The Syrian Revolution : Another Madness to Bring the Sharia Law

The so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings were arguably the most significant events of the last 12 months. Protests are still raging across the region, even after regimes were toppled. Many observers say that these protests brought no improvement to the region but economic and political instability. However the worst thing they brought seems to be the “Sharia law” as the last elections in Egypt and Tunisia showed, and as the events in Libya went.

When we talk about the “Sharia Law” and the “Arab Spring”, the so-called “Syrian Revolution” is no exception. While the Syrian government itself is known to be secular, Syria lacks an effective secular opposition that can bring some positive changes and developments to the political life in the country.

There are secular opponents or individuals, but there is no effective secular groups or parties within the opposition. Those secular individuals unfortunately seem either singing outside the flock or living in an ivory tower.

The Syrian opposition is mainly dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the other parties in the opposition have no real weight. The Syrian Muslim brotherhood inspired by the success of their peers in Egypt and Tunisia are trying nowadays to bring the same negative change.

The so-called “Syrian National Council” is not actually a good example that any national opposition may want to follow, however they describe themselves as a team of experts, technocrats, and political figures!!!! But in fact they are a bunch of traitors, terrorists and outlaws.

For example the terrorist sheikh “Anas Aerout” is a member in that council. This bastard issued many fatwas that resulted several deaths in the city of Banyas among both the civilians and military personnel, let us just remember what happened to “Niadal Ali Jannoud“.

Terrorist sheikh Anas Aerout

Aerout himself also supervised the torture of many Syrian soldiers who were kidnapped by the terrorists in Banyas, yet they chose him as a representative in that “Democratic” and “free” council!

The council is just a cover for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, and the other members are just for public relations and prestige. The brotherhood members are controlling the council and using it to implement their dirty agenda.

I will list some of these terrorists:

Terrorist sheikh Murshid Al-Khaznawi – From Al-Hasaka, lives in Fredrikstad, Norway

Terrorist sheikh Mohammed Yasser Almosadi – From Homs, lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Terrorist Mohamad Bassam Yusef – From Damascus, lives in the UK

Terrorist Molham Al Drobi – From Homs, lives in Toronto, Canada

Terrorist Amir Alkadrou – from Deir Ezzor, lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Terrorist Firas Qassas – from Idleb, lieve in Berlin, Germany

I will finish this animal-show with a terrorist who reminds me of a homeless dog I used to see in my village.

Terrorist Muhydin Lazkani – From Idleb, lives in London, UK

No need to tell that their ugly disgusting faces promise of a Wahhabi terrorist Syria under the Western umbrella.

As you see, the Western states are harboring terrorists. It is a direct violation of the international law. We have the right to use whatever means to arrest these terrorists or kill them. We have the right to sue the Western states that clearly don’t care about the international law. They are supporting terrorism on our land and introducing the terrorists as freedom fighters, while the true resistance organizations such as Hezbollah are forbidden in the west.

We also have to refer to those people who support the so-called “National Council”, they are basically extremists who have been raised to hate. Religious hatred is their everyday food and most of them are not educated (after the elementary school which they have to attend as the Syrian law states), essentially all what they know they learned in the mosques from sheikhs who are not necessarily good men.

For example the Syrian national council has some support in Idleb countryside, while it lacks this support in the city itself, it is clear that the education plays the big role here.

Check the video blow, what are you going to see didn’t ‘t happen in Afghanistan or the tribal regions in Pakistan. It actually happened in the town of Binsh in Idleb countryside. The Syrian terrorists inspired by their fellows in Libya raised Al-Qaeda flag to express publicly their terrorist beliefs.

What kind of revolution that claims to demand freedom while at the same time raises Al-Qaeda flag !?

We posted before a translation of the Muslim Brotherhood statement about the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. The statement is disgusting and entirely depends on hatred preaches to incite people to protest against the government, and of course the promise of the long-awaited “Sharia law” was not absent.

So, this is it how the Syrian opposition especially its Islamic wing operates. They try so hard in every occasion to ignite the religious hatred among the different sects in Syria. Their goal is simply to make permanent cracks in the Syrian society through which they can snake and seize power.

This is actually how the demonstrations started mid-March in the border city of Daraa, backed up by the ِArabic and Western media. They keep saying that the demonstrations were spontaneous and they just demanded freedom and came as a first reaction for “the torture of kids by the Syrian security”.

Yes, the Syrian opposition always claimed that the demonstrations started in Daraa when the Syrian security arrested and tortured a group of children. It is just a big lie. What kind of information would a group of kids provide the Syrian security with!? also we all know that it is too easy to intimidate a child and no need to use violence.
Check this article (especially the second half of it) so you can see how the Syrian opposition got their footage about the alleged torture, and how they in general fabricate news about Syria in order to tarnish the image of the Syrian government.

Here is also another proof that this “Uprising” was never spontaneous. The photo below has been used as the profile picture of the “Syrian Revolution” Facebook page on 17.01.2012 when the liars celebrated the first anniversary of that page.

In case they kept the photo, you can find it under this link. If they didn’t, the image above is a snapshot.

The funny thing is that they wrote on the photo: “15-March uprising”, and above this “15-March” they wrote: “18-1 our revolution completed its first year”!! How exactly completed!? How can it be a spontaneous revolution if it was being prepared for months before, even the Facebook page was created two months before the start of the so-called “spontaneous revolution”. How did they exactly manage to swallow these two months, just to make it spontaneous!?

It is not a spontaneous revolution as they claimed, it is a pre-planned terrorist act.
In the video below, you will listen to one of the “Syrian Revolution” leaders in the city of Daraa, his name is sheikh “Abd Al-Salam Al-Khalili”.

He used in his preaches to incite his followers and those who pray behind him against the government. But in this preach he revealed a new talent. The hatred against other sects especially the Druzes who live in the neighboring province. He said that their women are whores and half-naked, but I say: the shoe of every Druze woman has an honor thousand times more than he has.

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” started originally in the mosques by sheikhs who incited their followers against the government. By sheikhs I mean here of course “disturbed sheikhs” and unfortunately they are so many.

Daraa was no exception, the demonstrations in other cities such as Jablah started in the same way.

The scums in Jablah decided that the scums in Daraa are not better than them, so why the hell should they refrain from protesting?
Their sheikh is called “Ayman Kassam”, just another stupid who should have a reserved place in some mental facility rather than some mosque. Ayman Kassam was jealous of Al-Khalili, the the stupid sheikh we talked about in the previous video.

So, this is how the scums started their demonstrations everywhere. They were all driven by religious hatred. They demanded only one freedom, to be free from law and from morals.
In Daraa they attacked the Druze and in Jablah they attacked the Shiites (the Alawites included).
Look also how they carried sticks and blades, and how they seemed determined to slaughter everyone who will stop their demonstration as their sheikh ordered them, yet they claimed that it was peaceful!!!
What type of revolution is this? A disgusting revolution of course.

The Syrian protesters and rebels don’t really know anything about freedom or human rights. They are a bunch of thugs and barbarians who just want to live in the wilds away from civilization and free from any law. Those protesters know nothing about patriotism and loyalty to homeland, they are only loyal to sheikhs such as Yousuf Al-Qardawi and Adnan Al-Arour, sheikhs who promote hatred and sectarian conflicts.

In the video below you will see clips from:

A demonstration in “Bab Amro” quarter in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“Peaceful. Peaceful. Until the annihilation of all Alawites”.

A demonstration in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“We will say it clear. We don’t want to see any Alawites”.

A demonstration in “Al-Khalideyyah” quarter in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“The folks want Adnan Al-Arour”

A demonstration in Jabal Al-Zayeah in Idleb, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“It is too soon master Al-Arour! don’t give up. Our revolution is better than OK. Thank you thank you Wisal TV”

PS: Wisal TV is a Wahhabi TV channel that is very well known of attacking and insulting the other sects.

A demonstration in the city of Jablah, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“Master Al-Arour! Don’t care about any thing. We are your men and we are ready to drink blood when you order us.”

A demonstration in the city of Hama, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“Salute sheikh Qardaqwi salute!”.

Here is another video for pro-Sharia demonstrations, you can see clips from:

A demonstration in the city of Hama, where the protesters chanted the slogans:
“Salute Qardawi salute.” and “Salute Arour Salute.”.

A demonstration in Al-Khaledeyyah quarter in the city of Homs, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“The folks want Adnan Al-Arour”

A demonstration in the city of Hama,  where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“It is too soon master Al-Arour! don’t give up. Hama’s men are your men.
Say to the Shabbiha, the people of Hama are slaughters.”

A demonstration in Daraa, where the protesters chanted the slogan:
“It is too soon master Al-Arour! don’t give up. Daraa will rebel against the government.”

The hatred slogans and extremism of the Syrian protesters didn’t stop at this point, may be the Wahhabism led them to attack the Alawites directly and more than the others. However the people of Aleppo, Damascus and Al-Raqa also got their shares from the hatred, and they were harshly attacked by the protesters in their slogans. The Syrian protesters couldn’t also keep the Christians away. Here is a clip from a demonstration that took place in Al-Dublan quarter in the city of Homs. The protesters chanted the slogan:
“The religion of Muhammad is the religion of pride and dignity. The religion of Jesus is the religion of dance and shaking.”

As you see in the videos, the Syrian protesters are basically loyal to sheikhs, I mean here bad sheikhs, and I refer in specific to Adnan Al-Arour who is the godfather of the Syrian revolution. Whatever he orders them they obey without hesitation.

Adnan Al-Arour is a Syrian sheikh from the city of Hama. He lives right now in Saudi Arabia, the capital of terrorism in our world. He appears regularly on Wisal and Safa, the disgusting Wahhabi TVs where he spreads his hatred preaches.

Terrorist sheikh Adnan Al-Arour

Al-Arour didn’t spare anyone who opposed the madness called “the Syrian Revolution”, he repeatedly insulted the people of Damascus, Aleppo and Al-Raqa. He also promised the Alawites to be chopped and fed to dogs. Listen to the terrorist in this video:

Let us also consider another issue, the Syrian revolution is a “Friday-Revolution”, they used to gather themselves, attend the Friday prayers then go out to bark and protest. Each Friday had its own name; so let us take a look at one of these names:

Friday 13.May.2011: They called it “The Friday of Al-Harayer”. Al-Harayer is of course an ancient Arabic word; You can translate it as “The soft women” or sometimes as the “Free women”. However this is not the way this word has been used during history.

Needles to say that some “gangs” controlled the Islamic empire many years after prophet Muhammad’s death in the age of the royal families. They employed the concept of “Slavery” as if it is an Islamic principle, while in fact slavery entirely contradicts the principles of Islam. They began to invade other nations and enslave their people. They used to call any woman that has not been enslaved as “Harirah” or “Hurrah” and the plural is “Harayer”, these women used to wear the Islamic veil, while the enslaved were not allowed to wear that veil, so it was so easy to distinguish between the “Free” and the “Enslaved”. The Syrian terrorists used this ancient slavery-related word in order to refer to their women whom they consider to be free. Actually their women are being treated like trash, and without the Syrian laws they would be enslaved exactly like the women in Saudi.

If you once listened to the Syrian protesters: They throw a bomb then chant”Allah Akbar”. They cut off the heads then chant “Allah Akbar”. Every thing they do will be followed by “Allah Akbar” slogan, may be even after they ****.

They chant the slogan and I bet that they don’t know what it means. When a Muslim (a true Muslim) chants “Allah Akbar”, it means that the God is the greatest and the God will protect him (the Muslim), but the Islamists and Wahhabis don’t understand it that way. They actually consider the God as a weak creature who needs them to defend him and even call for Jihad to protect him, so he is great as much as they decide, not great in his essence.

These rebels have no civil culture, just some twisted religious crap, and they invested it very well in the Syrian revolution.

Look at the crap they believe in, here is a video in which they claim that an angel fell from the sky and carried one of their alleged martyrs.

Take also a look at the crap they used as description for the video:

Who is the one who was wearing the white dress, and walked in front of the security forces and “Shabbiha” while someone was shouting “pull him” “pull him”. None could take a step, only this man that dressed in white (the clothes of the believers in paradise) walked very confident in front of the murderers and then carried with only one hand the martyr (the martyr is Diaa Al-Najjar from the city of Homs) and delivered his body to his family.

More than a half million views on the video and 744 likes. That equals double the number of views on the 170 videos in my YouTube channel.

They are simply a bunch of stupid low-life nomads who still live in the middle ages.

The concept of Jihad has been always present either with the Syrian protesters slogans or in the preaches of their leading-sheikhs.

In many demonstrations the protesters chanted Jihad-related slogans, including direct calls to fight.

In this video they claim that it is a funeral, but usually in Syria we don’t sing in funerals. The singer chants: “What does the Syrian people want?”. The herds answer him: “The people want to declare Jihad”.

The Syrian opposition also called for Jihad in its demonstrations outside Syria, like what happened in Egypt, the new promised paradise of Sharia law.

Here they are in a demonstration in front of the Syrian embassy – former embassy – in Cairo. Move to the moment 01:09 to hear them chanting calls for Jihad.

Another video of the demonstration in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo. Just take a look at the black placard that appears at the moment 03:32, they wrote on it: “The people want to declare Jihad”.

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” attracted every extremist in this world. Extremists who have been given the freedom to declare publicly their hatred beliefs in states such as Egypt , Libya and Tunisia. However the fever didn’t stay within the states of the so-called “Arab Spring” where the Islamists took power, it actually spread worldwide. We witnessed the extremists in Europe, US and Australia showing their support for the terrorists in Syria under the sight of the local authorities there.

I can even say – from an experience – that specific states such as Germany opened the door widely for the extremists to attack the Syrian government. The German authorities even harassed the pro-government Syrians who still live in Germany, and tolerated the aggressions carried out by opponents against the Syrian community that supports the president.

From the very beginning of the unrest many sheikhs issued fatwas for Jihad against the Syrian army such as Anas Al-Aerot from Banyas in April 2011. There were also calls for Jihad in many mosques in Damascus countryside like what happened in Al-Muadameha.

Calls for Jihad also came from outside Syria, especially from the gulf Wahhabi states. here is sheikh Muhammad Zughby calling for Jihad against the Alawites:

The “Syrian revolution” Facebook page has about 400 000 fans. If you just check the material they post in that page, you will probably be able to reach some conclusions about the people who  participate with their comments. According to the accents and the expressions they use, a lot of the page fans are not Syrians; you can conclude that a lot of them come from Saudi and the other gulf Wahhabi states, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Of course every scum in Syria who supports the opposition is a fan of that page, but also many Syrians who support the government go there sometimes to scoff at the trashes they post, or sometimes just out curiosity.

If you monitored the statistics of the videos that are being posted on that page, you will probably get something like this:

With the video insights on YouTube for instance, they use shades of green to mark the states from which the views come. The greener, the more views from. It is clear how Saudi and Egypt dominate the scene here.

You can of course get the insights in case they are public by clicking the on button under the video beside the video views.

Definitely I am not a fan of the that trashy page, however I monitored its activities for a long time following the rule “Know the other party and know how he thinks”. When you post some comment that refute their argument, things will develop in one of these three directions:

  • They will ignore the comment.
  • The page fans will curse you because of your different opinion.
  • The page Admin will ban you from commenting.

I experienced the third direction, and I am banned from commenting in that page, and of course I am not that sad.

I will discuss now a sample of their posts and the language used by both the page admins (the language in the post) and the page fans (the language in the comments).

Here they posted a photo; the photo carries the text: “Breaking News – Homs”. In the photo’s description they wrote:

Breaking News – Allah Akbar. We received news that two missiles hit “Khalid ibn Al-Waleed mosque”. Allah Akbar. Death to the cowards. Allah Akbar.”

Accusing the Syrian army of “Targeting the mosques” is one of the most used and most popular lies that the Syrian opposition rely on in its campaign against the government.

They did that in several occasions, such as what happened in the city of Deir Ezzor. In this video you can find an analysis for that incident:

Take a look at the words they used in the breaking news above. “Allah Akbar” was mentioned three times, with a saying from “Khalid ibn Al-Waleed” (the Muslim leader whom the mosque was named after).

Definitely the Syrian army will do its best to avoid the mosques, because that will escalate the situation, even when the terrorists use them to fire at the its soldiers.

They use religious speech to attract their fans and get more interaction. They are pushing the stupid public who still believe them towards a civil war.

Let us take a look at some of the comments that were made by the page fans as a response to the above-mentioned breaking news.

1. Allah Akbar against you Bashar.

2. Allah Akbar (repeated many times).

3. Allah, you are our only way out.

4. The land of Al-Sham (Al-Sham or Greater Syria include Syria, Lebanon, Jourdan and Palestine) is where the battle between the good and evil forces will take place.

5. Allah is enough for us.

6. Allah! Paralyze them.

Here is another sample of the comments:

1. Allah! Send us your miracles and annihilate the Syrian government

2. Allah Akbar (twice).

3. I ask Allah’s forgiveness for all my sins.

4. Allah! Destroy Bashar and his supporters.

5. The Alawaites will suffer, so their Shiite allies in Iran. We will destroy every thing

related to them in Syria.

7. Allah Akbar against them.

8. Allah! We ask you to take revenge on them.

In the rest of the comments they slammed and attacked the “Friends of Syria” conference in Tunisia, because they considered it very much lower than expected. They wanted the conference to announce the start of the military campaign against Syria.

As you see, very very related, constructive and descriptive comments!!! Comments that will lead Syria to Mars and my be farther.

Don’t ever think that the “Syrian Revolution” Facebook page is an arena for civil discussions. They don’t discuss about the future of Syria. This page is actually like a dumpster where a bunch of low-lives gather to bark and feed on hatred.

The Islamic words dominate the majority of the comments; the posts of the page are not that better as you have already seen.

They also tolerate the hate-speech, which is actually a violation of Facebook policy. The hate speech is the only “freedom of expression” the Syrian protesters and those who sympathize with them believe in.

Another issue that also deserves to be discussed is the Syrian revolution’s flag.

The herds of the Syrian revolution used to carry the French-mandate flag in their demonstrations, that flag is actually a symbol for the separation of Syria. The French occupation divided Syria into three states, an Alawaite state in the coastal area (Lattakia and Tartous), a Druze state in the Druze mount southern Syria, and a Sunni state that comprised the rest of the Syrian provinces. This flag is a symbol for a sectarian Syria. However some of them even modified that flag and wrote Islamic slogans on it among the three stars in order to make it a symbol for more separation.

The French mandate flag with Islamic slogans

Check this post on “The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee in Al-Midan quarter” Facebook page. They posted a photo of the flag above and asked their stupid fans about their impressions. You can see how the fans got a very good impression with 1109 likes.

This article is centered on the so-called “Arab Spring” and its “Sharia Law”, so I conclude with this video to let you know how their brains – if any – operate. Listen to one of those idiots who want to impose the “Sharia Law”, actually this law has nothing to do with the God, it is pure man-made. Listen and have fun.

The Syrian Revolution is a crap, so everyone who participated in it or supported it, either in Syria or worldwide.


About The Truth about Syria

To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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5 Responses to The Syrian Revolution : Another Madness to Bring the Sharia Law

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  2. EBK says:


    Let me first say that I’ve not been following the Syrian Conflict much at all since it has started. I’ve merely caught small bits on the news, which isn’t often because I rarely watch the news. Don’t take this as me not being sympathetic to the Syrian people, I’ve hoped for a long time time that peace would find Syria and that it’s people would be able to live peacefully. However, despite me not following the conflict it has came to my attention that all is not what it seems. This sparked an interest and I began looking about trying to find out what’s really going on because I kind of just took what the media was saying as true, something I don’t always do but alas i’m only human. So I’ve looked around the internet trying to get my facts and understand what is really happening. But there’s so many different stories going back on forth it’s really hard to make sense of it all. In this search, I came across this article and I think it’s helped quite a bit. Now, I want to make sure I’m understanding what your saying here and not be misunderstanding you.

    Basically the reality is, that this “revolution” is not about the people of Syria breaking of the shackles of an oppressor but really these radical ultra-conservative Islamists wanting to impose Sharia law on the country and ultimately their own warped perception of Islam. In the process of this targeting others who believe differently than their own ideas to remove them, such as other various Islamic sects, Christians and etc. In reality, Assad is merely a leader that is too secular for these “revolutionaries”. They merely want to impose their extreme views on the country. Am I right in this understanding? If not please clarify for me.

    I noticed you’ve not been active in a few months now, hopefully though you’ll receive this and return an answer to me as I’m keen on trying to understand the situation.

    • Hello! Thank you for passing by.
      You understood correctly.
      Until May 2012 I had a Facebook page (15000 likes at that time, now deactivated) and a YouTube channel (more than 2500 subscribers, now sanctioned but still there). Both the Facebook page and YouTube channel helped a lot to bring traffic to this blog. After the deactivation of my social-media accounts in addition to sudden health problems and my PhD research, I stopped posting new stuff.
      It has been more than fours years since I checked this blog. After two months from now I may start again, try to reinstate my social-media accounts (or create new ones), and even move to blogspot instead of wordpress.

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