The Syrian opposition terrorists murdered the 14-years old child Malek Ahmad Suleiman

They called him once Malek Ahmad Suleiman…

Saturday 28.05.2011 is the day he stopped breathing, a day that will never be forgotten, and a  murder that must never be forgiven…


Cham Press reported on 29.05.2011

Malek Ahmad Suleiman was murdered by the Muslim brotherhood terrorists late May in Qatana in Damascus countryside. His body was found at the doorstep of his family’s house with a belt around his neck which was used to strangle him to death.

The boy’s mother said that a few days ago her son had raised the Syrian Flag on rooftop of the house when the neighborhood was witnessing a demonstration. This seems to have annoyed the demonstrators and they made him put the flag down by force, but the boy insisted and raised the flag once again next day.

Strangulation marks and the belt-holes traces could be seen very clearly on the boy’s neck.

Did any body hear the voice of any of the fuckers of Human Rights Watch. Of course not… Malek’s father is one of the president’s supporters, so it is no matter if his child was killed by the terrorists… Actually fuckers like the “Human Rights Watch”, the western media and the Arabic media are the ones who encourage the terrorists to commit new murders in Syria…

We are just counting our martyrs… What we show and post here is just a tiny part of the victims… Victims of the west-backed terrorists…

Addounia TV held this interview with his father and brother after the funeral.

Press the cc button on the player to view the translation…

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7 Responses to The Syrian opposition terrorists murdered the 14-years old child Malek Ahmad Suleiman

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  2. tanya says:

    I would like to listen but I do not understand the language. Sorry for his loss.
    Horrible. He was a precious child….as children are.

  3. USA has sent Al Qaida also to SYRIA, and they are nothing than professional throat-cutting killers in the mask of Islamists, guided by hate against anything that stands in their way. Did you not see videos on youtube from Libya, that are showing this: reporter reports at
    13:06/ 13:30 NTC people: it was the USA who brought in Al Qaida. Libyans do not want the islamists, but the US wants them and is controlling them.

    Look what type of people this are:
    – a boy nearly killed with a pole rammed into him from anus to shoulder
    because he had the green pro-Gaddafi flag on that pole:

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