Terrorist and Weapons Smuggling into Syria – Arabic Politicians and NGOs involved

As the so-called “Syrian revolution” entered its ninth month, the Syrian security managed to arrest a lot of terrorists and to confiscate large amounts of weapons in several provinces, however the weapons continue to appear in the hands of the so-called “peaceful protesters”. We really have a serious problem along our borders, especially those with Lebanon and Turkey.

A friend of mine who works as a security personnel in Idleb province (at the Turkish borders) assured me that the weapons continue to pour into the black market in Syria, and didn’t stop for a day. So with the weapons in reach, many terrorists – who were released by the authorities after the amnesties issued by the president – came back to work…

In the case of Turkey, it is no secret for any one that Turkey harbors and supports several hundreds of Syrian terrorists who call themselves “Free Syrian army”, and Turkey is working day and night to install a government in Syria that would basically contain terrorists from the Muslim brotherhood, not to mention that Istanbul witnessed several meetings of Syrian terrorists ended up with forming the so-called “Syrian National Council”…

Syria has about 822 KM of borders with Turkey; in addition to the very long distance the geographic and demographic nature of the border area accompanied with the corruption in many sectors of the Syrian customs make it nearly impossible to monitor the borders efficiently…

On 02.08.2011 Shukumaku news website published this investigation:

The pump-action used by the terrorists in Hama: Manufactured in Turkey and sold for less than 200 USD

In the case of Lebanon, the current Lebanese government can be considered till now as a friend of Syria, so as the majority of the national Lebanese army in addition to many parties and politicians, however Lebanon harbors many parties that are publicly hostile to Syria such as “Al-Mustakbal” movement (or the future movement) headed by the former Lebanese prime minister “Saad Al-Hariri” and the terrorist Wahhabi party “Al-Tahrir in Tripoli in northern Lebanon, the party organized several demonstrations in what they called “in solidarity with the Syrian Muslims.

Tripoli (of Lebanon) is also the hometown of the terrorist Salafist sheikh “Dai al-Islam Shahhal” who called on the soldiers and officers of the Syrian army to defect and join the opposition.

Here he is in one of “Al-Tahrir” party demonstrations against the Syria government.

Shahhal has his own terrorist organization “Al-Hedayah and Al-Ihsan“, he even has a TV channel called “Sada Al-Islam” (means in Arabic: The echo of Islam)

On 26.September.2011 Shukumaku News Website published:

The Truth about “Ishrak Al-Nour” charitable organization and its connections with weapons smuggling into Syria

Shukumaku News Website

Based on the article published by the Syrian independent newspaper Al-Watan on 26.09.2011 that the Syrian security managed to seize a car full of explosives and ammunition in “Basateen Amro” near “Tall Al-Shoor” crossroad in the city of Homs.
Some boxes inside the car carried the seal of an NGO called “Ishrak Al-Nour charitable organization in northern Lebanon“… (Ishrak Al-Nour means in Arabic: The rising of the light).

Al-Intiqad Lebanese website revealed some information about this organization and its connections with Salafi groups in the gulf. The operations of the organization are administrated and coordinated by Lebanese men who are relatives of Khalid Al-Daher and Muhammad Kabbarah the Lebanese MPs; They are both well known of their support for the Salafi groups in Lebanon…

The Lebanese MP Khalid Al-Daher

The Lebanese MP Muhammad Kabbarah

The information revealed about the seized weapons state that the load was smuggled inside the car from Wadi Khalid in northern Lebanon. Some boxes were sealed and they carried the writing: “Ishrak Al-Nour charitable organization in northern Lebanon – the campaign for helping the Syrian refugees“.

So, who is behind the “Ishrak Al-Nour” charitable organization in northern Lebanon?
The information revealed by the Lebanese website “Al-Intiqad” unveils the truth about that organization: its nature, who coordinates its activities and its geographical propagation in Lebanon.
The head of this organization in Lebanon is called “Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zoughby”, he is from the village of Chebaa and receives his funding from Qatar.

The organization has a Salafi background and is sponsored by a known political party (Al-Mustakbal of Saad El-Dein Al-Hariri). It has five branches that are distributed among Beirut (Aysha Bakkar – near the resident of Saad Al-Hariri), northern Lebanon (Tripoli and Halba),  and south Lebanon (Saida(Sidon) and Chebaa).

The head of the organization branch in Tripoli is “Rayed Kabbarah”, he is relative to the Lebanese MP “Muhammad Kabbarah”, while the head of the organization in Halba is close to the MP Khalid Al-Daher.

The information also state that the organization gets a logistic support from the mayor of a large town (Saida) in southern Lebanon that has been (this town) always a stronghold for Al-Mustakbal party.
It is worth mentioning that the organization hanged in the past few days a lot of photos for the prince of Qatar in the Lebanese towns in northern Lebanon as a sign of gratitude for his support to the organization.

The Syrian security frequently seized vehicles loaded with weapons and arrested terrorists at the Syrian borders:

Shukumaku News Website reported on 05.September.2011

Three terrorists were captured at the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

A new episode in the series of the Terrorist Smuggling into Syria through the borders in order to carry out terrorist activities inside Syria: Three terrorists were captured at the Lebanese borders..

ANB the Lebanese TV station broadcast news that three terrorists were captured in “Wady Khalid” region (it means the valley of Khalid) at the Syrian-Lebanese borders… The terrorists were equipped with heavy machine guns.

Shukumaku News Website reported on 07.September.2011

The Syrian customs confiscated 8 machine guns in Al-Hasakah

The Syrian customs confiscated 8 machine guns with their ammo the day before yesterday in Al-Hasaka province.
The guns were variants of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.. They were hidden in a “KIA” car registered in Aleppo under the number 216888. The driver is “Akla Ibn Gloud Al-Azeez”, he is a well-known smuggler. His name is on the Syrian security wanted-criminal list…

Aksalser Electronic Newspaper reported on Friday – 16.September.2011

The Lebanese authorities arrested a group of three members as they were trying to smuggle weapons into Syria.

Lebanese media sources stated that the Lebanese authorities arrested a group of three members, two Syrians and one Lebanese. The group was planning to smuggle weapons into Syria.
The sources noted that the authorities confiscated amounts of weapons that include RPG launchers and missiles, “ENERGA” anti-tank rifles, heavy machine guns and hi-tech night vision binoculars.
According to the sources the men who were arrested are: the Lebanese “Ibraheme Mahdi” and the Syrians: “Asem Fadel” and “Bassel Kaswat”.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian customs and the Lebanese army managed to stop a lot of smuggling operations from Lebanon into Syria in the past two months.

Shukumaku News Website reported on 21.September.2011

The pump action: Moving from “Zgharta” countryside to Waddy Khalid and ending up in Syria.

Preliminary information – revealed by the Lebanese “State Security” in northern Lebanon about the gangs involved in the weapons smuggling into Syria – stated that one of the smuggling paths has three stations:

According to Assafir Lebanese newspaper: A man with the initials (N.E), a Lebanese from Tripoli (North Lebanon) who lives in Al-Korah countryside… This man bought about 200 pump action machine guns from a commercial enterprise for weapons sale in Zgharta countryside.

The newspaper added that (N.E) sold the weapons to (A.H), he is also a Lebanese from “Wadi Khaled” in Akkar, he lives in the village of “Mahallat Al-Qubbah” in Tripoli. Then (A.H) moved the weapons to a village in Wadi Khaled at the northern borders with Syria.

In the third stage of the operation, the smuggled weapons were sold to a man whose name was kept a secret to ensure the integrity of the investigation, because he is not arrested yet.. He is now hiding. He got help from others to smuggle the weapons into Syria.

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