Kama Sutra : The Wahhabi Approach

The Wahhabis developed their own version of “Kama Sutra”.  Definitely they love the women so much, as sexual objects of course not as life partners, and probably many of you already know that they fabricated “Islamic” laws and twisted the interpretation of Quran, so they get the maximum number of women they can have in one lifetime, not to mention the 70 or 72 nymphs who are waiting for them in their alleged-paradise.

Islamic Rage Boy : Shakeel Ahmad Bhat

However, they also love males, the young ones and especially the boys. According to their illusions about paradise, dozens of young boys are also waiting to sexually entertain them in the afterlife.

The young boys in the gulf Wahhabi states are just sexual objects for the pleasure of the adults. Many of these boys are castrated, so no hear appears and their voices remain smooth. There are even markets to sell these kids in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In addition to the traditional intercourse (gay sex), they use them to dance in their parties.

This doesn’t only happen in the gulf. Wherever the crappy beliefs called “Wahhabism”, such madness will happen. Check this video report about Afghanistan (French with Arabic translation).

… and when they cannot afford to buy a young boy, they do it with their peers.

The Wahhabi “Kama Sutra” includes some sort of “Calibration” or “Warming-up”…

In the gulf they touch their noses…

But with the foreigners they kiss…

George Bush is not even disgusted with the Saudi mustache

The Wahhabis of the Syrian opposition prefer to hold hands, as you can see below.

The UN observers holding hands with Al-Qaeda terrorists everywhere. We should allow them to marry, even if it is illegal in Syria. We should not stop in the path of these “lovers”!

They should marry too soon, no doubt. However the stupid idiot in the white pajama may pose a serious threat to this marriage. There are rumors that he already proposed.

This UN observer is a cheater. He has multiple partners.

Abdul Razak Talas: “This UN observer is mine”

You can notice the competition about a specific UN observer. The others are disappointed and feel ignored:)

About The Truth about Syria

To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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3 Responses to Kama Sutra : The Wahhabi Approach

  1. yfl says:

    There is a hadith from Imam Bagir about the death of a king whose name happens to be Abudullah which will guarantee the reappearence of al-qaim. And the cause of this king’s death is he will have intercourse with one of his male servants, and the servant will rise up and kill him. Honestly, even this hadith is not addressing current king of Arabia, I do think he will die from his lust for men and women and children! There is a sex scandal about the current king Abudullah once he traveled to the US, he was video tapped with several high class-hookers during his stay in NY and whatever he has done with these women have been recorded. I think he is the best candidate to be killed in such way. I hope he die for all his crimes and esp. his sexually abusing children!! And KSA will collapse soon, it will be a good news for people in the ME and beyond.

  2. KPRyan says:

    Dear Author,

    I hope you are well… it has been some time since your last post.

    If time permits, I’d appreciate reading more about the links between Wahhabis and Zionists (if there are any) and to whom the Wahhabis are most closely (historically) alligned. If I recall correctly, Wahhabism began in Arabia with 1 crazy imam who managed to become a power broker and used his power to con more subjects into his sect.

    Any further info or clarifications would be much appreciated! (And I offer my solidarity to you and other Syrians currently being abused by the evil cabal that runs the ‘free’ world.)

    • Hello, thank you! I am fine, but my Facebook page was removed. I used that page to bring traffic to this blog and to my YouTube channel. With the removal of my page, I have no platform to publish my videos and articles.

      Wahhabism and Zionism share that same racism and hatred.
      See this video:

      About any possible connections, it could be especially when we consider that both the Saudi royal family and the family of their grand Mufti descend from the Jews who came from Turkey to live in the peninsula (“The Arabic peninsula” is the original name of what is now known as “Saudi Arabia”. The Saudi family gave its name to the land they occupied after a series of Wahhabi wars started in the 18th century and ended – in the Peninsula – in 1931, ca. 400 000 casualties).
      In this “Arabic” forum they show the origin of the two families:

      There are other historians who said that the Saudi family descend from the Jews who used to live in the peninsula before Islam.
      There are many studies, but they all agree that the origin is Jewish. Of course, there is nothing wrong in being “Jewish”, but the Zionist ideology managed to take over a lot of Jews unfortunately.

      This book is for a “Saudi” author who lives in the exile, his name is Naser Al-Saeed. (Unfortunately the book is in Arabic too). (The book’s title is: “The history of Al-Saud family”.
      (The book also refers to the origins of the Saudi family).
      This analysis – in English – tells something about the Wahhabi ideology:

      I used to post materials about the Wahhabis in my Facebook page, I will search my archive and post what I find here as a reply.

      Thank you for passing by, and thank for your solidarity and support.

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