Two Terrorist Attacks hit Aleppo

Friday 10.02.2012

Shukumaku News Website Reported

Shukumaku correspondent in Aleppo noted that two terrorist explosions hit the city around 09:30 today morning (Damascus Time-Zone).
The correspondent confirmed that there are many casualties among the civilians and the law enforcement personnel.
The first explosion targeted the building of the “Military Security” near “Al-Bassel roundabout”.

The second targeted the “military recruiting department” in Al-Arqoub which is also known as “Hananu” Barrack.

A big number of ambulance cars and medical teams hurried to the targeted areas after the explosions.

The corespondent also added that after the explosion in “Hananu” Barrack, the law enforcement forces engaged in fight with terrorist groups. Many eyewitnesses told the correspondent that terrorists driving a car threw a number of bombs before opening fire at the barrack.


Update: Friday – 10.February.2012 – 01:40 PM (Damascus Time-Zone)
The Syrian Health Ministry:
The number of casualties who were extracted and moved to the hospitals of Aleppo has risen to 25 martyrs and 175 injured.


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