Kama Sutra : The Wahhabi Approach

The Wahhabis developed their own version of “Kama Sutra”.  Definitely they love the women so much, as sexual objects of course not as life partners, and probably many of you already know that they fabricated “Islamic” laws and twisted the interpretation of Quran, so they get the maximum number of women they can have in one lifetime, not to mention the 70 or 72 nymphs who are waiting for them in their alleged-paradise.

Islamic Rage Boy : Shakeel Ahmad Bhat

However, they also love males, the young ones and especially the boys. According to their illusions about paradise, dozens of young boys are also waiting to sexually entertain them in the afterlife.

The young boys in the gulf Wahhabi states are just sexual objects for the pleasure of the adults. Many of these boys are castrated, so no hear appears and their voices remain smooth. There are even markets to sell these kids in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In addition to the traditional intercourse (gay sex), they use them to dance in their parties.

This doesn’t only happen in the gulf. Wherever the crappy beliefs called “Wahhabism”, such madness will happen. Check this video report about Afghanistan (French with Arabic translation).

… and when they cannot afford to buy a young boy, they do it with their peers.

The Wahhabi “Kama Sutra” includes some sort of “Calibration” or “Warming-up”…

In the gulf they touch their noses…

But with the foreigners they kiss…

George Bush is not even disgusted with the Saudi mustache

The Wahhabis of the Syrian opposition prefer to hold hands, as you can see below.

The UN observers holding hands with Al-Qaeda terrorists everywhere. We should allow them to marry, even if it is illegal in Syria. We should not stop in the path of these “lovers”!

They should marry too soon, no doubt. However the stupid idiot in the white pajama may pose a serious threat to this marriage. There are rumors that he already proposed.

This UN observer is a cheater. He has multiple partners.

Abdul Razak Talas: “This UN observer is mine”

You can notice the competition about a specific UN observer. The others are disappointed and feel ignored 🙂


About The Truth about Syria

To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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20 Responses to Kama Sutra : The Wahhabi Approach

  1. yfl says:

    There is a hadith from Imam Bagir about the death of a king whose name happens to be Abudullah which will guarantee the reappearence of al-qaim. And the cause of this king’s death is he will have intercourse with one of his male servants, and the servant will rise up and kill him. Honestly, even this hadith is not addressing current king of Arabia, I do think he will die from his lust for men and women and children! There is a sex scandal about the current king Abudullah once he traveled to the US, he was video tapped with several high class-hookers during his stay in NY and whatever he has done with these women have been recorded. I think he is the best candidate to be killed in such way. I hope he die for all his crimes and esp. his sexually abusing children!! And KSA will collapse soon, it will be a good news for people in the ME and beyond.

  2. KPRyan says:

    Dear Author,

    I hope you are well… it has been some time since your last post.

    If time permits, I’d appreciate reading more about the links between Wahhabis and Zionists (if there are any) and to whom the Wahhabis are most closely (historically) alligned. If I recall correctly, Wahhabism began in Arabia with 1 crazy imam who managed to become a power broker and used his power to con more subjects into his sect.

    Any further info or clarifications would be much appreciated! (And I offer my solidarity to you and other Syrians currently being abused by the evil cabal that runs the ‘free’ world.)

    • Hello, thank you! I am fine, but my Facebook page was removed. I used that page to bring traffic to this blog and to my YouTube channel. With the removal of my page, I have no platform to publish my videos and articles.

      Wahhabism and Zionism share that same racism and hatred.
      See this video:

      About any possible connections, it could be especially when we consider that both the Saudi royal family and the family of their grand Mufti descend from the Jews who came from Turkey to live in the peninsula (“The Arabic peninsula” is the original name of what is now known as “Saudi Arabia”. The Saudi family gave its name to the land they occupied after a series of Wahhabi wars started in the 18th century and ended – in the Peninsula – in 1931, ca. 400 000 casualties).
      In this “Arabic” forum they show the origin of the two families:

      There are other historians who said that the Saudi family descend from the Jews who used to live in the peninsula before Islam.
      There are many studies, but they all agree that the origin is Jewish. Of course, there is nothing wrong in being “Jewish”, but the Zionist ideology managed to take over a lot of Jews unfortunately.

      This book is for a “Saudi” author who lives in the exile, his name is Naser Al-Saeed. (Unfortunately the book is in Arabic too). (The book’s title is: “The history of Al-Saud family”.
      (The book also refers to the origins of the Saudi family).
      This analysis – in English – tells something about the Wahhabi ideology:

      I used to post materials about the Wahhabis in my Facebook page, I will search my archive and post what I find here as a reply.

      Thank you for passing by, and thank for your solidarity and support.

      • stevieb says:

        Thank you for replying to the poster above – I was going to ask the same question!

        Incredible – but it explains alot particularly as you say, in Saudi Arabia and UAE, etc..

        God Be With You

      • Ben says:

        What is Happening to you?? Are you okay?? Love your Blog!

      • Thank you for your kind comments.
        In May 2012 my Facebook page was deactivated. At that time it had about 15000 subscribers (likes). It was the main source of traffic and visits. About a month later my YouTube channel was sanctioned, it was another source of traffic.
        On Christmas 2012 my health deteriorated. It took me about half a year to fully recover. Then I was busy with my PhD research and I had no time for blogging any more.
        This is the first time in 4 years I check my blog and YouTube channel.

    • 16watt says:

      I dont know about your Post ,clip .proof need from Qaurhan and Sunnha
      all political leaders looking own benefit ,
      my almighty Allha guide us in correct path

  3. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    The defeat Israel in 2000 and 2006 by the barely armed, Lebanese tiny militia Hezbollah crushed the whole image of Israel military could not be possible without Syrian support. In 2008, Syria was offered Golan back if they stop supporting Hezbollah, offer that Assad rejected for the sake of Lebanese and Palestinians people. Golan is the most productive part of Syria which is illegally occupied by Israel and provide 35% of Israel water supply. Zionists realized they cannot get their image back without defeating and destroying Hezbollah and they can do that after stopping their support from Syria. This is the revenge against Syrian people because of 2006 defeat of Israel by Hezbollah with Syrian support . The whole talk of democracy and freedom is a joke specially having Saudis and Qataris as its main sponsors of Syrian crisis. Zionist lackeys will be exposed and their crimes will remain in history after things have calmed down and truth has prevailed. Zionists owned Bank of England gave “PROUD” Americans the First Bank of America AND the Second Bank of the United States, even the FEDERAL RESERVE, the Zionists owned private bank that’s been running the US for the last 100 years. USA & UK are Colonies of the Zionists owned Banks.Only Syria and North Korea do not have a central bank – a branch of the Federal Reserve.
    The armed groups that are backed by the Western powers and Saudi & Qatari Monarchs rejected the recent Syrian polls, and showed their hostility by targeting candidates for assassination, usually by the use of explosives. Since the armed uprising began, several thousand members of the Syrian security forces and their family members have been killed by the insurgents, who themselves have lost thousands of their own. However, those relying on Western media are told that every such death has been caused by the Syrian security forces, ignoring the deadly violence that is being unleashed in Syria by groups of armed mobs.
    We have seen this before, in Libya, where tens of thousands of people have died so far as the result of externally backed civil war. In that country, those willing to kill regime elements were given training, cash and weapons.
    Today, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing the same assistance to those seeking to use deadly force against the Syrian government.
    Although Syria President Bashar al-Assad has announced a raft of reforms, including new media laws and the right to form political parties, each such announcement has been met by an escalation in violence, which has rendered null the ceasefire brokered by UN envoy Kofi Annan.
    Since mid-April, there have been numerous ceasefire violations by the insurgents, with the Alawi, the Muslim sect to which the Assad family belongs, and the Christian community the main targets of the insurgents. Syria is the home of the Patriarchate of Antioch, the oldest church in Christendom.
    For reasons not clear, the triumvirate of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have joined hands with the Western powers to back the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood which has been the greatest beneficiary of the Arab Spring.
    Today in Syria, one can see women across Syria dressed as they please. Were the Brotherhood to take control, this freedom might soon be replaced with the obligation to wear the chador (full veil). Already in Egypt and in Tunisia, the secular ethos of the country is rapidly giving way to Saudi-style conservatism.
    While European members of Western powers are opposed to Islamic conservatives in their own countries, in the Arab world they favor such elements over those who are secular. The result is a galloping conservatism across the Arab world.
    Clearly, the Western powers are aware that the more hardline local regimes are, the less chance that they will be able to compete with Western powers.
    Rather than support the process of democratization in Syria, the Western powers have joined hands with regional powers to train, arm and provide cash to the armed opposition, thereby fomenting a violent civil war in Syria.
    The 11% of the population that are Alawi and the 9% of Syria’s 24 million people that are Christian are terrified that they will become the target of ethnic cleansing. As for the majority Sunni community, more than 70% are moderate, with less than 30% favoring the conservative Wahabbi-Salafi faith.
    In Afghanistan in the 1980s, where the US backed religious extremists to fight the Soviet Union. The effects of that mistake are still creating harmful ripples across the region.
    Today, rather than support secular elements and encourage the transition to democracy, Western powers is backing armed groups that create mayhem across the country, groups that overwhelmingly follow an extremist ideology.
    Of course, there are exiled Syrians who have congregated in France to provide a moderate face to the armed struggle. However, these people control nothing, only those with guns do.
    And these days, more and more guns are flowing into Syria, as Western powers seeks regime change not through the ballot but through the bomb.

  4. Rebecca Smith says:

    Look up the news stories from Saudi that come out of Kuwait – boys, teenage boys & young men in their early 20’s are victims of rape almost as often as women. GANG rape that is. The rapes are usually videotaped and the victims are blackmailed into keeping quiet (or else they will be accused of being homosexual). This videotaping of rape is the technique used by mudslimes the world over. Here in Sweden a 13 year old girl was orally raped by 2 teenage ‘blackheads’ (that is what we call dark skinned foreigners who are not black, but, who will never be considered white by real white people either….Mexicans could be considered blackheads, but there aren’t any here. Blackheads are arabs and north africans)…the blackheads videotaped the rape and left a copy in her fathers mailbox with a note saying that if they reported it to the police, they would post the video on Youtube. Well that shit might work in lala land where girls are executed for being attacked, but, the father went to the police. UNFORTUNATELY people under the age of 15 cannot be arrested in Swede. See, young Swedes 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% of the time are not sociopathic gang rapists or killers, like africans and blackheads, so our laws fail to protect OUR youngest from attacks by THEIR youngest. A 12 year old Afghani asylum seeker punched a 19 year old woman in the face, knocking her out and tried to rape her on the fucking sidewalk in broad daylight, after following her off the bus they were riding where he had demanded to ‘be fucked’. We also have africans and blackheads who walk up to strange women and tell them ‘I want to fuck’ and trying to force them to just ‘fuck’ because apparently they are LITERALLY TOLD that women in Europe and Sweden will simply comply to the demand. I despise them, and truly wish they were all dead.

    In DUBAI a 15 year old Swedish boy was gang raped. His family worked in Dubai and immediately went to the police, who told them if they pursued the accusations they would simply accuse their son of being a homosexual and arrest him instead (in which case he would be subjected to constant and daily rape, torture, and possibly murder in prison). They know what is going on, and would rather the world not know.

    A 15 year old boy was found dead, hanging by his hands, raped to death in Pakistan about 2 weeks ago. They also found female clothing in the ‘room’ some kind of empty building or warehouse, so they ‘fear’ more victims. (OH yes, groups of men who gang rape 15 yr old boys to death usually have other victims).

    Arab muslims, Pashtuni India Pakistan/Afghan mudslimes, Somalians….they are the filthy scum of the world, and I just found out that the Swedish govt says they will start allowing 1,000 immigrants a day in to Sweden, claiming we need the labor, and neglecting the part how they are all illiterate inbred low IQ violent raping white and christian woman hating shit…

    You probably could gain good intel from this website: http://www.friatider.se/
    Yes it’s in Swedish, people, but, simply go to your google (or whatever browser you use) settings, (well GOOGLE does it, I dont know if the other sites do this) and check on the LANGUAGE settings, check the box to indicate “ask me if I want to translate foreign languages (or languages I do not speak, whatever the wording is)” EVERYbody should already do this anyway, there are too many foreign language sites with too much information to not be at least trying to translate them. I read news from all over the world. Sometimes the translations don’t even make any sense, such as a recent Swedish article that translated into “Police step up to enforce laws on people using ‘trimmed mops’. OKAY so they don’t like for you to trim your mops in Sweden. It should have said ‘souped up mopeds’.

    A city in Sweden just bought an 8.5 million krona luxury resort villa IN WHICH TO HOUSE ‘unaccompanied minors’ who show up in Sweden and whom we are, by law, obligated to care for. Hard working Swedes paying 50% income tax, couples living with 3 kids in 2 bedroom apartments, PAYING for this scum to live like millionaires.

    ALSO, ever since Norway started doing dental testing on unaccompanied minors to verify age, the appearance of same as decreased over 90%. The majority of them are at least 25 years old. Some look to be 40 years old with male pattern baldness. It’s DISGUSTING how the Swedish people are paying to support those who rape and murder our daughters, and murder our boys and young men.

    Islam is disgusting.

  5. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    In Saudi Arabia there is no Church, Synagogue, Buddhist nor Hindu Temple is allowed.Is Wahhabism (pseudo Salafism) a religion of tolerance?
    It is not Iran that should be bombed…in Iran there are still Jews living there and praying in their Synagogues.
    Muammar al-Gaddafi respected Christian and Jewish religions and their in Libya but USA-UK-French-Saudi-Qatari financed terrorists destroyed Churches, Synagogues recently.
    Buddhist Temples have survived in Islamic countries for centuries, but they could not survive under the Wahhabism. Wahhabism provides the fundamental base for jihadism.
    Washington and London are protecting Wahhabi extremists. In Syria Christians and their Churches were safe before the Westerners began sending their Wahhabi Fanatics to kill innocent Syrian civilians.
    In Bosnia and Kosovo, under the guise of “reconstruction aid”, Saudi Arabia, Kuwaiti, and other Wahhabi organizations have demolished and removed major Islamic monuments (survived attacks by Serb and Croat militias) which were created by Muslims with an Islamic culture and tradition stretching back to 14th century long before Ibn Abd al-Wahhab made his 18th century alliance with the warlord who founded the Saudi dynasty.
    The Wahhabis, and the British, supported the warlord Ibn Saud and legitimized the Saudi dynasty and its struggle against the Turkey. When the House of Saud took control of the Holy Places in Arabia from the Turkey with British support they destroyed 15 centuries of Islamic heritage, including the desecration of the tombs of the wives and companions of the Holy Prophet, in the iconoclastic imposition of Wahhabism. The iconoclastic Wahhabi House of Saud turned the site of the apartments of the Prophet’s wives into a car park.
    The Wahhabi-backed House of Saud took full control of the Hijaz, Mecca and Medina, in 1924 and established the modern state of Saudi Arabia, with Wahhabism as its official religion. Since then the House of Saud has promoted Wahhabism as normative Islam throughout the Islamic world. The House of Saud was consolidated on massive oil wealth and have spent huge sums of money building Wahhabi mosques, publishing Wahhabi literature and funding Wahhabi organizations world-wide. Today, with Wahhabi control of the Holy Places intact, virtually every aspect and corner of modern Islam has been penetrated by Wahhabi influence through the agency of the House of Saud.
    Through the control of the Hajj – the beating heart of Islam – and through their vigorous publication and propaganda means, almost all the Muslims are infected with Wahhabism to some extent.
    Present Zionist and Wahhabi doctrines foresee the fall of Iran, Belarus, and, ultimately Russia and China, after the fall of Damascus, to the combined forces of NATO and the Saudi- and Qatari-backed Wahhabis, who make up a large portion of the anti Syrian movement.

  6. allan w massey says:

    Thank you for the truth,that was never before told, all I can say is shame on them for using Islam for their use,at the end they will meet their Maker,they will pay for their fun on earth,in hell they will go

  7. 16watt says:

    may almighty Allha guide us in correct path

  8. JR says:

    This is just another evidence that the Zio-Wahhabis create laws for their own personal enjoyment…

    And those ignorant UN observers should not be involved in the Syria Civil War for their own safety…

  9. alan says:

    I tried to watch the video above but I can not watch it all the way as it truly is heart breaking to see what the vile ones have done to the innocent men women and little children. I fully support mr assad in fighting these outsiders for the Syrian people.

  10. הבלוג מביא לכם חדשות על כל דבר שקורה בעולם

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