Al-Arabiya Channel uses a photo from Iraq, claiming it to be taken in Daraa

Al-Arabiya Satellite Channel is intent on airing whatever it receives from websites, without bothering to verify the time and place of photos and videos.

In yet another example of falsification and fabrication, the channel aired a photo of a woman bearing a blood-stained child, claiming it to be taken in Daraa.

The channel sought to use the image to inflame sentiments, though the image was published in an Arabic newspaper in 2009.

The Iraqi affairs’ expert Muhammad Abdul-Ghaffar al-Barakat, from Daraa, narrated the story of the photo in an interview with the Syrian TV, saying ”In 2009, I was working at al-Rai Channel as a proofreader. I wrote articles for the Other Direction; the first one I wrote was incomplete, so I had to publish the photo, which happens to be the same photo aired by al-Arabiya.”

Barakat said that the Channels of Wissal, Safa and Al-Jazeera insisted on airing the photo, alleging that the child was killed in Daraa. He stressed that the photo is fabricated and is part of the archive of the Iraqi resistance.

He lambasted the misleading Channels’ exploitation of photos in service of foreign agendas to destabilize Syria’s security and stability.


The photo that they claim to be taken in Daraa…

a mother tries to save her son in Iraq

a mother tries to save her injured son in Iraq

Here is the same photo in the newspaper within an article about the situation in Iraq…

the same photo in the Iraqi newspaper

the same photo in the Iraqi newspaper


Check also this link:

Under this link you can find a group of strange photos (Warning: many with graphic content)… check the date of the posts (the second group of photos)… You can see it at the top of the group… It is an old photo

The next photo in the same group is for 4 Iranian criminals had been executed in public, many Facebook pages of the Syrian opposition also posted this photo and claimed it to be for opponents executed by the Syrian regime…

Shame on the media agencies that rely on such footage in their coverage about Syria…


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To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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