Western and Arabic Media Honor the Rapists and Ignore the Real Innocent Victims

Hamza Al-Khateeb… Who didn’t hear about him!!!. He became far more famous and gained more public sympathy than “Muhammad Al-Durrah” the Palestinian kid who was killed between the arms of his father by the Israeli forces. Of course the hookers of the Arabic and Western media didn’t take “Muhammad Al-Durrah” seriously and his story died just a few days after his death, but when it comes to Hamza Al-Khateeb these hookers became ruminants who chewed this story over and over, and the last time was in the interview that ABC News held with president Bashar Al-Assad.

Definitely Hamza Al-Kahteeb was not arrested or tortured by the Syrian security. This was confirmed by the medical examiner who did the autopsy, and here we have the right to raise a question: What was Hamza Al-Khateeb exactly doing about 20 KM far away from his home, and what about the motives that led a teenage such as Hamza to attack with others the residential area where the families of the military personnel live.

Hamza Al-Khateeb became an icon for the so-called “Syrian Revolution”. But as everything in this “Revolution” his cause was fake.
They claimed that the Syrian security arrested, tortured then killed him. It is a big lie. We are talking science right now. Here is the medical examiner giving his professional opinion in this matter.


In case they claimed that the medical examiner was forced for his testimony, then why the family didn’t ask for another autopsy by another examiner, and we all know that they could have done that. It is important to let you know that the uncle of Hamza Al-Khateeb travels frequently to the “United Arab Emirates” and he receives money to organize demonstrations and any anti-government activities.

All of you have seen the photo of Hamza Al-Khateeb, and probably heard that he was only thirteen years old. I think this is news to you: he was seventeen years old, and the photo you saw is for him as he was only ten years old.

Hamza Al-Kahteeb as he was ten years old. His family gave this photo to Al-Jazeera in order to introduce him as an “angel”, and to conceal the fact that he was just a teenage driven by his sexual desires. The hookers of Al-Jazeera of course completed the mission and spread the lie.

The matter that the Arabic and Western media refrained from reporting on is what Hamza Al-Khateeb was actually doing near the military personnel residential area with many others about 20 Km far away from his house. They only said that he was arrested and tortured with no other details, however they gave it time and enjoyed taking photos of a dead decaying body to introduce them as evidences of torture. They didn’t consult some medical examiner about the marks on the body, they only saw an opportunity to tarnish the image of the Syrian president and they took it. They are opportunists and can’t be considered as a professional staff. They don’t care about the truth, all of them are slaves who serve an unfair cause.

In the video below we try to give you the complete story or at least shed some light on the circumstances of Hamza Al-Khateeb’s death.

The video gives some answers, but still we have to state something:
Again with the question: What was Hamza Al-Khateeb exactly doing among the terrorists who attacked the military personnel residential area? It is the fake Jihad what led him there, and the prizes of Jihad in life and after life. Let me here say: Because Hamza was still young, he definitely wanted to get the life prizes not those after life.

There is here something that wasn’t mentioned by the Syrian state TV, may be to avoid any sort of religious tensions. Hamza Al-Khateeb was a teenage, so were many of his friends who accompanied him in his deadly adventure. It was not “Death” what Hamza expected from his adventure, it was women and sexual prizes.

This video shows the confessions of Hamza’s relative who accompanied him in his last adventure (A family of criminals and rapists. That goes in the blood, and they can’t help it).


A lot of our problems arise because of sheikhs or clerics who condone some outrageous behavior and encourage their followers to commit it, not only this but the disaster is when some psycho sheikh who lives in the east of the world (or even on the moon) issues some fatwa, many stupid Muslims around the world will consider following it as if it was dictated by the God himself.

Here I will mention a very famous fatwa that was issued by sheikh “Izzat Ateyyah” who teaches “Al-Hadith”  in Al-Azhar mosque in Egypt. This fatwa is known as “Breasts Sucking Fatwa“.

In simple words, the fatwa means: when a man and a woman work together and sit in the same office or workplace without the presence of the so-called “Mahram” and they can marry each other legally, it is better for the woman to let the man suck her breasts and get some milk, so the man becomes a “Mahram” and can’t marry her anymore. (The Mahram is usually a direct relative of the woman such as her father, son, brother, nephew or anyone who can’t marry her according to the Islamic laws).


The liberal parties in Egypt were very angry after issuing this fatwa that was considered to be outrageous and unacceptable, so Al-Azhar had to suspend the fatwa and expel the sheikh who issued it. However the damage was already done, and many stupids in Egypt and Saudi Arabia supported it.

IslamWeb, a website that hosts a huge amount of fatwas, also defended this madness, and they even attributed it to prophet Muhammad, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Here is also another disaster: when some junky has a problem and he wants to solve it in some illegal way, he simply asks some “sheikh” who will gladly give him a fatwa that condones whatever he wants, especially if he paid him enough money. May be this doesn’t happen so much in Syria, because the grand Mufti and many other clerics in his circle are respectful and you can consider them from the too-few clerics who really understand the true Islam. However it happens frequently in the gulf and Egypt, and unfortunately a few Syrians recently liked it that way and decided to join the herd.

Terrorist Ammar Balloush is one of those. On 27.12.2011 he shot five of his colleagues during a test at the faculty of “Medical Engineering” in the university of Damascus using a pistol.
The student “Hussein Gannam” martyred immediately, while four other students injured, two of them severely. The names of the injured students: “Sultan Redwan”, “Khudr Khazem”, “George Farah” and “Pierre Lahham”.
SHAM FM reported that the terrorist Balloush is from the village of “Rankous” in Damascus countryside.
Eyewitnesses said that terrorist Balloush didn’t fire randomly, but he chose his victims and deliberately fired trying to kill the five students.

The student “Khudr Khazem” died next day by his injuries.


Terrorist Balloush killed his colleagues because they had different points of view about the current crisis in Syria, his tiny brain couldn’t handle that there are people who support president Bashar Al-Assad, and it was  too easy for him to use violence.

Before a while (on 18.11.2011) terrorist “Balloush” posted on the wall of the Egyptian sheikh “Muhammad Hassan” asking for a fatwa that condones the killing of a young man. He said it is too easy to do this because of the current unrest in Syria.

Balloush asking sheikh “Muhammad Hassan” for a fatwa that condones the killing of young man

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” started originally in the mosques by sheikhs who incited their followers against the government. By sheikhs I mean here of course “disturbed sheikhs” and unfortunately they are so many.

Listen to this sheikh from the city of Daraa as he was inciting his stupid followers against the government at the beginning of the unrest. He attacked the Druze women and described them to be half-naked, just because these women don’t wear the Islamic veil. Unfortunately this is the opinion of many Muslim clerics, and this is how the Syrian rebels look at the women.


What exactly means to describe a woman as half-naked in some primitive societies. It simply means that this woman is available for any body, and no sin will be committed if they have sex with her willingly or even rape her.

Many stupid sheikhs issued fatwas that condone the slavery and the rape. You can find a fatwa like this as always on IslamWeb.

Here is a snapshot from the website where they posted the fatwa. I highlighted some of the Arabic text, and here is the translation:

“You have to know that “Jihad in the name of Allah” is the key to get slaves, because when the infidels refused to embrace Islam and refused to declare that they are slaves only of Allah who created them, Allah decided to humiliate them and make them slaves of his slaves. Slavery has been very common among all nations until recently, why the others denounce slavery in Islam only and ignore its existence in many cultures.”

I don’t know where these stupid sheikhs get their information from. First of all “Jihad” in  its essence means to control your instincts and to fight the bad side of your self.

Jihad in the case of war means to defend yourself or to liberate your land. However the so-called “Jihad” in order to impose Islam on others is a concept that was invented after prophet Muhammad’s death.

So they invented the concept “Jihad” as a mean to get slaves, and as you know when they enslave somebody they have complete control over him and in the case of slave women they can have sex or rape them whenever or however they want.

If you watched the video above about the confessions of one of Hamza Al-Khateeb’s relatives, you would have known that a “sheikh” used to incite them against the government, but what you probably don’t know yet is that the sheikh issued them a fatwa for Jihad and condoned them to enslave the women who live in the military personnel residential area as a prize for their jihad. The majority of the women who live there are Alawite i.e infidels as many sheikhs argued, so it is OK! go dear Hamza and get what you want, and if anything bad happened to you, don’t worry! the Arabic and Western media will cry like whores and introduce you as a symbol of innocence and purity.

It is a shame how they used the story of this disturbed teenage. Yes Hamza Al-Khateeb was following with others this fatwa, and their jihad’s targets was the Alawite women who live in the military personnel residential area, here there are some testimonies of the inhabitants.

I know in person two of those who gave testimonies and I verified their stories, so I will translate only these two:

Abd Al-Majeed Okeil said:

That happened on 29.04.2011, a group of “civilians” with both children and men approached the front doors of the residential area where the military personnel’s families live. Before they hit the front doors, gunmen suddenly appeared near the residential area on the road the leads to a village called “Koheil”. They fired at the guards, my friend sergeant “Rawad Muhsen Deeb” martyred immediately and three other guards injured. After that the “protesters” entered the residential area accompanied with the gunmen. After that the military personnel who were there decided to return fire. Many protesters were carrying blades and Molotov cocktails. They had to be stopped by force.

Tahseen Bag said:

This teenage participated in a demonstration that aimed to kill the military personnel and rape their women. How can anybody call him a martyr. It is a sectarian revolution that targets the minorities who are considered to be infidels. Many people share this opinion.

Hamza Al-Khateeb was expecting to spend his night with many women not to lay dead on the coroner table.

So given the above-mentioned facts Hamza Al-Khateeb was basically a rapist, a teenage who wanted to have sex with the “infidels”. He got what he deserved.

Perhaps Hamza is not responsible for his actions because he was still under the legal age, but his father and the sheickh who condoned the raping of women hold that responsibility.

Hamza Al-Khateeb became a legend and a slogan for the Syrian terrorists and their sponsors in the Wahhabi gulf and the western world.

In the best description you can call Hamzah Al-Khateeb a disturbed teenage, but a disturbed teenage who goes to kill and rape following fatwas is actually a terrorist regardless his age.

The Syrian security could simply hide the body and not deliver it to the family, so none can know what happened. But they didn’t, because they were innocent and acted as innocents. It is not the security forces problem that some people are following some strange and disgusting fatwas.

The sexual excitation of Hamza Al-Khateeb reminds me of his citizen from Daraa the Syrian opponent Haitham Manna who also had some sexual adventure in the neighborhood before leaving Syria.


It looks like that rape and disrespect is just a pattern in the Syrian opposition behavior.

I think no scum in the world didn’t talk about Hamza Al-Khateeb as an icon of innocence. Some stupid even created a Facebook cause called:

Support UNICEF to post a poster of the 13-years old innocent boy

and they recruited a lot of idiots in that cause.

It is really disgusting. May be they should write on that post: “In the memory of all rape victims” to be suitable with the rapist whom they dedicated the post to.

The German media in its crazy war against the Syrian government didn’t save a breathe without honoring the rapist. Tagesschau on ARD made its best regarding this issue. However the fever of this fake sympathy moved to the public and the stupids who still believe this media. A dirty German music band made a song for this rapist “Hamza” in another move of hypocrisy, and of course they didn’t forget to include a lot of footage that the Syrian media proved to be fake or fabricated.

The Arabic and Western media tried their best to introduce the Syrian government as the absolute Devil on earth. However the medical examiner interview refuted completely the allegations about torture, and it is clear that Hamza’s family is directly involved in the dirty game to give the cause of their son more publicity.

Despite the fact that Hamza’s family is basically a group of scums, president Bashar Al-Assad was ready to meet with them and listen to whatever crap they wanted to say. They wanted their son to be considered as a “martyr” so they gain the benefits that the Syrian state give to the martyrs families.
Also one thing left, the same hookers who spread the lie of Hamza Al-Khateeb claimed that his father had been arrested by the Syrian security, but the fact was quite the opposite. He met with the president, and spoke to the media after that. Here is his interview.


Mr. president! It is time to stop issuing amnesties. It is time to name things with their real names. It is time to call the rapist ” a rapist ” and the terrorist ” a terrorist “. Such people don’t appreciate your tolerance, they were filled with hatred long time ago.

Definitely all of you have heard of “Hamzah Al-Khateeb”, “Zainab Al-Hisni” and “Oula Jablawi”, but how many of you have heard of “Sandra Al-Hassan”, “Muhammad Kabbani” and “Malek Ahmad Suleiman”?

The Syrian opposition activists and their partners in the Arabic and Western media are still using the case of “Zainba Al-Hisni” in several ways. Before Zainab showed up on the Syrian National TV to refute the merchants that were told by the Arabic and Western media, you heard horrible stories about her death by the hands of the Syrian security, even the whores of “Human Rights Watch” joined that “Orgy Party”.

Now they say: OK! Zainab Al-Hisni is alive, then what about the woman that appeared cut off in the footage? Only the blind ones can’t recognize that it was just a doll, a model from those that are usually used in the clothing shops. See the video and I leave it to you to decide, concentrate at the moment 0:31, this is definitely not a human skin.

Oula Jablwai is of course an innocent victim that was killed by the Syrian opposition terrorists not by the Syrian security or army or whatever party loyal to the Syrian government. Here is her father talking about the circumstances of his daughter’s death.


There are many innocent victims who were killed by the Syrian opposition terrorists, but the media chose to ignore them.

The Child Sandra Al-Hasan, 13 years old, and really 13 not faked like their precious Hamza Al-Khateeb. She was shot by a terrorist sniper. Of course the media didn’t care about her case, because her family supports the government.

Read her story here.


The child Malek Ahmad Sulieman, 14 years old, who was strangled by the Syrian protesters because his family supports the government, and his father is a retired military personnel.

The media also acted as if he never existed.

Read his story here.


The child Muhammad Ahmad Qabbani, 17 years old, was among the cyber soldiers who took part in defending his country against the terrorist cyber attacks, which made him a target for the terrorists in reality.
They kidnapped, tortured then killed him after three days of kidnap.
In this video you hear the testimonies of the martyr’s father and uncle.


Where are the animals of the Western media to make reports about those innocent children, or may be they only know how to honor the rapists such as Hamaza Al-Khateeb who was made an icon of the innocent childhood while in fact he was just a dirty rapist going to rape women following a fatwa from his dirty Wahhabi sheikh.

Westerns! Good for you! You are with the Wahhabis on the same side. Congratulations! But be careful because these Wahhabis are like snakes, may be you can use them some time to blackmail or attack your enemies, but suddenly they could turn and bite you.

The so-called “Syrian Revolution” used to lay accusation here and there, the target is always the Syrian government with its various apparatuses. “The Syrian army killed”, “the Syrian security killed”, most of the time they don’t name their alleged-killed victims, only few times they do. You can simply consider their killed-lists as virtual lists.

First of all many of their killed turned to be alive such as Zainab Al-Hisni or even didn’t exist or fulfill what they said about them such as Rasha Al-Boush and the famous lesbian blogger “Amina Abdallah Aral al Omari”.

In some cases people died from a hard attack, or killed by the terrorists, but were introduced by the liars of the Syrian revolution and their sponsors in the Gulf and west as victims who have been killed by the Syrian security such as Nidal Ali Jannoud.

Sometimes they used footage of murders that took place outside Syria, as in the case of this poor Yemeni child.

The Syrian revolution invests in blood, they count on the bloodshed to promote their lies and to manipulate the public opinion either inside Syrian or outside. To trade with the blood was actually a recommended policy by Al-Jazeera and its Wahhabi fellows.

The truth will always suffer to emerge as long as there are fuckers in this world who call themselves journalists, and as long as there are whorehouses called Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, CNN, ABC, ARD, France 24 that pretend to be media agencies.

PS: Just press the cc button on the player to view the translation of the videos. See the photo for any problems.

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8 Responses to Western and Arabic Media Honor the Rapists and Ignore the Real Innocent Victims

  1. Mansour says:

    Ja, das ist die Aufagen der westlichen Medien, auf einen Krieg ihre Bevölkerung im Namen der Menschenrechten und der Demokratie vorzubereiten egal die Anzahl der Opfers oder das Blutvergießen in dem Land, wo der Krieg durchgeführt, ob sie Propaganda oder Wirklichkeit berichten, oder ob wirklich Demokratie dort stattfindet!
    Diese zwei Massen des Westens werden irgendwann zum Blutvergießen hier im Westen durchführen, da der Westen in diesem Mal auf der Seite des Terrorismus der Islamisten steht, die wie Schlange oder Feuer und damit darf man nicht spielen, Futter oder Öl geben!
    Ich hoffe, dass die Menschen im Westen diese Frage an ihre Politiker stellen:

    Warum schicken sie ihre Soldaten nach Aphghanistan, um das Terrorismus von Taliban und Al-Kaida zu kämpfen, aber im Gegenteil schicken die Waffen, Trainer, Geld und Kommnikationsgeräte den Rebellen in Syrien und .. und lassen ihre Medien die syrische Regierung beteufeln, die Rebellen als friedliche Demonstranten und Olivenzweigen Träger zeigen und ihre Mörder verbergen, warum?

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  6. The way u have used abusive language like f****** or w***** shows your real face, i hardly believe that u r a Syrian or a muslim.
    Shut this site down n get a life.

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