The Truth about Ibrahim Qashoush, the Alleged Singer and Composer of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”

Ibrahim Qashoush has become known world wide as the composer and signer of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. Just google his name to search either for videos or photos, all what you will get is his photo dead and a few low-resolution videos.

The videos are titled with many captions, but they all have something in common: “Ibrahim Qashoush” singing or doing something, however you will not be able to recognize his face; one reason is the low-resolution, the second is that the video was recorded from a distance which makes you unable to recognize his face. I think they intended to make the videos this ways, so none can know the truth.

“Ibrahim Qashoush” dead, a snapshot from ABC News Report. This is one of the very few photos you will find for Qashoush. For instance there are no photos of him alive nor clear photos of him singing. Qashoush is a “media bubble” that surfaced after his death not before, which indicates that the whole thing is fabricated.

In every lie related to the Syrian Revolution, the western and Arabic media behaved like ruminants, and the case of Qashoush is no exception. What is really disgusting is that Barbara Walters raised this issue in the interview with president Bashar Al-Assad, accompanied of course with the other very wide-spread lie about the rapist Hamza Al-Khateeb. It is wrong to say that the mainstream media reporters and journalists don’t verify or can’t verify their news. Actually they don’t care whether their news are true or false. They are soldiers of deception. The mainstream media is just a tool of war nothing more. Check their outrageous history, they always supported the US invasions and prepared the American and Western public for war.

They use a simple but effective rule: Broadcast a lie, it will soon spread. Don’t care if someone will refute it, because those who heard the lie first probably will never believe it is a lie later; the mainstream media created in their public subconscious through decades the suitable environment of ignorance that makes them namely blind; and here is another thing: Usually those who heard the lie would be greater in number that those who heard the refuting of the lie, because the lie was broadcast on the mainstream media while most likely the refuting will never be broadcast, so the affected public by the news in the second case is too small.

The name of Qashoush rose in the anti-government demonstrations that took place in the city of Hama, and of course as they twisted the truth about Qashoush they twisted the real size of Hama demonstrations.

Who was Ibrahim Qashoush? was he really what the Syrian opposition claimed?

The Syrian security managed to arrest terrorist “Fadi Zreik”, and what is actually may be surprising for many of you is what he said in his confessions.
“Ibraheem Qashoush” was a normal person who was slaughtered by Syrian rebels, because they thought he was an informant who works for the Syrian government.
The man who actually composes the songs for the protesters was among those who photographed Qashoush’s dead body, so he found it as an opportunity to conceal his identity and claim that Qashoush is the real composer.

We all know who kills the people by cutting their throats, we have already seen dozens of videos in Iraq of such crimes. It is not the Syrian intelligence or military style, it is the Wahhabi and Al-Qaeda style, so let them stop accusing the Syrian security of this murder.

The Syrian “terrorists” or “rebels” or “protesters” or “freedom fighters” or what so ever used to kill people accusing them of being informants who work for the Syrian government.

Sometimes they post the names of the pro-government citizens on their Facebook pages, describe these citizens as informants and call on their followers to liquidate them.
Yes, this is how they work; they kill the pro-government citizens and celebrate their deaths, then they produce some Hollywood-style movie in which they claim that those citizens were killed by the Syrian security, and of course the Wahhabi media will be ready to catch the lie and sell it worldwide, then the Western media will buy it even though they know it is a lie, however it serves their agenda. Just remember what president Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) remarked in 1939 that “Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch. Anastasio Somoza García is of course the dictator who ruled Nicaragua before he was assassinated.

Hisham Al-Kharsi was one of those citizens, he moved in the Syrian revolution lists directly from informant to a martyr and hero.

“Mamdouh Al-Akrah” is a another example. The Mobs stabbed him  as he was praying in the big mosque in the city of Duma.
He has three children. His only guilt is that he refused to participate in the criminal and terrorist acts. The terrorists accused him of being an informant, and as usual they played the judge and the executioner and murdered him.

“Muhammad Maree” is also an example. The Syrian protesters claim that they demand freedom, democracy and human rights, but forgive me I can only see a herd that experienced once the freedom from the whip so it went out of control. Yes, these are the Syrian protesters. A group of animals seeking to live in the wilds far away from any law.
Many Syrians considered the AL observers mission as an opportunity to show the real facts on the ground, because they saw how the Arabic and Western media used to deceive and show the opposite.
“Muhammad Maree” was one of those. He talked to the observers, he even helped to arrest one of the armed men who used to participate in the anti-government demonstrations. However some people didn’t like it, and the result was bloody like this whole thing called Arab uprising.
After the AL observers left the area, terrorists attacked Muhammad’s house and kidnapped him; later they killed him and dragged his body on the streets. Finally they hung him in public.

Being a patriot is enough to be killed in Syria nowadays under the name of freedom and human rights. Being a patriot is enough to be a target for the US-NATO-Gulf agents. Being a patriot is enough for the Islamic maniacs to kill you and drag your body on the streets. Being a patriot means to be accused of being a Shabbih, an oppressor or a murderer. This is the new-old Western-Wahhabi principles that will be imposed on you if you ever dare to defend your country. If you are a Syrian citizen, you have to think twice before saying the truth nowadays, because the truth contradicts the Western-Wahhabi will. You have to accept the dirty fate the Westerns and Wahhabis chose for you, then you will be an honorable freedom fighter. You have to be a traitor so the Wahhabi-Western alliance spares your life.

Ibrahim Qashoush’ murder goes in the same context. He was killed by the rebels after being accused of the traditional “Revolutionary Charge” which is being an informant who works for the government.

Now, who is the real singer and composer? According to our connections in the city of Hama his name is “Abdul Rahman Farhoud”.

Abdul Rahman Farhoud, the real composer and singer. At his right you see one of his friends who used to accompany him and sings sometimes, his name is “Quteiba Naasan”. Naasan used to live in the city of Hama near “Othman Al-Hurani” school. The two of them escaped before a while to Lebanon then came back and joined their fellow terrorists in the so-called “Free Syrian Army”.

Here is Farhoud in another photo with Naasan at his right and the DJ at his left. The DJ – with the black shirt – has also disappeared for sometime to show up again in Hama.  His name is “Ahmad Farhoud”, he is Abdul Rahman’s brother. Ahmad Farhoud was among the terrorists who set up barriers in the city of Hama before the army decided to enter to restore order in the city; Ahmad Farhoud chose to be a “hero terrorist” and he was killed in the clashes.

The DJ Ahmad Farhoud (They are really talented terrorists)

So Abdul Rahman Farhoud is the real singer and composer; you can even see that on some of the Syrian opposition’s YouTube channels, like this video, they titled it: “Abdul Rahman Farhoud, the real nightingale of the Syrian Revolution”. Move to the moment 02:38 to see him with “Naasan” singing and waving for the herds in the square.

You can also hear him in another video singing against the Syrian government with the mobs and herds in Al-Assi square, they titled the video: “Al-Assi revolution’s nightingale Abdul Rahman Farhoud”.

This opposition is really a disgrace, they can’t even agree on a lie.

Let the Arabic and Western media stop their crap and stop leading their public towards the war. I am really shocked. Until yesterday I admired almost everything in the west, but today I reviewed many of my previous stances, especially after I witnessed how the media is twisting facts and fabricating lies about my country.


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To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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  4. Update:
    Terrorist “Farhoud” was recently seen in the neighborhood of “Al-Sharia” near the blood donation center in the city of Hama. He was with other terrorists from “Omar Ibn Al-Khattab” battalion. He was trying to get a military ID for the head of the battalion, but they had to escape without it after the Syrian security got the news.
    He calls himself now “an activist” and he works as a “correspondent” and “Analyzer” for the Wahhabi terrorist channel Al-Jazeera.
    He appeared on Al-Jazeera to give his “camel urine drinking” opinion about the situation in Hama. Check the moment 02:47 in this video:

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