President Assad’s alleged Emails : The Bankruptcy of the Western-Wahhabi Meida

The Western-Wahhabi media reached the lowest level of respect and professionalism in its coverage of the Syrian crisis. Their news editors and journalists became whores who offer themselves on the streets for a small piece of news about Syria, and when no body is out there to accept the offer, they create some piece. One of their fresh pieces is the issue of president Assad’s alleged E-Mails.

Al-Assad emails was the breaking news in the British media since Guardian, the dirty crappy newspaper, claimed that they have the private emails of president Bashar Al-Assad and his wife.

We are not talking about king “Abdullah” of Saudi Arabia who couldn’t pass the elementary school , namely the third class, and who can hardly speak and read Arabic.

However we are talking about president Bashar Al-Assad, a doctor who spent some time in the west, and can speak very good Arabic, English and French.

The story of the emails falls only for those with tiny brains, may be the idiots and nomads such as king Abudlla of Saudi Arabia.

Anyway let us clarify a number of points:

1. There is no head of state in this world – even the president of Somalia – who uses a free E-Mail service such as Hotmail in order to exchange his personal or presidential life secrets with his assistants. Even many people who run private businesses use paid email services not free ones when it comes to secrets and personal stuff, such as AOL because such services are supposed to be secured.

2. President Bashar Al-Assad is an educated eye-doctor who studied and spent some time in the west, and he will never did this mistake. Before he became the president, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad led the modernization process of the internet services in Syria, and he launched several programs to encourage people to use internet. So he is the one who should know about the risks of using a free “American” email service for his personal and presidential letters, such as Hotmail.

3. Syria is a state at war with Israel, and the Syrian intelligence service keeps monitoring the information flow regarding the national security and the fighting of Espionage, so if the private E-Mails of president Assad would be so easily to hack by a bunch of junkies in the Syrian opposition, then the Israeli Mossad should have done that long time ago, especially if we take into consideration the high techniques and expertise in Mossad.

4. Luna Al-Chebel is a very famous Syrian anchor who resigned from Al-Jazeera protesting the biased and unprofessional coverage by the channel regarding the Syrian crisis. After her resignation she held several interviews to expose the lies of Al-Jazeera, which made her later a target for both Al-Jazeera and the maniacs of the Syrian opposition.

(Press the cc button on the player to view the translation)

Luna Al-Chebel was among the names that had allegedly exchanged emails with the president; they even reached to describe her as the presidents’ adviser!! Al-Jazeera is seeking revenge on Luna, because she exposed the channel to be fabricating.

Luna Al-Chebel, a famous Syrian anchor who resigned from Al-Jazeera

Luna Al-Chebel is a professional media personnel, who always used the right standard Arabic in all the programs she conducted, even in some of her televised interviews. However in the alleged-emails she made syntax errors and dropped almost all the “Connection Symbols” that we usually use in Arabic, not to mention the low quality language.

Al-Arabiya terrorist Wahhabi channel published all the emails that were allegedly exchanged between the president and his assistants! Regarding Luna Al-Chebel, you can find a few.

Here is one of Luna’s alleged-emails, they titled it ” The Activity of tomorrow”. Click to enlarge the photo.

5. Any one can use Hotmail, Google, Yahoo or any free E-Mail service to create multiple email addresses with fake names, because there is no reliable verification process for the ID you choose when using such E-Mail services, the ID will be available as long as it is not taken by another user (Some E-Mail services prompt you to enter a verification code they send to you as SMS, but again that is not enough to identify the owner of the account, and doesn’t affect the ID itself).

So you can create multiple email addresses, each has the name of some president, actor or even some dead person, and you can exchange letters between these addresses as you wish. You can create a fake email address that has the name of King Abdullah of Saudi, although the nomad doesn’t know how to use such a service. You can create two email addresses with the names of the prince of Qatar and his bitchy wife, and exchange intimate letters between the two accounts, then after a month for instance you can leak these emails, send them to Guardian or another crappy Western newspaper and call them: “Hamad Bin Khalifa’s scandal : Intimate Emails”. It is no rocket science.

6. Let us check the alleged email addresses and search for the associated Facebook accounts for instance. As the video below shows, you will get strange names that nothing indicates they are connected with president Assad or his wife.

(Press the cc button on the player to view the translation)

No need to remind you that the Western media is a disgrace, and may be the British media has a special “role” in the war propaganda against Syria, because Britain harbors the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.
The very low-level of professionalism and credibility that this newspaper along with “its brother in crap” Telegraph reflects their thirst for the Syrian blood, and also reflects the stupidity of the public that believes whatever crap they feed it with.

Many thanks to Arab Times for giving some tips…


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To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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5 Responses to President Assad’s alleged Emails : The Bankruptcy of the Western-Wahhabi Meida

  1. M. James says:

    Hotmail. That was a nice touch.

    I must say, this was one of the weirder news items to show up on Syria. I’m surprised it was even reported.

  2. brian says:

    thanks for the report on the emails..some good points here

  3. brian says:

    ‎’A leaflet advertising the demonstration of 12 April 2012 and seemingly produced by Amnesty International’s Bir-mingham group, calls for people to “Stand in solidarity – in defiance”. This piece of war propaganda claims that there has been five decades of human rights abuses, that there has been a 14-month ‘brutal crackdown’ and that hundreds have been mistreated and tortured. You would be forgiven for thinking that these scoundrels were about to expose Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or another of the Gulf dictatorships – but no, the target is Syria! The intention of the leaflet is to create the impression that there exists in Syria a most despotic and cruel regime, a regime which tortures, punishes and imprisons hundreds, nay thousands of its own citizens including children. There is no rationale, no explanation and no evidence other than Amnesty’s usual hodge-podge of bluster and rumour.’

  4. Jacki says:

    Thankyou Brian – yes I saw that Amnesty Joke – had friends email it to me too – they too thought it was a joke. My sister wrote to them to clarify the situation to address their one sided approach, and would you bel;ieve they didnt respond! AMnesty/UN – Have lost all credibility with me and many others.

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