The so-called “Al-Farouk Battalion” is the terrorist group behind the abduction of the Iranian engineers

ParisMatch, the French newspaper published a photo in which the terrorist “Abdul Razzaq Talas” appears with four men whom the magazine falsely claimed to be “Iranian mercenaries” captured by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” in the city of Homs.

Here is the edition [5-11].January.2012 of the weekly magazine, you can also find it on Voltaire Network where I got it from. Scroll to the pages 5 and 6 to see the photo.

Terrorist “Talas” carrying the passport of one of the abducted Iranians

The French-Mandate flag (with the three stars) appears in the background with the word “Al-Farouk” written on it, which confirms the reports that this terrorist group is the one behind the abduction.

On 29.December.2011 the Iranian news agency Mehr revealed new details about the abducted Iranian engineers, and published a photo that shows the five Iranian technicians with a Syrian cook (2nd from right). Mehr also reported on the abduction of two other Iranian engineers in the city of Homs, which raises the number of the abducted Iranians in the city to seven.

Mehr News: The five Iranian engineers and technicians along with a Syrian cook (2nd from Right)

By comparing the two photos it can be confirmed that those who appear in the one published by the French newspaper are really the reported-abducted Iranian engineers, you can also notice that two of them are wearing the same clothes they appeared wearing in the photo of Mehr News agency.

However the photo raises big questions, because it only shows four from the abducted, so where is the other three? and how the French newspaper got the photo in the first place? Many believe that the French media has connections with terrorists operating inside Syria. Other sources in Paris say that this so-called “Al-Farouk Battalion” is just a cover for the French intelligence service.

The two Iranian engineers who were kidnapped while searching for the other five.

Al-Farouk battalion is responsible for committing horrible murders in the city of Homs. Their crimes are directed against the Alawites and Shiites in the first place. They used to stop the vehicles and check the identities of the passengers, sometimes they killed all the Alawite passengers or at least abducted them, only few came back. Last month at least 200 Alawite civilians were reported abducted (in Syria in some regions it is so easy to guess your religion based on the place you live in).

Al-Farouk battalion is also involved in sabotaging the Syrian economy; in addition to imposing strikes in some quarters of the city, they also destroyed the gas and oil pipeline in the area.

The battalion basically contains terrorist fighters from Al-Qaeda and “Ansar Al-Sunnah” terrorist group that used to fight the Iraqi authorities in “Fallujah” and “Al-Anbar” in western Iraq. Many of them were in the US custody and released after the beginning of the unrest in Syria. One of these terrorists is called “Kahlid Zgaib”, also known as “Abo Kusai”.

A few quarters in the city of Homs harbor the terrorists willingly driven by a religious ideology that condones the killing of all who embrace different beliefs. The Syrian army conducted a few limited operations in the city, however things will never go back to normal without a large-scale attack that targets the dens of the terrorists in some quarters.

Terrorist “Abdul Razzaq Talas” the head of “Al-Farouk Battalion”, just look at the way he shaved his mustaches and let his beard. It is the traditional extremist style not the Syrian military style

In order to  cover their tracks, they created the so-called “the movement of Anti-Shiite-extent in Syria” to hold the responsibility for the abduction, and they delivered their statement to AFP, which confirms again that the French intelligence service is the one behind the terrorist groups in the city of Homs and in the central region of Syria.

The french intelligence service coordinates the activities of anti-Syrian elements northern Lebanon such as Al-Tahrir  party which is directly involved in terrorist and weapon smuggling into Syria. The French intelligence service is also providing the terrorist groups  with info about the movements of the Syrian army in addition to high-resolution space maps.

Ansar Al-Sunnah terrorist group operates between Iraq and Syria making use of and taking shelter  in the conservative communities in Al-Anbar, Deir Ezzor and Homs

The dirty role being played by the French media is similar to the role Al-Jazeera played since the beginning of the unrest in Syria. Both of them became with no shame the voice of terrorism.

Many of you may still remember this. When “Osama Ibn Laden” or any of Al-Qaeda terrorist leaders made a statement or a threat or whatsoever that needs to be published, we first saw their ugly faces on Al-Jazeera.
Now the French and other Western media joined the international terrorism and his mistress Al-Jazeera in bed.

Al-Jazeera broadcast before a while footage that shows a battle between the Syrian army and terrorist groups in Idleb, of course Al-Jazeera hailed the terrorists and introduced them as freedom fighters.

Sheikh Anas Sweid, a mosque preacher in the city of Homs. One of the terrorist leaders and a welcomed guest in the Wahhabi Wisal TV studios, he also works sometimes as an analyzer for Al-Jazeera!!

The Syrian opposition backed with the Arabic and Western media tried so hard from the first day of the unrest to sell the lie about the existence of Iranian and Hezbollah elements  that support the Syrian army and security. Their goal is clear, they only aim to show that Shiite elements are being brought from abroad to suppress and kill “peaceful protesters” from the Sunni majority. This has always been the behavior of the Syrian opposition that is trying very hard in every occasion to ignite a civil war inside Syria. Just remember the false allegations raised by Amnesty international and quarters in the Libyan opposition about African mercenaries being deployed by Al-Qaddafi.

If the Syrian government really brought mercenaries from Iran and Hezbollah, then they should at least dress them like the Syrian security or army, so none can discover or recognize them, but look at the clothes of those abducted Iranians, do you think that their clothes are the suitable clothes to fight battles or to participate in any military action? I see for example the one on the right wearing a blue trouser that the Syrian technicians usually wear. Look at the one on the left, he is wearing pajamas. Is this the type of clothes that some body would wear if he was really going to suppress a demonstration (even a claimed-peaceful one) or to participate in some military action in a war zone like Homs.

However the Syrian terrorists claim whatever they want without to worry, because the Arabic and Western media is ready to sell their lies no matter how big the lie is.

The best description of the so-called “Syrian revolution”: It is a Zionist-Wahhabi aggression that conducts anti-Syrian propaganda being supported by Israel, France and the US, and also conducts anti-Shiite propaganda being supported by the gulf states and Turkey.

It is worth mentioning that many terrorist websites such as and Facebook pages that belong to the Syrian opposition published the photo of the French magazine, and hailed the actions of Al-Farouk battalion. One of the Facebook pages is “The coordination committee of Masyaf” which is administrated by “Nada Al-Khush” who has connections to the “National Coordination Committee” opposition group headed by “Hasan Abdul Azeem” who is known to have “warm” relationships with the French and American ambassadors in Damascus.

For more information about the coordination committee you can watch here and here some of the their meetings in Damascus. Please take a look at their version of “Democracy”.


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6 Responses to The so-called “Al-Farouk Battalion” is the terrorist group behind the abduction of the Iranian engineers

  1. Mansour says:

    Diese Terroristen, die die Muslimsbruderschaftsanhänger und Al-Kaida-Mitglieder in Syrien müssen entwürzelt werden, aber solange sie vom Westen unterstützt sind, wird der Kampf auch lange bleiben. Die Syrer wollten schnell und ewig ihre Ruhe wieder haben und werden alle dafür kämpfen und sterben!

  2. urs1798 says:

    Look at this video,
    Isn´t it the “wife” of the killed french “Journalist Gilles Jacquier ? Caroline Poiron with Tlas.

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