The Arab League Mission Report
ParisMatch Magazine [5-11].01.2012

One Response to Documents

  1. Lol... says:

    Russia has an ACE to play…possible lost sibling of Assad’s – different mother same father…may be…if so…then the USA will do anything to keep that from coming to pass…why? well the 12 trillion dollar trust account that started as 100 million in 1966 was invested and pillaged for almost 48 years now…that is why…and those war monger field representatives do not want Assad to know that information…oops…too bad too sad…Iran knew of the kid in 2005…your enemies will know you ever before you meet them…you have the wrong address? nothing but a mosquito?
    the kid was trying to convince Iran in 2005 to sell nuclear energy products that bring humanity electricity…may be that is what they are working on…portable energy boxes…shurg…the point is too many other world leaders know of this possibility and crimes committed and USA are scrambling now aren’t they…lol…oops…damn that internet…lol….wrong address again Iran…;)

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