Human Rights Watch: A History of Lies


Look how we in “Human Rights Watch” work! quite simple. We fabricate a report to justify a war against some country who opposes the US government. Don’t worry the world is full of stupids who will believe us, only few will bother to verify.
After the report serves its goals, no problem to admit that it was wrong, on the contrary that gives us glory and makes more stupids believe us. That worked every time, check our record in Libya.
We are stars. We are the best in twisted humanity. We love humans, but of course as food for war.

The so-called “Human Rights Watch” issued a new report about Syria, and as usual full of lies and based on their sick assessment of the situation. HRW is just another tool to promote the “Humanitarian War”.
Just remember the case of Libya. They recently admitted that many of their reports about Libya were wrong, also remember how they in HRW cried like whores about “Zainab Al-Hisni” who turned to be alive and well.

Yes, they admitted it after these reports pushed for a war against the country. They fabricated the reports intentionally, and now what exactly means to admit that the reports were wrong!? Absolutely nothing, and none is going to punish them for their lies, on the contrary a lot of stupids still believe them.
The reports served their goals, exactly as was the lie of “George Bush” about the “Massive destruction weapons” in Iraq.


About The Truth about Syria

To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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