The Martyr Child Sandra Al-Hasan : A New Bird Joins the Paradise

They called her once “Sandra Al-Hasan”…

Sandra left too soon to the heavens. She was only 13 years old, but that didn’t prevent the bullet from penetrating her young chest.

A terrorist sniper, some scum – who worships the bastard sheikh “Adnan Al-Arour” and follows his disgusting fatwas – fired that bullet.

The bullet didn’t take its strength from the gunpowder, but from the malice dominating the mind of every terrorist who wants to kill everything beautiful in Syria.

Sandra was – as all children in Syria – the first enemy of these terrorists. The children of Syria are killing the terrorists everyday they go to school, and with every new letter and word they learn.
The children of Syria are killing the terrorists with their innocence and joy.

The terrorists killed Sandra twice, once by a bullet poisoned by their unblievable malice, the bullet targeted her innocent childhood as she was sitting on the roof of her family’s small house. She was there just to smell the air of her beloved city Homs.

They killed her in the place where she used to plays and study for her school. Her blood poured on the ground of Syria, the ground that Sandra was supposed to grow up on to make it much better. The terrorists ruined the dreams of her parents who work very hard to take care of her.

The terrorists killed her another time when they attacked her sad family during the funeral. They assaulted the family, desecrated the sanctity of the dead, chanted and celebrated what they committed.

It was not enough for “sheikh Adnan Al-Arour” worshipers to see her blood covering her clothes, but they assaulted the family and prevented them from carrying out the funeral to bury her small body.

Here is a very sad video about Sandra. Sandra, the victim who was forgotten by the media just because her family supports the president…

(Press the annotations button on the player to view the translation).

Syria is crying for its children, but that must stop.

To all terrorists! Don’t laugh too much. The smile of every Syrian child whom you killed will be a curse on your souls, soon we will see you suffer and die, and then we are the ones who will celebrate.


About The Truth about Syria

To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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