When Women and Children Become the Fuel of the Campaign

It had begun with an advice from Al-Jazeera News agency, then turned into an everyday-practice for the inventors and fabricators of the so-called “The Syrian Revolution Documentary Films”, then It has become the basic material that the anti-Syrian news agencies rely on to incite the Syrian people and manipulate their emotions with what those Films include from buried messages intended to ignite a civil and sectarian war, which by the way has been worked on since the beginning of the riots, and it did not start and it will never start, as long as the Syrian people is aware of what is being planned against him in the political kitchen outside Syria. In that kitchen the conspirators reached a fact that there is no way to make Syria kneel but by destroying it from inside through inciting its citizens to make them fight each other, and this is the only and the easiest solution, and there is no other one, because Syria did not kneel in spite of the rising pressure and new sanctions that had been initiated against it – and still being executed by many western capitals with the collaboration and aid from many Arabic capitals – just to make Syria say “yes” and surrender to the foreign commands and agenda…

This is the ugly creature called Fedaa Al-Sayed… A member in the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization…

“If you want to succeed you have to use footage of women and children”… With these simple words Al-Jazeera administration directed “Fedaa Al-Sayed”, the owner of the Facebook page “The Syrian Revolution 2011”, and he was the man… As soon as he came back to Sweden he gave the orders to fabricate footage of women and children being tortured and killed to be broadcast by some TV-Satellite stations, and this is what really happened… The footage began to spread, first from “Banyas” with footage of women who were not even from Banyas… It continued with “Tal-Kalach”, and the focus was in the Lebanese side mostly on the alleged-suppressed women, until it came to trade with the blood of the teenage “Hamza Ali Alkhateeb”, and they claimed that he has been tortured and killed by the security forces, while the doctor assured that he has been killed by unknown-source bullets and there is no marks of torture on his body as he examined it…

On 30-5-2011 the rudeness reached a new level, as we witnessed the media agencies and the so-called activists – who refuse to say their real names – accusing the security forces of killing the child “Hajer AlKhateeb” – who was on her way to school that day morning – without to mention that a first lieutenant from “Tlas” family was sitting beside the child and they both martyred by bullets from unknown criminals who opened fire on everyone who was travelling on the international road between “AlRastan” and “Homs”, not only this but those terrorists also kidnapped the children and the dead bodies. The security forces accompanied with the army battled with them for more than three hours in order to reclaim the kidnapped children and the dead bodies… The TV-Satellite stations directly accused the security forces of that incident and intended not to mention anything about the first lieutenant in an attempt to give their audience the impression that the army and the security forces target only women and children.

The same TV-Satellite stations intended not to mention anything about the kids murdered by the criminals who mutilated their bodies, because such news do not serve their agenda and goals. They always aim to show the Syrian security as the only killer in Syria. However these allegations have been refuted by the Syrian citizens who told us entirely different stories about the role of the army and the security forces especially in Homs and Daraa as these citizens described how the army and the security forces did their best to rescue them and purge their cities of the terrorists…

We conclude by thanking the Syrian people for his awareness of what is being planned against him and against Syria… With awareness we can expose the conspiracies that are being executed through the broadcast of fake news and false witnesses… With awareness we build our nation and start the reform process initiated and asserted by the Syrian leadership…

Our message to some TV-Satellite stations and media agencies:

To say “shame on you” is not enough to describe your trading of the blood of the Syrian kids… That is no media, it is an ugly exploitation of the tragedy of everyone who lost a child, a son, a husband or a wife…

Your incitement has been exposed and your agenda to ignite a civil war in Syria will never success…

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To reveal the truth about the Syrian crisis... To expose the media misleading against Syria... To show the world that Syria is fighting terrorism... To prove that the dirty fingers of the radical Islamic fundamentalism stand before the bloodshed in Syria...
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