BBC and Al-Jazeera: Brothers in Lies

On 22.12.2011 Shukumaku News Website reported:

On Al-Jazeera and BBC: Brigadier general “Jawdat Muhammad” was killed by the Syrian security and Shabbiha because he defected…

While the general’s son says that his father was retired and died because of renal failure.

The Zionist-Wahhabi media continues spreading lies about the situation in Syria in order to destroy the national unity and tarnish the image of the Syrian government and army.

One of their fresh lies was the news about Brigadier general “Jawdat Muhammad” from “Fattah Nassar” village in the city of “Safita”. The Zionist-Wahhabi media broadcast news and claimed that he was killed after being shot by the Syrian army, security and the Shabbiha…

Shukumaku team visited the house of Brigadier general “Jawdat Muhammad” and talked with his eldest son “Waleed” who assured that his father died from renal failure in “Al-Shami” hospital on 20.December.2011. He showed us the death certificate and the medical examiner report.

The Death Certificate

The family was shocked as they watched the general’s funeral – at the entrance of Safita – being broadcast on Al-Jazeera and BBC under the title: The Brigadier general “Jawdat Muhammad” defected from the Syrian army and was killed by the Syrian security and Shabbiha.

Waleed showed us the ID of his father that assures that the general was retired.. (such IDs are given only to the retired military personnel, and you can read the word “Retired” on it).

The General’s ID

The son wants seriously to sue these agencies.

(Good luck with that. The international justice is completely absent in this world, and such agencies are well protected by the west, the same west that operates the international agencies responsible for imposing the international law).

Waleed Muhammad, the general’s eldest son

In another lie, the same Zionist-Wahhabi media broadcast news about the killing of the university student “Obadah Safwan Shaar” in the faculty of science in Aleppo university.
Shukumaku met with the student “Shaar” – who is of course alive – and he told us that yesterday afternoon he spent sometime in the reading room then as he went out with many of his colleagues in order to have launch, they saw a group of “students” in the faculty square. They went to the place where the students gathered and stayed there for sometime. Suddenly a group of masked men with sticks and iron tracks assaulted him and stroke him until he lost conscious. His colleagues carried him out… After that he was surprised to hear the news of his death on Al-Jazeera and other agencies that claimed that he was killed by the Syrian security inside the university. He was angry of course and described this news to be ridiculous.


About The Truth about Syria

To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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