerance, and guarantees the freedom of thinking and embracing whatever belief the people choose. Such a freedom was the main reason that made the other non-Muslim sects of the Syrian people able to step forward and have a rank and a good contribution in the Syrian life, and also share the wealth with the Muslims on their own land.

It is time for us to come back and force all the other non-Muslim sects to shrink and step back. These sects are the infidel Christians, the criminal Alawites and the infidel Druzes.

It is time for us to come back and rule Syria under the name of Allah – the lord of all lords – and his holy Quran, and to impose the Islamic principles on all who oppose us without discrimination.

It is time for our principles to spread among the Syrian Muslims, to bring back the well and the glory of Allah after they have been lost because of these infidel regimes.

So we support the revolution in Syria with all what we have (money, speech, writings and media conferences), because it is the last hope for our principles to gain success, and the only way to overthrow the Baath-Regime, even if that has to cost thousands of lives of innocent people. We have to push the young Muslims to go down the streets in order to ignite this revolution, even if that would lead to their death, because that death means the freedom to those who will come after, and a victory for us. We also assure the right of those people to protest and defense themselves, even if that would cause the death of many policemen and army officers who are basically infidels, they caused a lot of corruption and destruction in our land, so death will be their fair punishment for what they committed.

It is also too important to remind the Syrian Muslims of the intentions of the other sects and their plans against Islam, and against our freedom, so we do not recommend any sort of collaboration even under the most difficult circumstances, because they – in their instincts – have bad feelings and bad intentions for Islam and for his people. We have to make sure that the revolution will be pure Islamic, and with that no other sect would have a share of the credit after its success.

We pray to Allah to support our people in Syria and lead them to victory.

Terrorist Muhammad Riyad Al-Shaqfa, the general supervisor of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

Written by

Dr. Muhammad Riyad Al-Shaqfa

the General supervisor for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

Monday, 28 March, 2011

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Hama and the Media Illusions of a half Million anti-government Protesters

Friday 03.February.2012 was the 3oth anniversary of what is known as “Hama Events” that ended many years of clashes between the Syrian government and the Muslim brotherhood terrorists.

That anniversary was an occasion for the liars of the Syrian opposition and many anti-Syrian quarters to post more lies. They published several photos claiming to be for alleged-massacres committed by the Syrian army against “Civilians” in the city of Hama.

The photos were as usual fake. In the video below we discuss two of these photos. The first one is for a massacre committed by the French occupation in Algeria on 08.May.1945. The second goes back to 1860 when sectarian conflicts erupted in Lebanon and escalated to Damascus.

Also the Wahhabi media couldn’t stay away and posted its contribution of lies; we already refuted the fake photos they published.

There is a lot of narratives about what happened in Hama that year, but what has been confirmed is that thousands of Syrian soldiers were killed by the Muslim brotherhood terrorists in the final battle, so let the Syrian opposition spare us the crap that the final battle was just a hunting trip for the Syrian army.

I was born just a few days after the final battle took place. However my father told me horrible stories about the Muslim brotherhood. We lost a number of our relatives who were killed by those terrorists. My relatives were normal people, students at the university and employees who had no connections to the Syrian government.

My father told me how he himself was about to be killed twice, once in Aleppo as he was there for his job as a high-school teacher, and the second time in Lattakia when my grandfather was ill and needed a medicine. He told me how the terrorists blocked the roads and fired randomly at the cars.

Destroying the Muslim brotherhood was the best thing president Hafez Al-Assad ever did.

This new concentration on Hama made me write this article, even if the main discussed event is not that fresh and it goes back a few months.

“A Half Million Protesters against Al-Assad in the City of Hama” was the title that the mainstream media promoted as a victory against the Syrian government. The way they reported on that demonstration reflects their bankruptcy ethically and professionally, their bankruptcy as humans and as media professionals. They reported on that event cheering as if they found the holly grill. They were even ready to become whores for Hama’s protesters.

Yes, Hama witnessed the largest anti-government demonstration in Al-Assi square, but definitely not with a half million protesters.

No wonder that happened in Hama… Unfortunately Hama is the city where many people will celebrate and respect sheikhs such as “Ibn Taymiyyah“. You can consider “Ibn Taymiyyah” as one of the godfathers of what is known as the Takfir ideology, he issued fatwas that condone the killing of people who belong to other sects such as the Alawites, Shiites, some Islam Sunni sects, Ismailis and Druze. He almost didn’t spare a sect and his followers practiced his fatwas for more than 6 centuries, especially in the reign of the Ottoman empire against the Alawites. “Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab”, the devil behind the disaster called Wahhabism, was inspired by Ibn Taymiyyah‘s fatwas. In Saudi Arabia, the capital of terrorism in our world, they keep publishing these disgusting fatwas every year.

This is what believed to be the tomb of “Ibn Taymiyyah”; the irony the tomb is in Damascus, in my opinion it should be turned into a toilette

Needless to say that the Syrian people are in general tolerant and open-minded. However there have been always exceptions, small but sometimes they caused a big damage.

Many may consider the city of Hama as the equivalent of Kandahar of Afghanistan, at least this goes for many quarters in the city; and the history of the city itself witnessed from time to time the rise of “some scum” who became a “leading sheikh” or a “leading politician”. These scums really damaged so much the co-existence in the city and its relationships with the rest of Syria.

I just look at Hama as a victim of the atrocities that were practiced by some of its citizens. The city needs to heal, I hope that time will solve this issue.

Sheikh Marwan Hadeed is from Hama, he was one of the worst and bloodiest leaders of the Muslim brotherhood in the sixties and seventies. We will give you more information about this terrorist later in another article.

Terrorist sheikh Marwan Hadeed

The godfather of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” Sheikh Adnan Al-Arour is another scum from Hama. Al-Arour actually don’t even hide his hatred. He shows up regularly on many Wahhabi TV channels to attack the other sects and religions, and of course don’t even dare to guess! He lives in Saudi Arabia and enjoys their ultimate support.

Terrorist sheikh Adnan Al-Arour

May be some of you have heard about a Syrian president called “Adib Shishakli” who ruled the country in the fifties, he was also from Hama. He committed massacres against the Druzes. He came to power by a military coup and forced to leave by a military coup too. Some of the brave Druzes followed him after he escaped to America and killed him there. Of course the people of Hama are not responsible for these massacres, however many of them agreed and hailed what happened.

Adib Shishakli

Now you see. It looks like Hama was going in a direction and the rest of Syria was going in another. This is what will happen when the extremists seize power and control the public.

Hama needs to be reeducated, and separated from its past, and a big part from its religious legacy must be reviewed and even dropped.

Based on the above-mentioned facts, no wonder that Hama has been always a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood and the largest anti-government demonstration took place  there; the so-called “Syrian Revolution” is basically a Wahhabi terrorist movement and it met the views and ideology of the extremists in the city, as the Muslim brotherhood uprising did in the eighties.

The majority of people who gathered in that square were motivated by religious hatred nothing more, inspired by their Wahhabi brothers in Libya and Afghanistan. They acted like a herd and they know nothing about freedom and human rights.

Not far from the date of that demonstration, the terrorists of Hama launched a full-scale attack against the government buildings and security posts. Eight security personnel and army soldiers martyred.
The terrorists also kidnapped many pro-Assad citizens and murdered them, then mutilated the bodies.

In the video below you hear the terrorists talking about their great achievement. It contains a lot of offensive words; they curse the people even when they are dead. One of them is proud of what he committed; he slaughtered one of the martyrs.
The terrorists killed the security personnel and the pro-Assad citizens, mutilated their bodies, then threw the dead bodies in Al-Assi river. These are the “Freedom Fighters” and “Peaceful Protesters” the mainstream media is promoting.

Warning: Graphics Content.

That event cannot be considered as an isolated one, it is just an episode in the bloody history of the city. About two months before that date the protesters of Hama surprised us with one of the ugliest murders ever. In the video below you will see them hanging a man, chanting, cheering, taking photos and celebrating around his dead body. They are sick.

Warning: Graphics Content:

Hama Protesters Hanging a pro-government citizen

Now we will come to discuss this “half million protesters” issue. Below is a space map provided by Google Earth. Click to enlarge.

As shown in the map above, if we take into consideration all factors with the maximum values i.e Al-Assi square is completely full with all the nearby streets, also if we considered that each square meter was occupied by four protesters, the total number would be 160400 protesters.

The numbers above are taken supposing the maximum values of the different factors, which was not the case in Hama demonstration. Let us take a look at one of the photos of that famous demonstration:

You can notice one of the nearby streets with no protesters. Take also a look at the people who appear close in view. No four protesters in each square meter and now there is a very important thing to talk about; people in some regions of the photo appear larger than those who stand directly near them. Take a look at the photo below where I marked some of these regions in the photo.

Such tricks can be easily done using Adobe Photoshop.

They scaled some regions of the photo, copied then posted them in several empty regions in order to increase the total number of protesters.

Take a look at the photo below, you can notice at the right of the photo (your right near the nearby street) how I inserted more protesters.

You see now, it is a piece of cake. Of course I did nothing compared either in size or quality to what the liars of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” and the Western-Wahhabi media did; Faking and forging is the profession of the Whhabis, just remember how they forged the religion of Islam and invented a new bloody religion.

We also have to discuss another issue. It is the population of the city of Hama. When we talk about the province (the city and its countryside) you can say that the countryside of Hama is known to be loyal to the government, so is a part of the city. The moderate Muslims – regardless their sects – who live in the city have been always loyal to the government, so are the Christians. Just to remind you many citizens who belong to these pro-government groups were forced to leave in the eighties under the pressure of the Muslim brotherhood.

We should also not forget the inhabitants of the Palestinian quarter who were always loyal to the government, however they were forced to participate in that demonstration; the rebels threatened that they will expel them from Syria – as their peers did in Iraq – after they seize power. Our connection in the quarter told us that they had no choice but to participate.

Let us now take a look at the population statistics.

As the statistics show: The entire population of Hama was 2051765 citizens at the end of 2009, only 696863 of them live in the city.

So according to the desperate media reports Al-Assi square (15000 square meter Max) can contain a half million protesters (more than seventy percent of the population), while in fact it can only contain 60000 protesters if every square meter was occupied by four protesters, which was not the case as the photo shows, even if we accepted the above-mentioned manipulation they did to the photo.

Let the Arabic and Western media stop hallucinating about that demonstration, those half million protesters only exist in their silly bloody imagination.

To the dishonorable reporters of the mainstream media, take a look at this list on our YouTube channel to see real massive demonstrations, worthy to report on. These demonstrations were of course pro-government ones, not pro-west or pro-Wahhabism ones.

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The Wahhabi Media Commemorated the 30th Anniversary of Hama Events with Fake Footage

Friday 03.February.2012 was the 30th anniversary of what is known as “Hama Events” that ended many years of clashes between the Syrian government and the Muslim brotherhood terrorists.

That anniversary was an occasion for the liars of the Wahhabi media to post more lies. They published several photos claiming to be for alleged-massacres committed by the Syrian army against “Civilians” in the city of Hama.

However, nothing new; the photos were fake. By fake I mean they were for other events that took place outside Syria. To be specific some took place in Lebanon during the civil war and the Israeli invasion, others took place in Palestine decades ago.

Let us start with the Wahhabi channel Al-Arabiya:

On 31.January.2012 they posted the photo below on their website claiming it to be for the so-called “Hama Massacres” in 1982.

A photo from the Lebanese Civil war being used by Al-Arabiya to refer to the alleged ” Hama massacre”

They used an interesting title for the article: ” A Night of Killing and Rape in the City of Hama”. The irony is that killing and rape have been always the acts of the Wahhabis, however they attribute their own acts to the Syrian army.

In case they changed the photo later or even removed the article, as they usually do after being exposed, here is a snapshot of the Website:

Let us now check this link that talks about the Lebanese civil war. You can see the photo with other materials and articles about that long civil war.

In case of any data loss in that website, here is also a snapshot:

As if one lie about this issue wasn’t enough for them, here they came up with another lie. On 02.February.2012 they posted a new photo of the alleged-massacre:

A photo from “Sabra and Shatila massacre” used by Al-Arabiya Wahhabi channel to refer to the so-called “The massacre of Hama”.

Again they used an interesting title for the article: “Hama and the 30th anniversary of the most violent massacre in the history of Syria”.

In case they changed the photo here is a snapshot:

Let us now check this link that talks about “Sabra and Shatila massacre“. You can see the photo in a post that goes back to 17.September.2007. They titled the post: ” Twenty five years from “Sabra and Shatila massacre”.

In case of any data loss in the website, here is a snapshot.

Wikipedia: “The Sabra and Shatila massacre took place in the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon between September 16 and September 18, 1982, during the Lebanese civil war. Palestinian and Lebanese civilians were massacred in the camps by Christian Lebanese Phalangists while the camp was surrounded by the Israeli Force. In that period of time, Israel was at war with the PLO in Lebanon. Israeli forces occupied Beirut, controlled the entrances to the refugee camps of Palestinians and controlled the entrance to the city. After the assassination of Bachir Gemayel, leader and president-elect of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, a Maronite group, also called Lebanese Forces militia group, entered the camp and murdered inhabitants during the night. The exact number of victims is disputed, from 700–800 to 3,500 (depending on the source).”

Now let us move to another Wahhabi media tool, this time “Al-Kuds Al-Arabi” magazine directed by the famous liar “Abdel Bari Atwan”.

“Abdel Bari Atwan”, the editor of “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” magazine in London

On 02.February.2012 they posted the photo below on their website

A photo from “Deir Yassin massacre” used by Al-Quds newspaper to refer to the alleged “Hama massacre”.

They are also good liars as those of Al-Arabiya, they titled the article: “After thirty years from Hama events, the Syrians are living and experiencing again terror, killing and fear”.

Under the photo, they wrote: “Corpses from Hama massacre that was committed in the period of Hafez Al-Assad”.

In case they changed the photo or removed the article, here is a snapshot:

Let us now check this link that talks about “Deir Yassin massacre“. Here you can find again the same photo. They titled the article “Remember Deir Yassin”.

In case of any data loss in the website, here is a snapshot.

Wikipedia: “The Deir Yassin massacre took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 fighters from the Irgun Zevai Leumi and Lohamei Herut Israel Zionist paramilitary groups attacked Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, a Palestinian-Arab village of roughly 600 people. The assault occurred as Jewish militia sought to relieve the blockade of Jerusalem during the civil war that preceded the end of British rule in Palestine“.

Atwan is a Palestinian and he should have recognized the photo, I can even say that he picked the photo intentionally in order to incite the so-few who still read his low-quality magazine.

What is going on in Syria is a Wahhabi revolution being funded by Wahhabi money, promoted by Wahhabi media and supported by all Syria’s enemies.

We will not surrender our country to the Wahhabis. We don’t accept to be ruled by a bunch of nomads who still live in the middle ages and want to impose their disgusting lifestyle on us.

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Western and Arabic Media Honor the Rapists and Ignore the Real Innocent Victims

Hamza Al-Khateeb… Who didn’t hear about him!!!. He became far more famous and gained more public sympathy than “Muhammad Al-Durrah” the Palestinian kid who was killed between the arms of his father by the Israeli forces. Of course the hookers of the Arabic and Western media didn’t take “Muhammad Al-Durrah” seriously and his story died just a few days after his death, but when it comes to Hamza Al-Khateeb these hookers became ruminants who chewed this story over and over, and the last time was in the interview that ABC News held with president Bashar Al-Assad.

Definitely Hamza Al-Kahteeb was not arrested or tortured by the Syrian security. This was confirmed by the medical examiner who did the autopsy, and here we have the right to raise a question: What was Hamza Al-Khateeb exactly doing about 20 KM far away from his home, and what about the motives that led a teenage such as Hamza to attack with others the residential area where the families of the military personnel live.

Hamza Al-Khateeb became an icon for the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. But as everything in this “Revolution” his cause was fake.
They claimed that the Syrian security arrested, tortured then killed him. It is a big lie. We are talking science right now. Here is the medical examiner giving his professional opinion in this matter.


In case they claimed that the medical examiner was forced for his testimony, then why the family didn’t ask for another autopsy by another examiner, and we all know that they could have done that. It is important to let you know that the uncle of Hamza Al-Khateeb travels frequently to the “United Arab Emirates” and he receives money to organize demonstrations and any anti-government activities.

All of you have seen the photo of Hamza Al-Khateeb, and probably heard that he was only thirteen years old. I think this is news to you: he was seventeen years old, and the photo you saw is for him as he was only ten years old.

Hamza Al-Kahteeb as he was ten years old. His family gave this photo to Al-Jazeera in order to introduce him as an “angel”, and to conceal the fact that he was just a teenage driven by his sexual desires. The hookers of Al-Jazeera of course completed the mission and spread the lie.

The matter that the Arabic and Western media refrained from reporting on is what Hamza Al-Khateeb was actually doing near the military personnel residential area with many others about 20 Km far away from his house. They only said that he was arrested and tortured with no other details, however they gave it time and enjoyed taking photos of a dead decaying body to introduce them as evidences of torture. They didn’t consult some medical examiner about the marks on the body, they only saw an opportunity to tarnish the image of the Syrian president and they took it. They are opportunists and can’t be considered as a professional staff. They don’t care about the truth, all of them are slaves who serve an unfair cause.

In the video below we try to give you the complete story or at least shed some light on the circumstances of Hamza Al-Khateeb’s death.

The video gives some answers, but still we have to state something:
Again with the question: What was Hamza Al-Khateeb exactly doing among the terrorists who attacked the military personnel residential area? It is the fake Jihad what led him there, and the prizes of Jihad in life and after life. Let me here say: Because Hamza was still young, he definitely wanted to get the life prizes not those after life.

There is here something that wasn’t mentioned by the Syrian state TV, may be to avoid any sort of religious tensions. Hamza Al-Khateeb was a teenage, so were many of his friends who accompanied him in his deadly adventure. It was not “Death” what Hamza expected from his adventure, it was women and sexual prizes.

This video shows the confessions of Hamza’s relative who accompanied him in his last adventure (A family of criminals and rapists. That goes in the blood, and they can’t help it).


A lot of our problems arise because of sheikhs or clerics who condone some outrageous behavior and encourage their followers to commit it, not only this but the disaster is when some psycho sheikh who lives in the east of the world (or even on the moon) issues some fatwa, many stupid Muslims around the world will consider following it as if it was dictated by the God himself.

Here I will mention a very famous fatwa that was issued by sheikh “Izzat Ateyyah” who teaches “Al-Hadith”  in Al-Azhar mosque in Egypt. This fatwa is known as “Breasts Sucking Fatwa“.

In simple words, the fatwa means: when a man and a woman work together and sit in the same office or workplace without the presence of the so-called “Mahram” and they can marry each other legally, it is better for the woman to let the man suck her breasts and get some milk, so the man becomes a “Mahram” and can’t marry her anymore. (The Mahram is usually a direct relative of the woman such as her father, son, brother, nephew or anyone who can’t marry her according to the Islamic laws).


The liberal parties in Egypt were very angry after issuing this fatwa that was considered to be outrageous and unacceptable, so Al-Azhar had to suspend the fatwa and expel the sheikh who issued it. However the damage was already done, and many stupids in Egypt and Saudi Arabia supported it.

IslamWeb, a website that hosts a huge amount of fatwas, also defended this madness, and they even attributed it to prophet Muhammad, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Here is also another disaster: when some junky has a problem and he wants to solve it in some illegal way, he simply asks some “sheikh” who will gladly give him a fatwa that condones whatever he wants, especially if he paid him enough money. May be this doesn’t happen so much in Syria, because the grand Mufti and many other clerics in his circle are respectful and you can consider them from the too-few clerics who really understand the true Islam. However it happens frequently in the gulf and Egypt, and unfortunately a few Syrians recently liked it that way and decided to join the herd.

Terrorist Ammar Balloush is one of those. On 27.12.2011 he shot five of his colleagues during a test at the faculty of “Medical Engineering” in the university of Damascus using a pistol.
The student “Hussein Gannam” martyred immediately, while four other students injured, two of them severely. The names of the injured students: “Sultan Redwan”, “Khudr Khazem”, “George Farah” and “Pierre Lahham”.
SHAM FM reported that the terrorist Balloush is from the village of “Rankous” in Damascus countryside.
Eyewitnesses said that terrorist Balloush didn’t fire randomly, but he chose his victims and deliberately fired trying to kill the five students.

The student “Khudr Khazem” died next day by his injuries.


Terrorist Balloush killed his colleagues because they had different points of view about the current crisis in Syria, his tiny brain couldn’t handle that there are people who support president Bashar Al-Assad, and it was  too easy for him to use violence.

Before a while (on 18.11.2011) terrorist “Balloush” posted on the wall of the Egyptian sheikh “Muhammad Hassan” asking for a fatwa that condones the killing of a young man. He said it is too easy to do this because of the current unrest in Syria.

Balloush asking sheikh “Muhammad Hassan” for a fatwa that condones the killing of young man

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” started originally in the mosques by sheikhs who incited their followers against the government. By sheikhs I mean here of course “disturbed sheikhs” and unfortunately they are so many.

Listen to this sheikh from the city of Daraa as he was inciting his stupid followers against the government at the beginning of the unrest. He attacked the Druze women and described them to be half-naked, just because these women don’t wear the Islamic veil. Unfortunately this is the opinion of many Muslim clerics, and this is how the Syrian rebels look at the women.


What exactly means to describe a woman as half-naked in some primitive societies. It simply means that this woman is available for any body, and no sin will be committed if they have sex with her willingly or even rape her.

Many stupid sheikhs issued fatwas that condone the slavery and the rape. You can find a fatwa like this as always on IslamWeb.

Here is a snapshot from the website where they posted the fatwa. I highlighted some of the Arabic text, and here is the translation:

“You have to know that “Jihad in the name of Allah” is the key to get slaves, because when the infidels refused to embrace Islam and refused to declare that they are slaves only of Allah who created them, Allah decided to humiliate them and make them slaves of his slaves. Slavery has been very common among all nations until recently, why the others denounce slavery in Islam only and ignore its existence in many cultures.”

I don’t know where these stupid sheikhs get their information from. First of all “Jihad” in  its essence means to control your instincts and to fight the bad side of your self.

Jihad in the case of war means to defend yourself or to liberate your land. However the so-called “Jihad” in order to impose Islam on others is a concept that was invented after prophet Muhammad’s death.

So they invented the concept “Jihad” as a mean to get slaves, and as you know when they enslave somebody they have complete control over him and in the case of slave women they can have sex or rape them whenever or however they want.

If you watched the video above about the confessions of one of Hamza Al-Khateeb’s relatives, you would have known that a “sheikh” used to incite them against the government, but what you probably don’t know yet is that the sheikh issued them a fatwa for Jihad and condoned them to enslave the women who live in the military personnel residential area as a prize for their jihad. The majority of the women who live there are Alawite i.e infidels as many sheikhs argued, so it is OK! go dear Hamza and get what you want, and if anything bad happened to you, don’t worry! the Arabic and Western media will cry like whores and introduce you as a symbol of innocence and purity.

It is a shame how they used the story of this disturbed teenage. Yes Hamza Al-Khateeb was following with others this fatwa, and their jihad’s targets was the Alawite women who live in the military personnel residential area, here there are some testimonies of the inhabitants.

I know in person two of those who gave testimonies and I verified their stories, so I will translate only these two:

Abd Al-Majeed Okeil said:

That happened on 29.04.2011, a group of “civilians” with both children and men approached the front doors of the residential area where the military personnel’s families live. Before they hit the front doors, gunmen suddenly appeared near the residential area on the road the leads to a village called “Koheil”. They fired at the guards, my friend sergeant “Rawad Muhsen Deeb” martyred immediately and three other guards injured. After that the “protesters” entered the residential area accompanied with the gunmen. After that the military personnel who were there decided to return fire. Many protesters were carrying blades and Molotov cocktails. They had to be stopped by force.

Tahseen Bag said:

This teenage participated in a demonstration that aimed to kill the military personnel and rape their women. How can anybody call him a martyr. It is a sectarian revolution that targets the minorities who are considered to be infidels. Many people share this opinion.

Hamza Al-Khateeb was expecting to spend his night with many women not to lay dead on the coroner table.

So given the above-mentioned facts Hamza Al-Khateeb was basically a rapist, a teenage who wanted to have sex with the “infidels”. He got what he deserved.

Perhaps Hamza is not responsible for his actions because he was still under the legal age, but his father and the sheickh who condoned the raping of women hold that responsibility.

Hamza Al-Khateeb became a legend and a slogan for the Syrian terrorists and their sponsors in the Wahhabi gulf and the western world.

In the best description you can call Hamzah Al-Khateeb a disturbed teenage, but a disturbed teenage who goes to kill and rape following fatwas is actually a terrorist regardless his age.

The Syrian security could simply hide the body and not deliver it to the family, so none can know what happened. But they didn’t, because they were innocent and acted as innocents. It is not the security forces problem that some people are following some strange and disgusting fatwas.

The sexual excitation of Hamza Al-Khateeb reminds me of his citizen from Daraa the Syrian opponent Haitham Manna who also had some sexual adventure in the neighborhood before leaving Syria.


It looks like that rape and disrespect is just a pattern in the Syrian opposition behavior.

I think no scum in the world didn’t talk about Hamza Al-Khateeb as an icon of innocence. Some stupid even created a Facebook cause called:

Support UNICEF to post a poster of the 13-years old innocent boy

and they recruited a lot of idiots in that cause.

It is really disgusting. May be they should write on that post: “In the memory of all rape victims” to be suitable with the rapist whom they dedicated the post to.

The German media in its crazy war against the Syrian government didn’t save a breathe without honoring the rapist. Tagesschau on ARD made its best regarding this issue. However the fever of this fake sympathy moved to the public and the stupids who still believe this media. A dirty German music band made a song for this rapist “Hamza” in another move of hypocrisy, and of course they didn’t forget to include a lot of footage that the Syrian media proved to be fake or fabricated.

The Arabic and Western media tried their best to introduce the Syrian government as the absolute Devil on earth. However the medical examiner interview refuted completely the allegations about torture, and it is clear that Hamza’s family is directly involved in the dirty game to give the cause of their son more publicity.

Despite the fact that Hamza’s family is basically a group of scums, president Bashar Al-Assad was ready to meet with them and listen to whatever crap they wanted to say. They wanted their son to be considered as a “martyr” so they gain the benefits that the Syrian state give to the martyrs families.
Also one thing left, the same hookers who spread the lie of Hamza Al-Khateeb claimed that his father had been arrested by the Syrian security, but the fact was quite the opposite. He met with the president, and spoke to the media after that. Here is his interview.


Mr. president! It is time to stop issuing amnesties. It is time to name things with their real names. It is time to call the rapist ” a rapist ” and the terrorist ” a terrorist “. Such people don’t appreciate your tolerance, they were filled with hatred long time ago.

Definitely all of you have heard of “Hamzah Al-Khateeb”, “Zainab Al-Hisni” and “Oula Jablawi”, but how many of you have heard of “Sandra Al-Hassan”, “Muhammad Kabbani” and “Malek Ahmad Suleiman”?

The Syrian opposition activists and their partners in the Arabic and Western media are still using the case of “Zainba Al-Hisni” in several ways. Before Zainab showed up on the Syrian National TV to refute the merchants that were told by the Arabic and Western media, you heard horrible stories about her death by the hands of the Syrian security, even the whores of “Human Rights Watch” joined that “Orgy Party”.

Now they say: OK! Zainab Al-Hisni is alive, then what about the woman that appeared cut off in the footage? Only the blind ones can’t recognize that it was just a doll, a model from those that are usually used in the clothing shops. See the video and I leave it to you to decide, concentrate at the moment 0:31, this is definitely not a human skin.

Oula Jablwai is of course an innocent victim that was killed by the Syrian opposition terrorists not by the Syrian security or army or whatever party loyal to the Syrian government. Here is her father talking about the circumstances of his daughter’s death.


There are many innocent victims who were killed by the Syrian opposition terrorists, but the media chose to ignore them.

The Child Sandra Al-Hasan, 13 years old, and really 13 not faked like their precious Hamza Al-Khateeb. She was shot by a terrorist sniper. Of course the media didn’t care about her case, because her family supports the government.

Read her story here.


The child Malek Ahmad Sulieman, 14 years old, who was strangled by the Syrian protesters because his family supports the government, and his father is a retired military personnel.

The media also acted as if he never existed.

Read his story here.


The child Muhammad Ahmad Qabbani, 17 years old, was among the cyber soldiers who took part in defending his country against the terrorist cyber attacks, which made him a target for the terrorists in reality.
They kidnapped, tortured then killed him after three days of kidnap.
In this video you hear the testimonies of the martyr’s father and uncle.


Where are the animals of the Western media to make reports about those innocent children, or may be they only know how to honor the rapists such as Hamaza Al-Khateeb who was made an icon of the innocent childhood while in fact he was just a dirty rapist going to rape women following a fatwa from his dirty Wahhabi sheikh.

Westerns! Good for you! You are with the Wahhabis on the same side. Congratulations! But be careful because these Wahhabis are like snakes, may be you can use them some time to blackmail or attack your enemies, but suddenly they could turn and bite you.

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” used to lay accusation here and there, the target is always the Syrian government with its various apparatuses. “The Syrian army killed”, “the Syrian security killed”, most of the time they don’t name their alleged-killed victims, only few times they do. You can simply consider their killed-lists as virtual lists.

First of all many of their killed turned to be alive such as Zainab Al-Hisni or even didn’t exist or fulfill what they said about them such as Rasha Al-Boush and the famous lesbian blogger “Amina Abdallah Aral al Omari”.

In some cases people died from a hard attack, or killed by the terrorists, but were introduced by the liars of the Syrian revolution and their sponsors in the Gulf and west as victims who have been killed by the Syrian security such as Nidal Ali Jannoud.

Sometimes they used footage of murders that took place outside Syria, as in the case of this poor Yemeni child.

The Syrian revolution invests in blood, they count on the bloodshed to promote their lies and to manipulate the public opinion either inside Syrian or outside. To trade with the blood was actually a recommended policy by Al-Jazeera and its Wahhabi fellows.

The truth will always suffer to emerge as long as there are fuckers in this world who call themselves journalists, and as long as there are whorehouses called Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, CNN, ABC, ARD, France 24 that pretend to be media agencies.

PS: Just press the cc button on the player to view the translation of the videos. See the photo for any problems.

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