Hama and the Media Illusions of a half Million anti-government Protesters

Friday 03.February.2012 was the 3oth anniversary of what is known as “Hama Events” that ended many years of clashes between the Syrian government and the Muslim brotherhood terrorists.

That anniversary was an occasion for the liars of the Syrian opposition and many anti-Syrian quarters to post more lies. They published several photos claiming to be for alleged-massacres committed by the Syrian army against “Civilians” in the city of Hama.

The photos were as usual fake. In the video below we discuss two of these photos. The first one is for a massacre committed by the French occupation in Algeria on 08.May.1945. The second goes back to 1860 when sectarian conflicts erupted in Lebanon and escalated to Damascus.

Also the Wahhabi media couldn’t stay away and posted its contribution of lies; we already refuted the fake photos they published.

There is a lot of narratives about what happened in Hama that year, but what has been confirmed is that thousands of Syrian soldiers were killed by the Muslim brotherhood terrorists in the final battle, so let the Syrian opposition spare us the crap that the final battle was just a hunting trip for the Syrian army.

I was born just a few days after the final battle took place. However my father told me horrible stories about the Muslim brotherhood. We lost a number of our relatives who were killed by those terrorists. My relatives were normal people, students at the university and employees who had no connections to the Syrian government.

My father told me how he himself was about to be killed twice, once in Aleppo as he was there for his job as a high-school teacher, and the second time in Lattakia when my grandfather was ill and needed a medicine. He told me how the terrorists blocked the roads and fired randomly at the cars.

Destroying the Muslim brotherhood was the best thing president Hafez Al-Assad ever did.

This new concentration on Hama made me write this article, even if the main discussed event is not that fresh and it goes back a few months.

“A Half Million Protesters against Al-Assad in the City of Hama” was the title that the mainstream media promoted as a victory against the Syrian government. The way they reported on that demonstration reflects their bankruptcy ethically and professionally, their bankruptcy as humans and as media professionals. They reported on that event cheering as if they found the holly grill. They were even ready to become whores for Hama’s protesters.

Yes, Hama witnessed the largest anti-government demonstration in Al-Assi square, but definitely not with a half million protesters.

No wonder that happened in Hama… Unfortunately Hama is the city where many people will celebrate and respect sheikhs such as “Ibn Taymiyyah“. You can consider “Ibn Taymiyyah” as one of the godfathers of what is known as the Takfir ideology, he issued fatwas that condone the killing of people who belong to other sects such as the Alawites, Shiites, some Islam Sunni sects, Ismailis and Druze. He almost didn’t spare a sect and his followers practiced his fatwas for more than 6 centuries, especially in the reign of the Ottoman empire against the Alawites. “Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab”, the devil behind the disaster called Wahhabism, was inspired by Ibn Taymiyyah‘s fatwas. In Saudi Arabia, the capital of terrorism in our world, they keep publishing these disgusting fatwas every year.

This is what believed to be the tomb of “Ibn Taymiyyah”; the irony the tomb is in Damascus, in my opinion it should be turned into a toilette

Needless to say that the Syrian people are in general tolerant and open-minded. However there have been always exceptions, small but sometimes they caused a big damage.

Many may consider the city of Hama as the equivalent of Kandahar of Afghanistan, at least this goes for many quarters in the city; and the history of the city itself witnessed from time to time the rise of “some scum” who became a “leading sheikh” or a “leading politician”. These scums really damaged so much the co-existence in the city and its relationships with the rest of Syria.

I just look at Hama as a victim of the atrocities that were practiced by some of its citizens. The city needs to heal, I hope that time will solve this issue.

Sheikh Marwan Hadeed is from Hama, he was one of the worst and bloodiest leaders of the Muslim brotherhood in the sixties and seventies. We will give you more information about this terrorist later in another article.

Terrorist sheikh Marwan Hadeed

The godfather of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” Sheikh Adnan Al-Arour is another scum from Hama. Al-Arour actually don’t even hide his hatred. He shows up regularly on many Wahhabi TV channels to attack the other sects and religions, and of course don’t even dare to guess! He lives in Saudi Arabia and enjoys their ultimate support.

Terrorist sheikh Adnan Al-Arour

May be some of you have heard about a Syrian president called “Adib Shishakli” who ruled the country in the fifties, he was also from Hama. He committed massacres against the Druzes. He came to power by a military coup and forced to leave by a military coup too. Some of the brave Druzes followed him after he escaped to America and killed him there. Of course the people of Hama are not responsible for these massacres, however many of them agreed and hailed what happened.

Adib Shishakli

Now you see. It looks like Hama was going in a direction and the rest of Syria was going in another. This is what will happen when the extremists seize power and control the public.

Hama needs to be reeducated, and separated from its past, and a big part from its religious legacy must be reviewed and even dropped.

Based on the above-mentioned facts, no wonder that Hama has been always a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood and the largest anti-government demonstration took place  there; the so-called “Syrian Revolution” is basically a Wahhabi terrorist movement and it met the views and ideology of the extremists in the city, as the Muslim brotherhood uprising did in the eighties.

The majority of people who gathered in that square were motivated by religious hatred nothing more, inspired by their Wahhabi brothers in Libya and Afghanistan. They acted like a herd and they know nothing about freedom and human rights.

Not far from the date of that demonstration, the terrorists of Hama launched a full-scale attack against the government buildings and security posts. Eight security personnel and army soldiers martyred.
The terrorists also kidnapped many pro-Assad citizens and murdered them, then mutilated the bodies.

In the video below you hear the terrorists talking about their great achievement. It contains a lot of offensive words; they curse the people even when they are dead. One of them is proud of what he committed; he slaughtered one of the martyrs.
The terrorists killed the security personnel and the pro-Assad citizens, mutilated their bodies, then threw the dead bodies in Al-Assi river. These are the “Freedom Fighters” and “Peaceful Protesters” the mainstream media is promoting.

Warning: Graphics Content.

That event cannot be considered as an isolated one, it is just an episode in the bloody history of the city. About two months before that date the protesters of Hama surprised us with one of the ugliest murders ever. In the video below you will see them hanging a man, chanting, cheering, taking photos and celebrating around his dead body. They are sick.

Warning: Graphics Content:

Hama Protesters Hanging a pro-government citizen

Now we will come to discuss this “half million protesters” issue. Below is a space map provided by Google Earth. Click to enlarge.

As shown in the map above, if we take into consideration all factors with the maximum values i.e Al-Assi square is completely full with all the nearby streets, also if we considered that each square meter was occupied by four protesters, the total number would be 160400 protesters.

The numbers above are taken supposing the maximum values of the different factors, which was not the case in Hama demonstration. Let us take a look at one of the photos of that famous demonstration:

You can notice one of the nearby streets with no protesters. Take also a look at the people who appear close in view. No four protesters in each square meter and now there is a very important thing to talk about; people in some regions of the photo appear larger than those who stand directly near them. Take a look at the photo below where I marked some of these regions in the photo.

Such tricks can be easily done using Adobe Photoshop.

They scaled some regions of the photo, copied then posted them in several empty regions in order to increase the total number of protesters.

Take a look at the photo below, you can notice at the right of the photo (your right near the nearby street) how I inserted more protesters.

You see now, it is a piece of cake. Of course I did nothing compared either in size or quality to what the liars of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” and the Western-Wahhabi media did; Faking and forging is the profession of the Whhabis, just remember how they forged the religion of Islam and invented a new bloody religion.

We also have to discuss another issue. It is the population of the city of Hama. When we talk about the province (the city and its countryside) you can say that the countryside of Hama is known to be loyal to the government, so is a part of the city. The moderate Muslims – regardless their sects – who live in the city have been always loyal to the government, so are the Christians. Just to remind you many citizens who belong to these pro-government groups were forced to leave in the eighties under the pressure of the Muslim brotherhood.

We should also not forget the inhabitants of the Palestinian quarter who were always loyal to the government, however they were forced to participate in that demonstration; the rebels threatened that they will expel them from Syria – as their peers did in Iraq – after they seize power. Our connection in the quarter told us that they had no choice but to participate.

Let us now take a look at the population statistics.

As the statistics show: The entire population of Hama was 2051765 citizens at the end of 2009, only 696863 of them live in the city.

So according to the desperate media reports Al-Assi square (15000 square meter Max) can contain a half million protesters (more than seventy percent of the population), while in fact it can only contain 60000 protesters if every square meter was occupied by four protesters, which was not the case as the photo shows, even if we accepted the above-mentioned manipulation they did to the photo.

Let the Arabic and Western media stop hallucinating about that demonstration, those half million protesters only exist in their silly bloody imagination.

To the dishonorable reporters of the mainstream media, take a look at this list on our YouTube channel to see real massive demonstrations, worthy to report on. These demonstrations were of course pro-government ones, not pro-west or pro-Wahhabism ones.


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2 Responses to Hama and the Media Illusions of a half Million anti-government Protesters

  1. Mansour says:

    ja, das Massaker von Hama 1982 war eine Illusion und wurde immer für die Propaganda gegen Al Assad ausgenutzt! Die Muslimsbruder sind Terroristen und wiederholen jetzt das selbe blutige Verfahren vom Achtziger!

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