ABC Interview with President Bashar Al-Assad – Another Example of Western Media Hypocrisy

The way that “Barbara Walters” held the interview with president Bashar Al-Assad reflects the “Cowboy” mentality that dominates the American media minds. She tried to act as an interrogator not as an interviewer, and may be Barbara forgot for a while that she is speaking with the president of a state that always defied the aggressive policies of her government.

Barbara Walters

She repeated the questions and asked him to reconfirm his answers several times as if he was her prisoner. The president dealt with her as a respected journalist, but she is not. For me it is enough to work for ABC News to consider her as a dishonorable person.

Notice how she just ignored the president’s answers and insisted to ask the same question many times with different forms. That means two things: either she is ignorant (not likely) or she is a bitch (most likely). Any one can tell that the president’s answers were sufficient and transparent, however Barbara didn’t like them, so she dropped them all.

In the ABC reportage they only broadcast fractions of the interview and manipulated the content by putting other videos among these fractions, and of course these additions were accompanied with Barbara’s comments in order to lead the viewers to a certain anti-Syrian conclusion. When you check the additions they are all from YouTube channels that belong to the Syrian terrorists.

You can see a part of the interview on our channel, however because of the many warnings the channel got from YouTube administration I couldn’t upload the complete interview. The video contains the parts that were discussed in the Syrian foreign ministry press conference about the manipulation that was done by ABC News.

In the ABC reportage they avoided to refer to any pro-government demonstrations, in spite of that these demonstrations were massive and they are so many. Check this list called “pro-government Events” on our YouTube channel to see just a few of them.

However the new talent that Barbra showed is the ability to analyze the people personalities. Go to Barbara, she just needs a single interview to decide who exactly you are. She described Qaddafi as a psycho and president Al-Assad as disconnected from reality. You Barbara is the one who is psycho, so all the US presidents. Give me a US president who wasn’t a war criminal! Please start with “Harry Truman”, and I am sure that Mr. Hero Obama will not be the last war criminal in the American history.

Actually I am not the only one who sees Barbra as a dishonorable media personnel. Barbara runs a show called “The View“.  She is one of those people who cannot resist showing their negative feelings towards the others.

On 24.May.2010 the spirit-man Joseph Tittel wrote on his blog:

“Barbara Walters seems to have a real bug up her butt when it comes to many topics lately, but especially when it comes to psychics & mediums. When it comes to the subject she is not only close minded, but completely cynical.

She has made this very clear while doing the show “The View”. Miss Walters not only dislikes the work of psychics & mediums, she has set out to debunk and harshly attack a few Mediums on The View.”

In one of her show’s episodes, Barbara harshly attacked one of the world top mediums James Van Praagh, he is the creator of the hit series “The Ghost Whisperer“.

Ghost Whisperer TV-Series (2005-2010)

Either you agree with the stuff of spirits or not, you should at least avoid to harm the feelings of people who believe in it as long as they don’t harm you or any body else.

It looks like that Barbara tends to hold interviews especially with those she doesn’t like; she needs to prove to herself that she is right and they are wrong. Such a personality cannot be considered objective and must not be trusted as a media personnel.

This old lady really needs some body to teach her a tough lesson.

I will focus in this article on a number of points that Barbara Walters raised in the interview with president Al-Assad, because the interview was somewhat long and a dishonorable reporter like Barbara doesn’t actually deserve to waste a lot of your time to show the world who she is, and what low-quality and low-morality media agency she represents. It actually needs a book to refute all the crap she mentioned in the interview and the reportage.

Let us start with the traditional lie, the alleged-angel of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”, I mean of course the rapist “Hamza Al-Khateeb”. This lie was present on Barbara’s agenda, and we have shown in a previous article who was this teenage called Hamza Al-Khateeb. Yes, he attacked with others the military personnel residential area twenty kilometer away from his home in order to capture and rape the women who live there. May be Barbara should have been there to offer him her aged goodies. I will print that article and send it to Barbara so she can stick it.

Another issue was raised by Barbara is the case of “Ibrahim Qashoush”, the alleged singer and composer of the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. We proved that he had nothing to do with that revolution, he was killed by the rebels who suspected him of being an informant who works for the Syrian government. We also shed some light on the identity of the real composer and singer.

The funny thing here is that none have heard about Qashoush as a singer until the demonstrations of Hama began, yet she described him as a “famous” singer!

Barbara referred to the alleged “brutality” used by the Syrian forces against her “peaceful protesters”, and of course she shut her mouth up when the president asked her whether she verified the photos and videos she relied on in her accusations. She actually verified nothing and the reason is clear, she is a dishonorable journalist.

Barbara referred to the alleged-brutality of the Syrian forces and forgot everything about the very famous brutality of the US police, FBI and CIA.

Just search for “US police brutality”; you will actually find it as a keyword in Google, and you will get a lot of results, but may be Barbara doesn’t know yet how to use Google.

I am not claiming that the Syrian police or security forces are ideal, they are far from that, but also they are not those monsters the media used to introduce. Barbara referred with no evidence to the alleged brutality of the Syrian forces, and the irony was that at the same time the US police was smashing the heads of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, such as “Scott Olsen”. On 27.October.2011 the DailyTribune published this article on their website:

Injured vet spent day at work, nights at protest

“Scott Olsen, 24, joined the protests as he worked his day job as a network engineer and left his apartment each night to sleep alongside protesters in San Francisco and Oakland, Calif.

Olsen apparently suffered a fractured skull Tuesday during the clashes.”

In this photo, 24-year-old Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen lays on the ground bleeding from a head wound after being struck by a by a projectile during an Occupy Wall Street protest in Oakland, Calif. Olsen suffered a fractured skull while marching with other protesters attempting to reestablish a presence in the area of the disbanded camp, said Dottie Guy, of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Police Chief Howard Jordan says an internal review board and local prosecutors have been asked to determine if officers on the scene used excessive force.

At least Scott Olsen survived, but “Kelly Thomas” was not that lucky. Scott Olsen suffered injuries because he was protesting against the wars of his government, but Kelly Thomas probably didn’t even hear about Wall Street and he knew nothing about politics, however that didn’t spare his life, and he was killed by cops in Orange county.

There’s no doubt that Fullerton police officers killed Kelly Thomas last July in an outrageous incident that provoked international focus on police brutality in Orange County.

The officers who beat him said that he was uncooperative, and resisted when they attempted to search him, so backup was called. The officers then repeatedly shocked Thomas with Tasers, beat him with the butts of the Tasers and flashlights, and slammed him into the ground.

Watch these civil police-kisses in the lair of democracy.

Kelly Thomas, after a fatal beating by officers of the Fullerton, California Police Department

Now let us remind Barbara of the famous clown-show of Netanyahu at the US congress. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal, and instead of being jailed, the congressmen of Barbara’s country welcomed him as a hero and as a peace messenger. His speech was interrupted by a Jewish peace activist called “Rae Abileah”. He changed the subject and didn’t bother to answer her about his crimes. He talked about democracy and forget for a while that his state lacks terribly the concept of democracy. In their constitution they say that Israel is a state only for Jews! what type of democracy is this? what about the Christians and the Muslims who live in Palestine. Of course you already know the answer: Israel killed as much as it could from them.

The US congressmen hailed many times Netanyahu during his speech, they even stood and applauded. They saluted a war criminal in what is supposed to be “The lair of Democracy and Human Rights”. It is actually “The Lair of Hypocrisy and injustice”.

A group of US congressmen and women applauding the speech of the war criminal Netanyahu. Look how they acted as a bunch of idiots. Look at the woman who raised her hands high, may be she wants to offer Netanyahu “another thing” high and wide spread. Check the other woman in the green, may be she says to herself: “Oh God! He is the boy of my dreams.”

Another girl dreaming of Netanyahu. May be she wants to join him in a hot tub filled with the blood of the Palestinians he murdered. You can also see a congressman speaking to the woman beside him, may be he says: ” If I was a gay I would wish to spent the rest of my life with Netanyahu”.

ABC News broadcast this clown-show, but may be few who know what happened to the activist that interrupted Netanyahu’s speech.

The irony is that while Netanyahu was talking about the freedom of expression in Israel and the US, the security personnel of the meeting were beating the activist Rae Abileah.

Rae Abileah suffered neck and shoulder injuries; she was arrested at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C.

Of course the blind bitch Barbara didn’t hear about this.

The peace activist “Rae Abileah” received a heavy needle of “Democracy”, “Human Rights” and “Freedom of Expression”.

As the president Bashar Al-Assad made his first speech at the parliament after the beginning of the crisis, during that speech some of the MPs applauded, which was a rich material for the Western media to scoff at. At least our MPs are applauding the president of their country, not a foreign war criminal as the US congressmen did.

Texas – USA : 28.February.1993
67 armed FBI personnel headed towards a large farm in Waco in order to investigate a case of forbidden weapons.
There was a group of white militias as they call them in that farm. These groups are well-known of their political beliefs, racism, and anti-Judaism. Because the security forces failed to impose law and force these militias to obey it, they set fire to the building and killed everyone inside including children, women and men.

I just mentioned here a few incidents of the US police and FBI brutality, however you can do your own search for this issue.

Barbara also referred to deaths among children in Syria, and accused the Syrian security and army forces of these murders, but as usual we are talking about accusations with no evidence.

The Syrian opposition is using sometimes photos of events that took place outside Syria, such as the case of this dead Yemeni child. Sometimes they are talking about children in Syria, but the truth is far away from their narratives, such as Hamza Al-Khateeb and Oula Jablawi.

The mainstream media also refrained from reporting on the murders that targeted the children who belong to the pro-government families such as “Malek Ahmad Suleiman“, “Sandra Al-Hasan” and “Muhammad Ahmad Qabbani“.

Let us now check a little bit what Barbara couldn’t also see, I mean here the murders committed by the US military forces against children in several states.

On Friday 02.September.2011, the NewAmerican published:

Reports: U.S. Troops Killed 5 Children In Iraq Raid

“According to an American diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks citing numerous officials and reports, a team of U.S. soldiers in Iraq may have handcuffed and then executed an entire family — including five children under the age of six and four women. The troops, who were previously cleared of any wrongdoing by a U.S. investigation, then allegedly called for an air strike on the home in an apparent effort to cover up the evidence.”

On Sunday 24.October.2010, the Independent published:

Torture, killing, children shot – and how the US tried to keep it all quiet

“The largest leak in history reveals the true extent of the bloodshed unleashed by the decision to go to war in Iraq – and adds at least 15,000 to its death toll”.

These are just two examples, and from the Western media itself.

Of course needless to say that the same happened and is still happening in Afghanistan, and happened before in Vietnam.

Barbara forgot all about the starving children in Africa because of the atrocities of her government and its continual sponsorship of the conflicts and chaos in that continent.

May be Barbara did not see all this, because she was too busy fabricating lies about Syria, so the other issues were out of her interests.

What is actually more disgusting is when Barbara mentioned the torture and rape allegations in the UN report.That report was just crap, it was merely composed of accusations with no evidences.

It looks like Barbara just has a short memory. Speak for your self bitch. Speak for your government. Tell me who has Guantanamo. Who committed the outrageous acts in “Abu Ghraib” prison in Iraq.
Who is raping the Iraqi women. Who has the disgusting history of rape from Japan to Europe, the Syrian army or the US army!?
Listen Barbara, don’t come to argue while your government is harboring terrorists and supporting terrorism everywhere in the world. Supporting terrorism is a US official policy.

Below is a video report about a group of US soldiers (soldiers or monsters no body can tell) storming the house of an Iraqi family. They acted like savages, and they are really savages. A 14-years old girl was raped – in a very democratic, gentle and civil way – and the entire family was killed. The soldiers then burned the bodies and tried to conceal the evidences. May be Barbara enjoyed that video and probably she wishes to witness the same rape accident happening to her, because I think no man desires this noisy lady.

The Syrian soldiers don’t and didn’t commit rape, this is not the Syrian military style. Who commits rape is those terrorists supported by your government Barbara. Terrorists who follows the Wahhabi fatwas that condone such things, and tell me Barbara who is the ally of Saudi, the dirty Wahhabi state? It is your government.

The funny thing is that she insists and says “We have a free press”. No Barbara you don’t have a free press. You have hookers, mercenaries and spies who used to pose as journalists and news editors including you, and including all the dishonorable journalists who work for the Western and Arabic Wahhabi media, list the liar pig Anderson Cooper in the front.

She also pointed out to the allegations of torture of children in Daraa, and claimed that this what started the uprising.
Check this article to see how the liars of the so-called “Syrian revolution” and then the Arabic and Western media got the footage of the alleged torture. It was a completely different incident when vicious dogs attacked a village in Daraa (many months before the alleged-accusations of torture).

Now you see that the Western media is a bunch of liars, they are fooling and manipulating your minds. I despise the Western media. The freedom of expression in the west is just a lie. When anybody tries to question the Holocaust, what happens to him? Wake up people!

The way in which they put and manipulated the interview is disgusting. Americans! just listen! You are not conducting an interview with one of your puppets or slaves, so be careful and behave.

Notice how she said that “More and more people have taken up weapons to topple the government”. It is just a cheap and dirty try to justify the opposition’s terrorism, however such dirtiness is not new for Barbara or the Western media. We all know that from the very beginning of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” soldiers and policemen were killed by the so-called “peaceful protesters”. And now the number has risen to 2000, in addition to a lot of pro-government civilians who were abducted and killed, but the bitch Barbara simply chose to ignore that, because these soldiers and civilians were murdered by terrorists supported by her government.

She also said that “Foreign reporters are not allowed to enter the country”. That is not completely true, actually many of them entered Syria. However the Syrian government should don’t have allowed them, because they are basically a bunch of liars and spies, and listen Barbabra! Why should we allow them to enter Syria? Look at your self as an example. We shouldn’t allow bitches and spies like you to enter Syria. We all have heard the Canadian Lieutenant-General “Charles Bouchard” as saying that the Western journalists in Libya were providing NATO with information. So these Western reporters are spies. Is there any government that allows spies to enter its country!?

She said that the committee of the UN listened to many victims. Great! Then let this committee also listen to the families of the Syrian soldiers, and to the families of the pro-government civilians who were killed by the Syrian opposition terrorists.

The bitch described the president to be disconnected. Look who is talking. She came to Syria with a lot of pre-judgments that were fed in her silly brain by their disgusting media. She is the one who is disconnect.

I just want to say to those in the US government and their tails in the mainstream media: stop acting as super creatures. You are not better than the rest of your people, or the rest of the world. There is only one difference: You are stealing and controlling the wealth of a lot of people. Your troops are everywhere in the world, for what purpose? to protect your thieves. Don’t ever pretend to be human and don’t ever pretend to be caring about the rest of the world.

I am a young man who really respects and admires a lot of things in the Western life-style, however the disrespect, that the US shows towards the rest of the world, always made me review my stances. Now I can only see it this way; the better the US, the worse the rest of the world as long as the US foreign policy is being decided by a bunch of criminals. Stop this madness! Every body hates you as much as you disrespect everybody.

It is really an irony when the US media describes some leaders to be psychos, and they forget the American current and past history.

How should we call “Harry Truman” who used the nuclear bomb “twice” and killed tens of thousands of Japanese. None even dared to point to that as a genocide.

Let us talk about what happened in Vietnam, about the too-many Vietnamese who were killed by the US. The US even used never gas, executed entire villages, and tested new and exotic weapons on the Vietnamese. However there is none who dares to call those who ordered and committed that genocide as “Psychos”, but here I call them. Actually the ruling class in the US is nothing more than vampires who feed on the blood of other people.

Actually it is so funny when I hear slogans such as “The American Dream” or “Proud American”. A state that was established on the blood and bodies of 50 millions native Americans should have no dreams nor pride, until they speak loudly and admit what their ancestors did.

How many people were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq because of the American wars there? yet they call “Saddam Hussein” a psycho. Yes Saddam was a bastard, he was their loyal servant, until they decided to dispose him. George Bush (Junior and Senior) were both psychos; they hit new records in the number of people they killed.

Obama is not much better. Just consider the war in Libya and the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American military bases are everywhere. They are like cancer. These bases must not be allowed. If the citizens in whatever state have dignity, they would attack and try their best to expel the American soldiers. But the world is asleep and is being driven like a sheep.

Barbara asked the president if he does feel guilty. Let her ask any still-alive US president the same question, and let us hear his answer.

Directly after the interview, the spokesman of the US department also described president Al-Assad to be disconnected and has no control over the Syrian army and security forces. Their only purpose from such an interview in the first place was to tarnish the image of the president, and to introduce him as a weak president.

The president said: “They are not my forces, they are military forces belong to the government, I don’t own the county“. However their dirty minds and mouths decided to play with his words.

The cartoonist Ali Farzat was also on Barbara’s agenda, may be later I will prepare some materials about Ali Farzat, but just as a prelude: Ali Farzat has been always enjoying the sponsorship of the Syrian government. President Bashar Al-Assad honored his talent and even helped him to start his magazine Al-Domari, however Farzat was not the man of the mission, and his magazine started descending, and to justify his failure he started attacking the Syrian government.

Ali Farzat

I think the last incident was arranged by him in order to grab the headlines and gain more publicity at the expense of the Syrian government that is facing a crisis and being introduced by the misleading media worldwide as an oppressor of the voices of freedom.

May be the photo above is the best way to describe the logic behind the recent sketches and behavior of “Ali Farzat”.

Barbara asked the president whether he still enjoys the support of his people, she just chose to ignore all the massive pro-government demonstrations, and instead she shattered the reportage with ugly and low-resolution videos from YouTube channels belong to the Syrian opposition. She tried to give the impression that the president is no longer popular among his people by using a video that shows a number of scums – like her – tearing one of the president’s photos. She just ignored the hundreds of thousands who carried the president’s photos.

Barbara Walters did nothing in the interview, she just repeated the same lies of the Western media propaganda.

Listen Barbara! It is true that you are old, but you didn’t grow up enough to practice journalism. The next time you hold an interview, don’t choose people who care about your feelings, but choose people like me who despise you and who are so eager to teach you a tough lesson.


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2 Responses to ABC Interview with President Bashar Al-Assad – Another Example of Western Media Hypocrisy

  1. TWE says:

    I saw that interview, and was pretty disgusted with the way she spoke to him. She came in with preconceived ideas and spent the whole time trying to get him to agree with her warped version of events. Interrogation indeed.

  2. brian says:

    ah yes…ali ferzat…..ive just written to him:
    Hello Mr Ferzat
    i saw your caroons on syria and your FB page, where you seem bent on demonising syrians and their govt,,,why? Dont youn know that Syria is being targeted for regime change by the US using salafist terrorists??

    Its a pity the people of syria dont support your position. They support their givt and the army that is protecting them form salafist terrorists backed by the US regime (the same regime that has launched wars that have killed over 2million people in the middle east in the last 10 years).

    the terrorists you see to be ignoring are using turkey as a base to launch attacks on syria.using car bombs IEDs etc…are these the sort of people you want to support?

    also FYI
    The Syrian Sunni clerical leadership supports the Syrian government and opposes the uprising. That is not news. But on 10 and 11 April 2012 many senior Syrian muftis gathered in Damascus and reaffirmed it. Here’s some news coverage of that:

    Posted by: Parviziyi | Apr 12, 2012 5:22:22 PM | 17

    support for Assad:

    so given all this, why are you demonising Assad with your caricatures?


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